Andy Reid has no regrets for calling quarterback sneak

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Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes had his kneecap dislocated on Thursday night while executing a quarterback sneak. After the game, coach Andy Reid was asked whether he regrets the decision to send the best quarterback in the NFL into the middle of the line.

“No,” Reid told reporters, after confirming that the sneak was called and not an audible. “Not too many people get hurt on sneaks. It was a freak thing, sometimes it happens. I was really proud of how our guys stepped up and didn’t let themselves down. You’ve seen that over the years where teams let themselves down when one of your best players get hurt, particularly the quarterback. But I was proud of how our guys stepped up and just kept battling. I thought they really upped their game.”

Indeed they did. The Chiefs led by four when Mahomes exited, and the Chiefs won by 24, thanks to a defense that played like is hasn’t all year long, constantly harassing Broncos quarterback Joe Flacco.

Denver’s only score came on the opening drive of the game, a methodical effort (fueled by a couple of timely penalties) that perhaps reflected the intended game plan before Mahomes was injured. The focus shifted to the passing game once Matt Moore entered. From the moment a Flacco fumble was returned for a touchdown on the first drive post-Mahomes, it looked like a failed approach.

But as the hole kept getting deeper, the Broncos kept digging, and it quickly became too late to do anything but pass.

Reid is right that injuries don’t happen often on quarterback sneaks, but quarterback sneaks also don’t happen with regularity — especially with true, short-list franchise quarterbacks not named Tom Brady. Anytime the human body ends up thrust into a cluster of oversized humanity, something bad can happen.

Last night it did, and now we wait to see just how bad it is.

16 responses to “Andy Reid has no regrets for calling quarterback sneak

  1. Andy Reid. Come on man, you put your injured star QB in a risky situation and it ended up getting him hurt. Granted this injury probably had nothing to do with the previous injury, but what are you thinking? If he’s out more than 5 games you might as well write the season off.

  2. This way of thinking explains why Reid keeps making clock management mistakes year after year after year.

    Mahomes was ALREADY banged up before the game. Why intentionally give him one extra moment of contact when you can call different plays to avoid it?

  3. But the problem was Denver were expecting it! A sneak’s only a good idea when its a sneak! (the clue’s in the name) – otherwise even if your QB gets there when it’s not that sneaky it’s really just a run into a wall and not a good idea for any QB, let alone one with a dodgy ankle.

  4. I have to believe that he, deep down inside, he knows he screwed up…. his FRANCHISE QB is already hurting so you just don’t put him in risk of harms way where he has to try to use the very part of his body that’s weak & tender to drive into the line to gain two yards…. they were moving the ball well without that need of risk….. just a STUPID CALL!!

  5. If PM is out the next three week, ask him that same question… bet his answer will be different after losing three in a row!!!…. GB, Vikes, &@ Titans…..

  6. It’s one of the safest plays in football. Stuff happens. I’m not a Reid fan but I don’t blame him for the call. It worked and they got the first down. That’s all you’re thinking as a coach; you can’t be thinking about potential for injury because there’s *always* potential for injury.

  7. A lot of 20/20 hindsight here. If you think your line is stronger than theirs, a QB sneak is a safe call. Think of the QB knee injuries over the past five years. How many have been on QB sneaks? Statistically speaking, he is much more likely to be injured on any of the many run-pass option plays he does so well than sneaking it up the middle.

  8. How many QB’s have been hurt on a sneak?
    How many QB’s have been hurt while being tackled, sacked or running?

    Overwhelming, most QB’s are hurt while being tackled, sacked or running.

    Funny thing is, a month or so ago Mike Tomlin got ripped for NOT calling QB sneaks.

  9. I do not have a problem with the play-call; it’s football and you can’t play the game trying to avoid injury. But hadn’t they just ran the fullback with success? What was Reid’s thought process-no one thinks that I’ll run Mahomes on a sneak so let’s do it? My problem is that he shouldn’t have been out there at all. I think they should have sat him last Sunday; running him out 4 days later, at this point in the season, wasn’t sound thinking.

  10. I hope Baltimore is listening because what is now the MVP conversation going on there will quickly turn to what were you thinking with just 1 hit

  11. Well, Andy, the only thing that will save your porky self as head coach is a Snoopy Bowl victory. Risking your BEST PLAYER against a moronic team is the dumbest move in any coach’s career. I never liked you in Philthydelphia as you allowed that overweight and non-conditioned QB, Donovan McNubb, to continue to play that way, but you are repugnant for doing Patrick wrong. He’s so amazing as a player that you shafted history by wasting him.

  12. Thanks for completely ruining millions of Americans fantasy hopes and the chiefs playoff chanves for a 2 yard run. Hes a complete idiot for sendinh his hurt QB into a 2500 pound pile of pads helmets and cleats…knowing he is already banged up. He should be fired for that decision…period

  13. So, who called the play? Him or his OC? Maybe get him back for the playoffs if they make it that far!

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