Damarious Randall: All goals still in front of Browns, even Super Bowl

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The Browns’ bandwagon is a lot lighter than it was when the season started. Many who picked the Browns to make the postseason for the first time since 2002 already have written off Cleveland.

“[They] can stay written off, because at the end of the day it’s going to be the same people saying ‘Oh, we knew the Browns were very talented. Oh, we knew they were going to come around,’” Browns defensive back Damarious Randall said, via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “So we’re just going to keep this locker room the way it is. The 53 guys in here just trust each other and just believe in each other and we’re just going to keep on building.’’

Randall and the Browns remain upbeat about the rest of the season despite a 2-4 start, believing their season goals remain in front of them.

“At the end of the day, our goals are in front of us,” Randall said. “We can still accomplish every one of them, even the Super Bowl. We still see every goal up in sight. And until those goals get a little shady, that’s when we can talk about the implications that we had. But as of now, we’ll be fine.’’

The Browns’ first eight opponents have a combined record of 28-19. Their second-half opponents are only 12-27-1, according to Cabot.

They are two games behind the Ravens, but own a victory over Baltimore.

“We play eight up on the road and we play eight at home, so at the end of the day we’ve got to find a way to get it done,” Randall said. “I feel like the experiences that we went through last year and this year, we’re just going to keep building and I think that door’s going to be kind of opening up pretty soon.”

Still, Randall likes the Browns’ Super Bowl odds better than Vegas does. But even a trip to the postseason will be seen as a step in the right direction for the Browns.

25 responses to “Damarious Randall: All goals still in front of Browns, even Super Bowl

  1. Damarious Randall: All goals still in front of Browns, even Super Bowl

    Why wouldn’t they be, its not like they’ve completed any of them! LOL

  2. @george1859 they have one his name is Baker Mayfield from Oklahoma a 2 time walk-on at Texas tech and Oklahoma. In his rookie season he broke the all time td passes for rookies last done by Peyton Manning of the colts.

  3. So much hate for the Browns. The media built them up and then tore them down. The fans are still here hoping for a winner. We will see if this team had the mettle but the fans will always endure.

  4. The “Super Bowl” at a local Japanese restaurant is highly attainable; who pays? Heck, there is a super bowl you can buy at a market, pour a couple of ounces of hot water and instant mean…Not bad!

  5. Has there ever been such an average player who talks to much?

    If you look at their schedule they could lose vs the Pats and still go 9-7 or even 10-6. They end their season playing @DEN, vs Bills, vs PIT, vs Miami, @Pitt, vs Cinci, @Ari, vs Balt and @Cinci. The only team that is decent is Buffalo and I am not sold on them yet as they haven’t beaten anyone good. They could be favored in all those games.

  6. The browns are a good team. They’ve beaten the ravens and almost beat the seahawks. I could easily see the browns beating the Patriots. They have a better offense than the dink and dunk Patriots who only scored like 13 points against a bills team that has one of the worst qbs in the nfl. I can’t even call it an upset, because the Patriots are way overrated, has a 43 year old qb that can barely throw past 10 yards dinking and dunking, and the defense is also way overrated, having played the worst qbs in the nfl thus far, worst of the worst offenses. The Patriots are very predictable. But haven’t played anyone good. They play in the weakest division of all time with the worst qbs in the nfl for the past 20 years, and they play in a very weak afc with no competition but a few teams. Put the Patriots in the nfc west in place of the cardinals and they’d be in last place in the division and would miss the playoffs. Their superbowls are a joke. They get a free pass to the playoffs every year in their pathetic division, all they have to do is win two games and they’re in the superbowl lol. Brady is the most overrated qb of all time and he’s pampered by the referees, you can’t breath on him or its a free first down. Lol. And he’s been carried by a great defense every year. All the old school qbs that weren’t protected by the referees, are much better than brady. Brady wouldn’t last in Montanas era. He would get killed by dirty hits to the head and knees that was legal back then. Today’s millennials have no clue. The only football they know is today’s flag football era that protects qbs like a little baby, same with the wr’s. Montana , Elway, Bradshaw are the greatest ever and they won their superbowls playing real tackle football, unlike brady who’s won his superbowls in a soft flag football era. Brady can win 20 superbowls and he still wouldn’t be the greatest because they’re flag football rings. You can’t compare today’s joke of an era to Montanas era. That’s why Montana will always be the greatest ever, same with air jordan.

  7. The Browns have been the worst team for awhile. But, they’re not as bad as their record. They completed with the Rams and Seahawks in close losses. I see a lot of talent on that team and I think they need a bit more discipline in executing plays. And, regardless of what others think, I think Baker Mayfield is a good young quarterback. I think he’ll be a decent QB in the future. And, in case you’re wondering, I’m a long-time Patriots fan, so I’m NOT a bandwagon fan of the Browns.

  8. A great deal of it comes down to coaching. You can have all the talent in the world but if a coach doesn’t know how to capitalize on it then it’s worthless. In NE BB is a great coach, knows how to scout, coach, run a team and capitalize on talent like Brady and others. Often cast offs shine more in NE because they know how to coach.

    That said, it does help to have the GOAT QB but he’s 1 on a 53 man roster. And they are perennial winners.

  9. Hey, he’s right! I have all my goals out in front of me as well! I am a 51 year old out of shape former high school QB with 4 years of college eligibility left! What’s crazy about me still having a goal of playing for ‘Bama at some point…after I lose a couple pounds?

  10. That’s their problem. They shouldn’t be thinking about the Super Bowl as a goal. Their goal should be to improve as a team week to week and not looking that far ahead. That’s why they lost to freaking Marriota.

  11. He is completely right about that — having accomplished nothing, all goals remain ahead of the Browns.

  12. Paul Rosenberger says:
    October 18, 2019 at 8:50 pm
    The Browns have been the worst team for awhile. But, they’re not as bad as their record. They completed with the Rams and Seahawks in close losses.


    Doesn’t matter whether you lose by 1 or 101 you still lost and there are no asterisks for close losses in the record books.

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