Patrick Mahomes: “Everything looking good so far!”

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While there is still more to learn about the extent of Patrick Mahomes‘ knee injury, the Kansas City Chiefs and Mahomes himself seem about as optimistic as possible about his prognosis.

Awesome team win! Love my brothers! Thank you for all the prayers! Everything looking good so far! #GodisGood #ChiefsKingdom,” Mahomes said on his Twitter account after the game.

Mahomes left Thursday night’s game against the Denver Broncos in the second quarter after his right kneecap became dislocated on a quarterback sneak on a fourth-and-1. Mahomes was helped to the sideline after the injury was addressed on the field and ultimately left the field under his own power.

Reports on the injury soon afterward said there is no fracture. That would certainly seem to be as positive a return as the team could have hoped to see at this point until an MRI can show the full extent of the damage the dislocation caused. Until that’s known, Mahomes and the Chiefs will just have to hope they dodged a big blow to their 2019 aspirations.

22 responses to “Patrick Mahomes: “Everything looking good so far!”

  1. Their defense is the problem. It is just not good enough to get them to the Super Bowl, let alone winning it.

  2. I’m all for an upbeat attitude, but this dude dislocated his kneecap. Let’s not be little kids, here.

  3. Mahomes is very good, of course, but his style is just not durable in the NFL. We have seen that time after time: Kaepernick, RGIII, Cam Newton, and Michael Vick all have seen significant loss of time due to injuries caused while running. The leaset injured running-style QB is probably Wilson, but even he has been hurt, but still started every game. Last night was not quite the same, but Mahomes should not have been even trying to sneak on a bad ankle.

  4. knee cap dislocation is not terrible, he could be running with in a week…..can be some meniscus damage, depending on how the knee cap became dislocated……shame hes a fun guy to watch

  5. I love watching Mahomes play. I hope he let’s heal properly. Too many players have ruined their careers trying to get back sooner for their teams, which is admirable, but then are never the same. RG 3 being the most recent example

  6. Mahomes = a more talented RG3 The clock is ticking on his career. Learn to be a pocket passer or suffer the same fate. Madden curse lives .

  7. This is just a very serious warning. But every young QB took note of Andrew Luck’s decision. Mahomes has a couple of years before he gets his second contract.

    I think we will see more of early retirees soon, as opposed to the Brady, Brees, Manning et al.The money is much bigger now, and people are set after their second contract. Mahomes will be guaranteed $100 million for the first 3 years easily.

  8. One of my favorite “new” players. Kid is just good for the NFL. His parents raised a great young man. I hope he has a speedy recovery so we can all see him back in action soon.

  9. The “Bernard Pollard #1 Fan” t-shirt fan base isn’t so happy today with RG4. Oh well, they still have that Super Bowl IV victory over the Vikings, who will exact their revenge for that in 2 weeks.

  10. I agree with Big Cat. What’s the big hurry with Mahomes? He’s young, already great and going to get better. The Chiefs should shut him down for the season, allowing him plenty of time to rest and recover. He will then come back stronger next season.

    Patrick – Be smart. Be like Teddy. Don’t be like RG3!!

  11. Same thing happened to me – 40 years ago in high school. But I waited a few decades and got a total knee replacement, which came with a brand new kneecap.

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