Lomas Brown: Bias against Lions keeps me out of the Hall of Fame

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Former Lions offensive tackle Lomas Brown thinks he’d be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame if he’d played for some other teams. But Brown says Hall of Fame voters don’t give the Lions enough respect.

“If I’m brutally honest [about why], I just think it’s the Lions,” Brown told the Detroit Free Press. “I just think [people] didn’t put the respect on our team like the Dallas Cowboys. We were in the playoffs what, ‘91, ‘93, ‘94 and ’95 when I was here? We were in the playoffs, but again we couldn’t win but in ’91, so I think that has a lot to do with it. I really do. Even though it shouldn’t have a lot to do with it, I think it does. Cause that’s the only thing I can see.”

Brown also played for the Cardinals, Browns, Giants and Buccaneers, but he’s best known for his 11 seasons in Detroit, where he was the sixth overall pick in the 1985 and a first-team All-Pro in 1991, 1992 and 1995.

Brown actually did earn a Super Bowl ring in the last game of his NFL career, as a backup on the Buccaneers in 2002, but he thinks if he had been on a team that did more in the postseason earlier in his career, he would have a bust in Canton.

“I look at myself, my records or my accomplishments and I look at some of the guys that are in there and I think mine is comparable to some of the guys that had gotten in,” Brown said. “But a lot of it’s off the team that you played off of. I know a tremendous amount is off playoff success. We didn’t get a lot of that in the ‘90s even though we had some great individual players that played on the team. It’s just we couldn’t get over the hump once we got in the playoffs.”

Brown has never even been a semifinalist for the Hall of Fame, so it’s a long shot that he ever gets in. But he hopes voters will consider that he might have a stronger case than they think.

13 responses to “Lomas Brown: Bias against Lions keeps me out of the Hall of Fame

  1. Brown did have a great career, but there are MANY deserving offensive lineman not in the Hall. The Hall frowns upon non statistical positions. His points about playing for Detroit have validity, but what hurt the Lions and Brown the most, was not having a great QB. The fans in Pontiac could be awesome, but there were some very strong teams in the NFC those years.

  2. Have always been a Lomas Brown fan. Definitely a very underrated player as offensive lineman go. Lomas Brown certainly deserves more consideration for the HOF than he has been given thus far.

    Barry Sanders on Lomas Brown: “I think about my teammate Lomas Brown, who played 20 years and had a stellar career against – and we all who played the game understand what left tackle means, to play at that level,” Sanders said.

    Sanders, who played six of his 10 seasons with Brown as his left tackle, said he prefers “to leave (the debate) up to the Hall of Fame,” but said Brown is someone who never got his due as a player.

    “Maybe I’m biased, but he’s an example,” Sanders said.

  3. My advice to Lomas would be to enjoy your retirement and don’t worry about whether or not you’ll ever win a popularity contest run by sportswriters.

  4. Complaining about the voters having a bias as the reason for him not being in certainly won’t help him.

  5. The Lions were in the playoffs in the years that he mentioned… how many playoff games did they win in that span?

    The ONLY thing that I remember his career for, was the beatdown that his Lions had at the hands of the Eagles, after Brown ‘guaranteed’ a victory.

  6. Bias against what exactly?

    62 years of failure, this team is complete and utter disgrace to the NFL.

    Win something and stop making excuses already.

  7. Lomas was a very good player.

    Would he be in the HoF if he had played for the Jimmy Johnson era Cowboys, the Cowher era Steelers, the Shanahan era Broncos, or the Holmgren era Packers?

    Yeah, probably…but even if he played for those teams, he wasn’t so dominant that Hall entry would be guaranteed.

  8. How come Joe Thomas is considered being a first ballot HOFer then? He only played 11 seasons, retired early and had no playoff appearances. Big deal,he was voted an All Pro a bunch of times.

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