Pete Carroll: Jarran Reed is “ready to go”

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The 5-1 Seahawks didn’t have starting defensive tackle Jarran Reed for the first six games of the year. Reed is now back, and it looks like he’ll get plenty of reps on Sunday against the Ravens.

“He’s ready to go,” coach Pete Carroll told reporters on Friday. “He’s ready to go and he wants to play the full game. We’ll look after him, take care of him and see how it goes. He’s done a marvelous job of preparing for this time and opportunity. He didn’t want time to have to have to come in and take a few weeks and get acclimated, he did not approach this like that at all. He didn’t look like it, he handled the work really well. So, we’re just going to go play ball.”

Reed made it clear on Friday that he indeed wants to play the entire game.

“I do [want to play the whole game],” Reed said Friday, via Curtis Crabtree of KJR and PFT. “I worked my tail off to. I’m ready to go. I don’t want him to hold me back.”

It was obvious to Carroll that, during Reed’s six-game suspension, he didn’t sit around.

“He must have worked really hard,” Carroll said. “He would tell you that he did. The challenge of the practice was nothing for him. He’d been working hard enough so that this is not a step up for him, which is what you hope so that he doesn’t have a fall out coming off the practices.”

The league office suspended Reed under the Personal Conduct Policy. Although Seattle has lost once, they could use the help on the defensive side of the ball.

7 responses to “Pete Carroll: Jarran Reed is “ready to go”

  1. Penny-pinching Mode will trade him for draft picks after this season, instead of franchise tagging him or extending him. Next man up.

  2. Bengals coulda/shoulda beat them, Rams too, missed field goals…Browns exploded on them then self destructed… Seattle is lucky to be 5-1 and not 2-4. Pretenders. The teams they’ve won against are a combined 9-20-1. If they get to the playoffs, they’ll get bounced out immediately.

  3. TribeofOne – games are 4 quarters and at the end of six games they are 5-1. Sorry the results don’t fit your Hawk-hating narrative. Kicking is part of the game and Seattle has also had their missed field goals. If you want to give their opponents credit for their missed opportunities you also have to adjust for the Hawks as well. Otherwise you are just a cherry picking hater.

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