Report: MRI confirms dislocated kneecap for Patrick Mahomes

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Initial word that Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes dislocated his right kneecap in Thursday night’s win over the Broncos has reportedly been confirmed by a Friday MRI.

NFL Media reports that the test showed no significant damage for Mahomes beyond the dislocated kneecap. Tests on Thursday night showed there were no fractured bones.

The feeling on Thursday night was that Mahomes would return this season if the damage was limited to the dislocated kneecap. Friday’s MRI result strengthens that thought, although Mahomes is expected to solicit other opinions about what direction to take in order to recover from the injury.

The long-term plans for the quarterback in Kansas City will certainly be taken into account as part of that process, but it does look like Mahomes will be on the field again at some point in the not too distant future.

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  1. Andy will rush him back as quickly as possible because they’re going nowhere without him. No matter what they won’t win the AFC regardless they can’t get past Brady and the Patriots. U Kansas City fans will just have to come to grips with that fact!!

  2. While it will be interesting to see if Matt Moore can pull a Kyle Allen/Teddy Bridgewater, the only real competition in that division appears to be the Raiders and I’m not sure how competitive the Raiders really are. The Chargers have been a big disappoint and the Broncos are, well, the Broncos.

  3. The best course of action is to take a conservative approach and recovery at 100%. He is way too young to expose to a worst injury.

  4. Some local Frisco Bay radio talking heads are convinced that Mahomes’ season is over and that the Vegas Raiders will win the AFC West. Even if Mahomes is shelved, Matt Moore and the revived KC defense showed that they can win for the Chiefs.

  5. I had a similar injury. had a cast on my leg that went from ankle to upper thigh, for 3 weeks. then 2 months of therapy.

    but that was 40 years ago, medicine/therapy had evolved greatly since then, and I certainly didn’t have people treating the injury on a daily basis as I would expect Mahomes get.

    Although I’m a long time Patriots fan, he’s fun to watch watch play and I wish him a full recovery, the NFL needs players like him.

  6. I hope sanity prevails and he is not forced into action in the name of “Win Now” by owners and sponsors. He has whole life/career in front of him.

  7. He might be able to play but risk of reinjury is going to be pretty high if they rush him back. It seems impossible to completely push your knee cap out without damaging the ligament that holds it in place. They of course didn’t get into that in the statement. Unfortunately Mahomes is young and young football players just want to play at any cost. Either way this isn’t good for the Chiefs this year. At some point you just have to suck it up and look at the number of years Mahomes has ahead of him. Not worth risking permanent damage.

  8. The Chiefs should put him on IR and get everything healed correctly, how many times have we seen players rushed back into action only to make the injury worse.

    Besides, they have no chance of winning the AFC this year, why take the risk?

  9. Er, if it was “just” a dislocated kneecap, and we saw the medic pop it back on the field (i.e. the day before the MRI), how can an MRI confirm he had a dislocated kneecap? – UNLESS of course there’s some damage around the area they’re not talking about but thus is the reason for further medical opinion. After all, they never tell you the whole unvarnished truth.

  10. 6 to 8 weeks of healing and rehab. Target week 15 for a possible return and let him work back the last few weeks of the regular season.

    Too those advocating he sits until he gets his new deal? A lockerroom leader doesn’t throw his comrades under the bus.

  11. I don’t want to see Mahomes get injured, and I’m pulling for the Raiders. It’s hard not to love this kid. The Chiefs organization and Andy Reid are as classy as you can get, so they’ll put his long term health above all else.

  12. This is great news for him if the information is accurate that there are no stray cartilege chunks, no bone bruising and no ligament issues in there. He still will be highly prone to a recurrence, will have to wear a brace permanently and will not be regularly doing the spectacular running throws he used to.

    He needs to proceed cautiously as his career earnings of potentially hundreds of millions are at stake. Rushing back when you are already 2 games behind the Pats for the top seed and will miss at least 3 games probably falling further behind would be foolish.

  13. Not buying this until Andy Reid-KC address it. If KC is trying to trade for a quarterback they wouldn’t show their hand on Mahomes injury if Mahomes were to be out for the season.

  14. tvguy22 says:
    October 18, 2019 at 1:37 pm
    That’s a shame – real freaky injury on a QB sneak.


    Since he already had a bad left ankle,I’m guessing that he pushed off with his right leg on the QB sneak. Combine that with all the huge bodies landing on him,and this is what you get. It’s too bad. He is fun to watch. I hope he heals up quickly.

  15. KC has 4 games coming up and then their bye. I would sit Mahomes all 4 of those games and have him come back against Oak on 1 Dec, which is 44 days(6+ weeks) from today.

  16. While I agree that he should be fully healed before returning, whether or not that means this season or not. I trust the medical professionals that are caring for him. So, in other words, he is a smart man, he will have input on how he is feeling as well.

    This is a marathon, not a sprint. Playing on that hurt ankle was risky, and he needed a few weeks to heal that properly as it is. Rest, get both healed up. If you end up in the hunt and a return for the playoff fully healthy, that is a dangerous team to be. But as a KC fan, I will curb my expectations. If it works out great, but rushing him back is not wise, as an injured mahoney is not going to win a SB.

  17. Good news for NFL fans. Hopefully he recovers well from the knee & ankle before being put back out on the field. Love watching him play.

  18. The rest of the AFC West is garbage. KC has a bye Week 12. Rest him through that and let him get fully healthy to finish the season. Take the L’s against the Packers and Vikings. They probably beat the Titans, and Chargers without him…especially with Moore having 2-3 more weeks to work with the #1s. That would make them 7-4 coming off the bye and they’d probably still have a lead in the division. They only have one tough game(Patriots) after the bye. Don’t rush him back. Let him rest until the bye has passed.

  19. Sounds like bullet mostly dodged. He’ll sit out for that three week best case scenario that was reported, and then a fourth week because that gets to the bye for a free fifth week. He’ll return Dec. 1 against the Raiders having missed four games.

  20. tb12bestqbevah says:
    October 18, 2019 at 1:17 pm
    But we’re still annointing him MVP of the season, right?

    I think we are about to see how valuable he is to the Chiefs when they start trying to win games without him.

  21. Mahomes could be sidelined for 3-to-4 weeks, but the Chiefs will seek a second opinion on the injury before establishing a formal timeline for the quarterback’s return, a source tells Sam Mellinger of The Kansas City Star.

  22. imagine the flags he is going to get when he comes back? defenses wont even be able to look at him without yellow flying.

  23. He’s lucky it was only a subluxation with minor ligament tears. He can put ketchup on a tomahawk rib-eye if he wants to.

  24. Probably a month. Too bad, but the injury question on him is now in play as to whether he can play his way for an extended career. He has to become a pocket passer by my reckoning.

  25. Relocate that kneecap. Rub a little dirt on it and put him back in coach! Surgery after a wild card loss.

  26. raiderbeer34 says:
    October 18, 2019 at 2:33 pm
    When Moore does as good in this offense, what will that say about mahomes?
    It will say that they have a pretty good team and organization, unlike the rest of the teams in the AFC west.

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