Chiefs think Mahomes can return before their Week 12 bye

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The Chiefs have four games to play before their Week 12 bye week, and an optimistic assessment of Patrick Mahomes‘ knee injury would be that Mahomes could return after the bye, having missed only those four games.

But a more optimistic assessment would be that Mahomes can actually return having missed fewer than four games.

Albert Breer of reports that the Chiefs believe Mahomes may be back before the bye. That would mean he plays in Week 11 against the Chargers, one month from today.

Mahomes suffered a dislocated kneecap that knocked him out of Thursday night’s game against the Broncos, but he reportedly avoided any ligament damage. The Chiefs may have dodged a bullet.

62 responses to “Chiefs think Mahomes can return before their Week 12 bye

  1. Why rush this young man back!?!?! He is a legit super star. If he is 100% it’s cool, however if he is anything less than 100% this is a huge mistake. He could end up being the best to ever play his position. Im not a Chiefs fan, I support the Bungles (ROUGH life), but I am a HUGE fan of Mahomes. Hoping Mahome’ returns 100% healthy, palying as good or better than he has shown up to now.

  2. I predicted he would sustain last night’s injury. I have another prediction. They will rush him back too soon and he will be less effective for the balance of the season and possibly another injury in the postseason.

  3. If all he is going to miss is four games then this could possibly be a small blessing for the Chiefs. The team is still going to fight for that Superbowl goal, and everyone will need to step-it-up without Mahomes. Getting others to join him, Matthieu, Jones, Kelce and Hill at top-level game-play is vital.

  4. Chiefs are done and Mahomes will never be the same. Bam is the sound of the Chiefs window slamming down.

  5. Why the heck do they have a week 12 bye? The regular season is almost over by that point.

  6. Glad he is mostly ok. Like him or not, Mahomes is the most entertaining player In the NFL right now. It was painful to watch Matt Moore and all those inside handoffs.

  7. If he doesn’t have any ligament damage at all, then this is basically just a mildly sprained knee. 4-6 weeks is perfectly reasonable.

  8. That’s ridiculous. His knee cap dislodged & Travis Kelce said “it did not look like a knee.”
    If they force him back this year, the NFLPA should sue the Chiefs for negligence & malfeasance. I thought Goodell said player safety is paramount?

  9. Don’t RG3 this guy. If they’re in danger of falling out of playoff contention, that’s one thing, but otherwise make sure it’s right.

  10. I sure hope the Chiefs don’t rush Mahomes back before he is really ready to play. Would be a disaster as big as moronically running him on a qb sneak.

  11. Bring him back after the Bye. Even if you lose the next 4 games you could still win the Division.

  12. Who cares, the Chiefs looked like a wildcard level team the past 2 weeks anyways. Just because the AFC west is mediocre doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to tape him up and throw him back out there just to win maybe 1 playoff game. Sheesh, it’s ok to get off the Mahomes kick for a bit everyone.

  13. “The team is still going to fight for that Superbowl goal,”

    If they lose 3 more (Packers, Vikings and Chargers) and he comes back, they will need to win in Foxborough to maybe get a bye, 10-6 means they play the Colts or Texans at home wild card week. Then go to Houston or Indy, then win in Foxborough. The chance of that happening is less than 10%

  14. Wow who knew there were so many unemployed NFL GM’s and orthopedic surgeons out there! I’m sure the Chiefs front office is constantly monitoring this site to get the free expert advice you all are offering.

  15. They will rush him back. He may ruin his career but it’s all about the money. “Get back in there, son, you’re fine.”

  16. Please no! He is their long term future. Don’t blow it. Tell us he’ll be having surgery after the season!

  17. It’s not even about rushing him back as u can just tell by watching him that he lives the game and is ultra competitive so u have to not let him rush himself back. Sure one game might be difference in home field in playoffs but in long term picture it’s not worth the risk. If they let him sit the next 4 games then they get a bye so it’s 5+ weeks he has to get to 100%

  18. Dr. Steve O’Brein just told Francesa Mahomes will never be the same QB after this injury. He will have to be a pocket passer and won’t be as mobile as he was.

    ALso will have to wear a brace on his knee for the rest of his career.

  19. Mahomes girlfriend is a physical therapist of some sort…NO way she lets him start practicing and playing without her guidance and recommendation. The Chiefs and the NFL have very little say in this.

  20. Hahaha! KC will screw the pooch on this. They’ll rush him back and probably do more damage to his knee. Why bring him back in 3 weeks for 1 game and then have their bye week. It’s 1 game, but 2 more weeks of rest.

    Just dumb!

