Vic Fangio: Fans have “every right to boo”

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As the Broncos saw their game against the Chiefs go south even after quarterback Patrick Mahomes exited with injury, Denver fans got upset. Very upset.

On Friday, Broncos coach Vic Fangio said that he had no problem with the negativity.

“With that performance, they have every right to be angry and they have every right to boo,” Fangio told reporters of Friday. “We probably deserved it. It’s a loyal fan base and one that I’ve grown quickly to appreciate. We’re doing everything we can to get this fixed as quickly as possible.”

The fixes won’t include a change at quarterback, even if the angry fans would welcome it. Fangio said that a quarterback change isn’t under consideration.

Starter Joe Flacco has been criticized not only for his play but also for his demeanor, which reflected no emotion as the game fell apart for the home team.

“That is Joe,” Fangio said. “Like I think I’ve told you guys before, when things are going good, he’s like that. He’s Joe Cool. When things are going bad, it’s a lack of intensity. It’s a lack of enthusiasm. I think that’s just going to continue to be the dialogue as it relates to Joe Flacco and his career.”

It’s unclear how much longer his career will last. Based on last night’s showing, maybe not much longer.

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  1. Broncos had a chance to be a part of history in rebounding from 0-4 to win the division. Had they won, they would have been 3-4. The Chiefs 4-3. And of course the Broncos would have owned the tiebreaker. And their opponent has tough games against Green Bay and Minnesota upcoming.

    They had everything going for them. They had a 2 game win streak. Their opponent had a 2 game losing streak. They were playing at home where they enjoy the best home field advantage in sports with that altitude. And the short week would have favored them. They took the lead, scoring a TD on the very first drive. Before the half ends their opponent’s QB is lost for the game– and the next few weeks — to injury.

    What happened?

    They fail to score a single point after the opening drive and they fail to stop the opponent’s back up QB. They also give up an easy 5 yard fumblr return for a TD.

    One of the greatest missed opportunities in NFL history.

  2. Flacco has incredible QB skills compared to your average NFL Joe QB, so why does he lack intensity? Is this a guy with skills he wished he didn’t have? Is there something else he wished he could have done outside of sports, but was lacking? I don’t get it?

  3. The trade for Joe Flacco is in contention for the second worst ever, because the Herschel Walker trade is a lot worse, and the absolute worst ever.

  4. You can say we need to “get it fixed” when addressing issues of execution and strategy, what fans do not understand is why Denver seemed to give up about halfway through the 3rd quarter, making absolutely no effort to hurry up and try to get back in the game.

  5. People are already ragging on Vic, but I still like him. Elway better be fired way before Fangio. Even the two-point call that failed, I liked that he was willing to be gutsy. It was something Doug Pederson would do and we need something that isn’t vanilla and safe like Fox and Joseph always played it.

    It’s just hard to actually convert those gutsy calls when your personnel is the worst it’s been since Kyle Orton

  6. Broncos fans have never had to live the football Hell we Lions fans have had to deal with. I feel no sense of sadness for them.

  7. John Elway has left this roster devoid of talent for years now and is an absolutely horrific evaluator of QB talent. Dude thinks if you are 6’6+ that you’re automatically a great QB.

    That said…Fangio looks way in over his head. Guess there was a reason it took so long for him to finally land a HC gig.

  8. Flacco looks like a guy who’s there just because of the money and could care less about doing anything more than just showing up for the paycheck. I’ve worked with a ton of people like this and it does nothing but bring everyone down

  9. The o’line should be fined for “conduct detrimental to the team” after that performance last night. The sorriest excuse for blocking, run or pass, I have seen in years.

  10. Denver Offensive scheme looks passé. I’m not knowledgeable but it looked like pure iso routes For Denver’s pass game and KC was manning everyone up tight. Zero separation for the WRs and Flacco didn’t know what to do about it. But one thing was obvious: everyone was dialing it in for the night.

