Sean McVay expects Todd Gurley, Jalen Ramsey to play on Sunday

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The Rams should have two key players on the field Sunday against the Falcons.

Rams head coach Sean McVay said today that he is expecting running back Todd Gurley and cornerback Jalen Ramsey to play on Sunday.

Gurley missed last week’s game with a quadriceps injury. His backup, Malcolm Brown, suffered an ankle injury and is not expected to play Sunday, so Gurley may get a full workload.

Ramsey arrived from Jacksonville in a trade this week. He has played in only three games this season, citing a back injury, but is expected to be a happy camper and a healthy player now that he’s with the Rams.

9 responses to “Sean McVay expects Todd Gurley, Jalen Ramsey to play on Sunday

  1. What a difference a year makes. This time last year the Rams were 6-0 and the future was looking really bright. Now we are 3-3 with many question marks and very few draft picks.

  2. Yes, but why would they pay what they did for him without a new contract? Makes for a mighty expensive rental player if they can’t sign him for just a season and a half.

  3. Ramsey’s back injury certainly healed quickly.

    In related news, Jags Coach Doug Marrone reports that much of the pain in his backside has also disappeared.

  4. Atleast McVay got a lot of his buddies jobs before he was exposed. Rams are basically the Jeff Fisher led team now. Letting Clara smack you around at home will be the poster for their 2019 mediocre season.

  5. This is interesting. TG with a full workload? I don’t see that happening just coming off the quad injury. I could still see him putting up a good line, though.

    Not sure what I feel about Jalen. Immediate impact? Possibly. Someone more intelligent than me will have to explain how easy it is for defensive players to adapt to schemes and playbooks. On offense it can be very tricky coming into new systems. Is it the same for defense, or more standardized in terms of coverages and roles? If the latter, then he could be a serious threat day 1.

  6. Wait until Ramsey refuses to practice for the Rams! Phillips and McVay will shut him down permanently!

  7. When playing against a patsy like the Fowlcons, the LAmbs should get back on track and get their first win after 3 straight losses.

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