Jalen Ramsey, Todd Gurley exit injury report

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His back is officially and completely healed.

New Rams cornerback Jalen Ramsey, who missed his last three games with the Jaguars due to a back injury, has been removed from the final injury report in advance of his first game with the Rams. It means that he’s healthy and ready to go.

Ramsey didn’t practice on Wednesday for reasons unrelated to injury. According to the official NFL injury report, he fully participated in practice on Thursday and Friday, with a back injury disclosed.

But he has no injury designation on the final report of the week, which means that Ramsey will be good to go for Sunday’s game at Atlanta.

It remains to be seen how Ramsey will be used by the Rams. But he definitely improves the secondary. Whether that dramatically improves the team remains to be seen.

Also off of the injury report for Week Seven is running back Todd Gurley. He missed the Week Six loss to the 49ers with a quad injury.

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  1. Glad to hear his menstrual cramps have subsided relieving his back pain but I don’t see Ramsey and his overall PFF grade pf 59.5 helping the Rams out much being that the rest of their secondary is garbage next to Ramsey and offensively they’re terrible. Goff is terrible because he cannot play under duress/pressure and he has one of the worst offensive lines in the NFL in front of him, they need to replace all 5 positions along that OL this off-season but they don’t have the draft picks to do it being that they don’t have a 1st round pick until 2022 now. The Rams also have no run game, Todd Gurley is toast and can no longer carry the load as a #1 back. Jared Goff just isn’t good, if he has a great OL in front of him and a great run game to support him he’s somewhere between the 10th-12th best QB in the NFL, if he doesn’t have that he’s a well below average starting QB & the worst QB in his division by a mile. Theyre paying Jared Goff WAYYY to much money, they’re over paying WAYY to many guys on that team as a matter of fact like Brandin Cooks ($88 Million) , Todd Gurley ($60 Million) , Aquib Talib is making $9M this year to be one of the worst CB’s in football, RT Rob Havenstein w/ his 52.3 overall PFF grade is one of the worst RT’s in the league making $8.9M on a $34M dollar contract & now they’ve made the MONUMENTAL MISTAKE of trading the farm for Ramsey BEFORE they got a LONG-TERM DEAL in place, Ramsey now has all the leverage and can hold them hostage. Only a bad GM Does that, and you look at all these terrible deals and you’re quickly reminded just how bad of a GM Les Snead was under Fisher before Sean McVay got there. The Rams are on their back down to the cellar now and will be the worst team in the NFC-W come next season and the season after until they remedy the issues they have which are aplenty.

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