  21. At BEST, you look to bring him back with four games left in the season. At that point you either are or aren’t going to be playoff bound. If you aren’t, you put him on IR and let him heal PROPERLY. This is a once in a generation level of player and you prep him to return to football next year at 100%.

    I can’t figure out why teams have such worthless levels of QB talents on their team. You have a great starter, you have a competent backup who is in his backside of his career who can’t play an entire season, and then you have a rookie developmental player in the third slot.

    I am so resentful for Reid’s actions with Mahomes that I want him fired. It is even questionable that you play him AT ALL with his bad ankle against bad teams. To rush him into a pile of humanity that increases potential injuries is to me an action that should result in termination. Rush a rookie, no problem. Rush a generational player that is already injured into that mess – NEVER!

  22. Same group of knee specialists advising the Chiefs on Mahomes as the ones who treated Justin Houston and rushed him back into sub-standard service – causing Houston to prolong his recovery?

    Asking for a friend.

  23. I never knew so many doctors, orthopedic surgeons at that, were moonlighting as pft “commenters”…

    Do you guys really think he will be rushed back? Like KC doesn’t understand they have the future star if the NFL in their grasps… It’s not like they’re going to treat him like an undrafted rookie.

  24. Matt Moore was always one of the better backups in the league. He should have been starting over Tannehill in Miami, and in fact led the Dolphins to their last playoff appearance in 2016, winning 2 on the road down the stretch. I am just saying it COULD be worse for the Chiefs, and lets not forget Reid has a way of turning mediocre to average talent into QBS other people want, Kolb, Feeley, Smith etc. I think Moore can be a decent placeholder. With their schedule, 3-2 is certainly within reason and Mahomes could be back with the Chiefs sitting at 8-4… I know it is against every thing Kool Aid man Reid believes in, but run the ball. McCoy is having a nice season. If I were them I’d reach out to Miami about Kenyan Drake as a nice backup to McCoy. Flores has already proven he is clueless and would take pretty much anything for him….

  25. kd75 says:
    October 18, 2019 at 4:38 pm
    Dr. Steve O’Brein just told Francesa Mahomes will never be the same QB after this injury. He will have to be a pocket passer and won’t be as mobile as he was.

    ALso will have to wear a brace on his knee for the rest of his career.
    And A-Rod told Francesca he never did roids and was going to sue MLB. Francesa is a windbag. Fell asleep on the air. Once predicted a snow storm was gonna miss NYC, they got two feet, and he denied saying it. I love when he denies something and then callers call in and play the clip and he goes nuts.. He is clueless…

  26. The Chiefs aren’t going to rush him back, seriously people, he wont play until he’s 100%

  27. If the Chiefs can’t beat the Chargers with Matt Moore at QB — which would allow Mahomes to rest up through the bye week and come back fresh for the Raiders in week 12 — then they should just hang it up now.

  28. Meanwhile, Bill Barnwell over at espn took this opportunity to throw shade on Thursday night football.

    Yeah, see, Mahones’ injury happened because he was playing on a bum ankle (his other leg) on Thursday night. Not only that, the rest of the players in the NFL will notice this as just one more in the list of injuries caused by Thursday night football.

  29. They should wait until after the Bye Week at least to put him back in. Not a fan of the Chiefs but Mahomes is too valuable to rush back. He makes the Chiefs the high powered offense now the defense has to step up. Matt Moore didn’t look too bad though he’s no Mahomes.

  30. After his initial ankle injury I just had to keep wondering why they continued to play him? I’m no doctor, but I played and coached hockey and have an understanding as to damage to one part of the body forces you to compensate with other muscles you don’t use as much which can lead to a more serious injury. (Happened to me and my players a number of times. I kept thinking about that as Mahomes continued to play; had a feeling something bad would happen. It did!

    Why rush this incredible athlete? There’s a silver lining to it all and that would be the defense. Yeah, it was against the Broncos, but they are still a pro team with pro athletes and the Chiefs shut them down. Impressive!

    Give Mahomes all the time he needs, even the season and let the defense develop knowing that they are just as responsible. They answered the call and I’d bet they do it till the end of the season. Next year could be one of the greatest in NFL history.

    This could be the catalyst that ignites the Chiefs to a SB birth/win. Mahomes comes back to a D that will play to the same level. Just don’t try to force it this year. Fact is, as we’ve seen before, if Mahomes doesn’t trust the Chief’s medical evaluations, he may soon be gone. We’ve seen it before…

    Just an observation from a Patriots fan…

  31. Is he going to miss the chance to get his big payday,on a new contract, because he played early and ruined it!

  32. “Is he going to miss the chance to get his big payday,on a new contract, because he played early and ruined it!”

