Steve Keim: We’re not trading Patrick Peterson

Getty Images

Cornerback Patrick Peterson‘s six-game suspension is over and he’s set to return to the Cardinals for what he wants to be “the best 10 games” of his career.

Peterson has reportedly been the subject of calls from other teams looking to make a deal that would put him in a different uniform for what’s left of the 2019 season, but the Cardinals have resisted such overtures in the past and General Manager Steve Keim said on Arizona Sports 98.7 Friday that they will continue to resist them in the future.

“We are not trading Patrick Peterson . . . Why trade a player in his prime at one of the hardest positions to find for a maybe or a couple maybes? Love what Pat brings to the locker room, love what he brings to the field,” Keim said.

General Managers rarely say they are definitely trading a player because that’s not going to bring compelling offers from other clubs, so someone may still be able to knock Keim’s socks off before the trade deadline arrives in a little more than a week.