Should the Chiefs trade for Marcus Mariota?

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Matt Moore is the next man up for the Chiefs. But who will be the next next man up, if Patrick Mahomes will miss significant time?

We threw out some options last night. There aren’t many, but after sleeping on it and thinking about it and talking about it on PFT Live, one stands out among the rest: Marcus Mariota.

Benched by the Titans, it appears that he has no future there. So he’d leave as a free agent in 2020, and the Titans would get a compensatory draft pick for him in 2021. Or they could dump the balance of his $20.8 million salary and get a draft pick in 2020.

Mariota has the athleticism to operate the Kansas City offense, and he has shown that he can win in Kansas City. Indeed, Mariota and the Titans beat the Chiefs in Arrowhead Stadium in the last game of Alex Smith‘s tenure with the team. The performance included 205 yards passing, 46 yards rushing, and a six-yard touchdown catch on a pass that was deflected back to him.

He’s clearly a better option than Matt Moore, who but for a 57-yard catch and run to paydirt from Tyreek Hill completed nine of 18 passes for 60 yards, an average per attempt of 3.33 yards.

Of course, coach Andy Reid can whisper any quarterback into the best version of himself, and perhaps Moore (who was out of football last year due in part to the fact that, as one source explained it to PFT, Moore’s arm was “shot”) can hold it together in Mahomes’ absence. Then again, Reid also could make Mariota into the guy he was supposed to be when drafted in 2015, but never has become.

Much of the final decision depends on how much time Mahomes will miss. If it’s more than a couple of weeks, the Chiefs need a better plan than Matt Moore and Kyle Shurmur.

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  1. I mean as a Titans fan I am all for it. But this “and a six-yard touchdown catch on a pass that was deflected back to him” honestly should not be looked on as a positive. It should have been intercepted, he just flat out did not see Revis. But he got lucky that it deflected right back to him as he was running toward the end zone.

  2. Depends on the diagnosis. If he can be back in 4 weeks, no. If he’s out for 8 weeks or longer. Sure.

    Thing with this scenario is, if you give a supposed average QB all of KC’s weapons he may look really good. Matt Flynn/Nick Foles says what… So you could turn a 5th/6th round draft pick into 2nd round if he plays well.

  3. We don’t even know what the injury is and you talking trade? Why? By the time Mariota or Eli or some other bad QB learns the system Mahomes will be back or they will be out of the playoffs. Ride with your backup. That is why you have him. Moore isn’t great but he won’t be any worse than the names being tossed out.

  4. No on Mariotta. They need a smoother transition at QB. I don’t think the 49ers will deal Mullen and if they did the trade would cost KC too much. Trading for Andy Dalton or CJ Bethard would be their best options. Dalton is a career WCO quarterback. Bethard has two years in it under Kyle Shanahan with 10 games started.

  5. I liked Mariota over Winston coming out of college. I’m really disappointed Mariota didn’t “pan out.” I firmly believe a new environment might be good for Marcus. Tennessee isn’t exactly a QB heaven.

  6. Considering Matt Moore’s age, I would think that a young QB on a rookie contract would be more likely. You’re not going to trade away picks and pick up a contract like Mariota for 4-8 weeks. Watch for a guy like CJ Beathard who is on the trading block. You could probably get Beathard for a 5th round pick. And then you could keep him over Moore going forward.

  7. Why not Kyle Lulleta from the Eagles practice squad He wont cost you a Draft pick and when Giants released him Doug Pederson picked him up immediately and he comes from the Andy Reid tree and has been learning from the Andy Reid system.Its not a Great solution but better than Marcus Mariota

  8. Who comes up with the stuff? KC will operate just fine. The RBs will shoulder the load and then Moore will hit the quick bomb to Hill and the other guys. Not to mention the D will step it up. The sky IS NOT falling.

  9. SWFLPC.INC says:
    October 18, 2019 at 10:42 am
    Given his body of work, why would any team trade for Mariota?

    Hold My Beer:Denver Broncos

  10. Agree with BB, if you have to immediately trade for a backup QB, you didn’t have a plan to begin with and somebody isn’t doing their job.

  11. Matt Moore is fine. He’s one of the better backups in the league. Mariota just got benched for a reason; he’s not a good quarterback.

  12. No, Mariotta has shown all that he can be and his ceiling is known.

    Taysom Hill is a better option. With Bridgewater now cementing his place as number 2 in N.O, Hill is expendable and should be garnering some attention as trade bait (with a much lower cap hit).

  13. QB isn’t the position to plug and play. It takes months of rehearsal. That’s what I find laughable about the Kap talk mid season. Mariota stinks with the Titans after 5 seasons, he’d be worse off as the QB of the Chiefs in week 8.

  14. Mariota would almost certainly benefit from going to KC.
    They should know more after the MRI on whatsHisFace today.
    But what would they give up to get Mariota?
    Seems too difficult, but who knows.

  15. The question is, will Mariota or any other QB be enough to beat the Patriots this year (Mahomes is already 0 and 2) so that QB would have to better than Mahomes, to justify using already sparse draft picks for a season that would be lost when the team desperately still needs defensive players and O-line help. Even with using draft picks to trade for players the Chiefs defensive is at best no better then the really bad defensive of last year.

  16. How about Tyrod Taylor or RGIII? It would be interesting to see what they could do with this offense. I was pulling for Mariota and have been disappointed. I think both these guys actually throw better and are just as athletic.

  17. a question was asked on this board how can KC beat the patriots if mahomes cant do it. mariota has already beat the patriots with the tennessee titans as a supporting cast and KC is so much better organizationally as a team and the players in general that it isnt even funny.

    so the question should be how could mariota not have a chance to beat new england?

  18. I’m a Titans fan, and I hate that we’re in this position. I love Mariota & everything he stands for, but I think he’s playing scared right now. I wouldn’t trade for him. He needs to be in a stable system (which he has yet to have in his career) to learn. I think he will be a serviceable backup in the future & hopefully a starter one day. I’ll be rooting for him, but right now I think he’s shell-shocked.

  19. RobfromAmarillo says:
    October 18, 2019 at 11:03 am

    I doubt Vrabel is ready to hitch his career-wagon to Tannehill.

    Well right now he only has two choices

    1) Mariota

    2) Tannehill

    And #1 has already proven he’s not the guy! Only a fool would continue with option #1.

  20. Agreed – Mariota has the athleticism to run the Chiefs’ offense. But his arm is average and the comparison to Mahomes would humiliate a really good kid.

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