    I may be wrong, but I really don’t think he’s all about the money. Get the sense that he may follow Brady’s lead to surround himself with talent. Again, I may be wrong…

    He’s young and depends on others to lead the way, but he’s gonna have to question why the Chiefs medical staff cleared him to play. (Certainly his agent and lawyer will.)

  33. The rushing of Mahomes back is the delusional mentality that the Chiefs still can catch the Pats for the # 1 seed. You could see this coming a mile away. No one will say this in print, but rest assured it’s the thought. That dream is gone, let it go. January goes thru Foxboro.

  34. Chiefs will get every call known to mankind in these games to make sure they win the division. The NFL will do everything possible, no matter how blatantly rigged it is, to get him in the playoffs at all costs. Chiefs games will be as rigged as patriot games for now on. Already know I’m betting on the chiefs over Packers next week.

  35. I never knew so many doctors, orthopedic surgeons at that, were moonlighting as pft “commenters”…


    Do me a favor. Google patellar dislocation and start reading. Then tell me if 3 weeks sounds a little aggressive

  36. phinatic29 says:
    October 18, 2019 at 5:56 pm
    Patriot fans are so jealous of Mahomes.


    LMAO.. Funniest comment of the year from a fan whose team hasn’t had a good QB in 20 years

  37. Why the Chiefs would bring their Mobile, RPO, Running QB back this fast is beyond me. So They bring him back for the Chargers in week 11 and then in 2 weeks they are going to face the best Defense in football in the Patriots and then the Bears 2 weeks later. Pats are Number 1 in Total defense and more importantly Number 1 Sacks and the bears are number 4. Their offense has enough fire power to make it to the playoffs even without Mahomes for the year. They would probably be best served waiting until the last week of the season against the Chargers to make sure he’s polished up for the Playoffs.

  38. phinatic29 says:
    October 18, 2019 at 5:56 pm
    Patriot fans are so jealous of Mahomes.

    Why? Because he has so many SB victories? Moreover he is 0-2 against the Patriots. No my fellow Dolphins fan….it is more likely you and I are jealous of Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, Robert Kraft and the Patriots. They are everything our team, owner and coaches are not. They are winners.

  39. My son had this same injury. The first time it happens you can recover in 4 to 6 weeks, but your MPFL is now stretched (if he didn’t tear it already). Eventually the MPFL will tear if you continue your activity, and prior to surgery you will have knee issues. This ligament will never return to normal after it has been stretched. Think of a rubber band wearing out, eventually it will tear. While my son was only 12 when this happened and is not an NFL QB, there will be limited mobility and he will have to wear a brace. Once the MPFL tears, you are looking at a 9 month recovery. My son is 13 months post-op and still having issues returning to the ice for hockey. With being in the NFL, he will have top of the line resources so 9 months is absolutely doable. If he comes back after 4-6 weeks, he is risking next year as if that MPFL tears completely he will have surgery, then he will miss a portion of next year. Best bet is to get surgery and be ready for next year in my opinion. This injury is nasty, and the surgery is painful.

  40. thewizardsrevenge says:

    October 18, 2019 at 4:03 pm
    Don’t RG3 this guy. If they’re in danger of falling out of playoff contention, that’s one thing, but otherwise make sure it’s right.

    Don’t rush him back. Period. Whether they are falling off the playoff bandwagon or not. There’s always next year. RG3 is a great comparison. He took the Redskins to the playoffs & was rookie of the year. He’s never been the same since.

    And Teddy Bridgewater had a similar, though much worse injury. He too suffered a dislocated knee although unlike Mahomes, Bridgewater also tore ligaments. It took him years to get back to the playing field and though he’s getting a second chance now, Bridgewater has never been the same.

  41. Just because the Chiefs are optimistic, all the keyboard GMs and coaches assume they’re going to rush him back before he’s ready. This kid is the franchise, the future of the team and the current face of the NFL. There is no way he’ll play until that knee is ready to go. Even if he’s deemed ready for the Chargers game, my bet is that he doesn’t play until after the bye.

    The best way to make that playoff run is to have him 100% for the final quarter of the season. That and that alone will be the Chiefs primary goal.

  42. SWFLPC.INC says:
    October 19, 2019 at 8:36 am
    phinatic29 says:
    October 18, 2019 at 5:56 pm
    Patriot fans are so jealous of Mahomes.

    Why? Because he has so many SB victories?


    No, because he’s a better athlete than Tom Brady has ever dreamt of being, plain and simple.

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