Chiefs defense happy about Thursday’s performance

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Patrick Mahomes‘s knee injury cast a pall over everything that went on for the Chiefs in Thursday night’s 30-6 win over the Broncos, including the team’s best defensive performance of the season.

The Chiefs were coming off a terrible performance against the Texans and had not been particularly successful at any point in the opening weeks of the season, but allowed the Broncos 205 yards while recording eight sacks — a ninth came on an attempt at a fake punt — and returning a fumble for a touchdown.

Defensive end Alex Okafor said after the game that the unit’s performance was motivated by the desire to erase the memory of the Texans loss.

“We didn’t like the way we played at all last week,” Okafor said, via the Kansas City Star. “We can put that one to rest. We stepped up to the challenge.”

A look at the Broncos’ offensive record this season makes it hard to believe that Thursday night’s result was all about the Chiefs solving their defensive woes, but any positive momentum is a good thing for a unit that will need to step up its game with the team set to be without Patrick Mahomes for an indefinite period of time.

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  1. Stepped upto the challenge? What challenge? Calm yourself, It was the Broncos inept offense. Back to normal service next week against the Packers more than likely.

  2. Please don’t let John Elway make any personnel decisions ever again. Don’t let him hire any coaches either. Get some real players. Het rid of the entire O line with the exception of Risner. BLOWITALLUPNOW!

  3. Denver had been averaging 17 points per game. So holding them to 6 is something to be happy about. Especially when you consider that KC had been allowing 24 points per game and had just lost two in a row.

  4. The Bronco’s aren’t very good or big up front but they didn’t stick to running the football and it cost them.

  5. Broncos are terrible. Chiefs defense looked like the best defense in the league last night. To bad reality will set in after this game. Chiefs may not make playoffs if Mahomes cannot play for an extended amount of time.

  6. Nothing makes a defense feel good about itself better than playing a terrible offensive football team. Next week Packers, following week Vikings. The Chief’s defense will revert back to its usual self. Packers and Vikings will each drop at least 30 on the Chiefs

  7. The chicken or the egg? Is the Bronco’s offense that bad or are the Chief’s defense that good ( for one game )? DING, DING, DING it’s the daily double . . . IT’S BOTH!!!

  8. Broncos have continued to free fall to perhaps the worst team in the league… or in the bottom 3.

    Since Manning’s record TD season… they’ve floundered and spiraled on offense, bad decision after bad decision.

    Might have been a good idea to keep that Phillips guy around, eh John?

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