    Only thing that surprised me was Aikman railing Flacco. Is he STILL salty over the Mahomes accomplishment tweet?

  11. “It’s unclear how much longer his career will last. Based on last night’s showing, maybe not much longer.”

    Did anyone happen to notice the severe lack of blocking for Flacco? No? They were ridiculously bad. Flacco’s lucky he didn’t get crippled last night. He had every right to be miserable.

  12. Flacco is finished. I’d be hard pressed to see a worst performance than that one. Horrendous. I’m glad I’m not a Denver fan.

  13. willycents says:
    October 18, 2019 at 8:28 pm

    The o’line should be fined for “conduct detrimental to the team” after that performance last night. The sorriest excuse for blocking, run or pass, I have seen in years.

    You must have missed the Dolphins game ….

  14. O line should be embarrassed. How could Joe be super thrilled when guys coming at you unblocked non stop.

  15. If the qb is acting nonchalant after being smoked play after play, the oline personnel will think they are doing an adequate job. Guys like Flacco who won’t at least give the death stare or get in someone’s face will continue to get hit over and over again.

  16. For a guy that’s been a defensive coach for 30 years, Fangio makes a lot of in-game mistakes. Fangio needs to give up calling the defensive plays. Let veteran DC Ed Donatell call the plays from the booth so Fangio can focus on managing the game.

  17. John Elway was one hell of a QB. Not so much as a GM. Joe Flacco is just another mistake by Elway. One would think the a guy (Elway) who is in the HOF as a QB would have the inside track on picking a QB for his team, right?

  18. John Elway was one hell of a QB. Not so much as a GM. Joe Flacco is just another mistake by Elway. One would think the a guy (Elway) who is in the HOF as a QB would have the inside track on picking a QB for his team, right?

  19. When was Flacco a good quarterback. He got a string of favorable calls throughout 2012 playoffs which has seemingly prolonged his career by 10 years.

  20. I think after what we saw happen to Keenum last year this was predictable. The O-line is terrible and a pocket qb is going to be killed. And Keenum at least knows how to move around and buy time. So you bring in a totally immobile guy to be ur qb.

  21. Flacco is Cutler 2.0 in his final years. Elway traded for the right to pay this guy huge $$$, for exactly the same performance he had in Baltimore his last two years there. So who is the problem?

  22. This is the Flacco who’s been around a long time. A decidedly average QB, who turned a lucky heave and a Manning interception, into a magical SB run.

    But the guy has been a 25th, 26th, 27th QB almost his entire year. Bad o line or good o line. It doesn’t matter.

  23. To all the disappointed Broncos fans out there: Browns Nation have been grieving since The Drive and The Fumble. That’s 32 years ago, let that sink in.

  24. As predicted, here we are in week seven and Fangio is regretting his decision to work for the micromanager in Denver that doesn’t have a clue on NFL team management. Should have stayed in Chicago, Fangio.

  25. Relax. This isnt about a good team under achieving. The Broncos are a bad team period as shown by the last few years including this one. There is no apparent improvement on the horizon and as long as Elway is running the show, well…….do what you’ve always done, get what you’ve always got. Despite a decent defense, Denver is a mess. They might win 4 games this year….might.

  26. He was the nfl mafia’s betting favorite in 2012. The PI pick six in Denver. The phantom PI that gave Baltimore fg range on a third and long deep into the fourth of the super bowl + repeated no calls on any contact made by his defense. And now his career is 10 years longer than it needed to be. Somebody give Elway an eye test.

  27. maiphatdong says:
    October 18, 2019 at 8:24 pm
    you cant blame it all on Flacco, guys were coming in unblocked, offensive line is pathetic
    The reason people arent talking about the Offensive Line is because they weren’t there.

  28. Imagine if Clark wouldn’t have gotten the face mask penalty on the opening drive when it was 3rd and long. That horrendous chiefs defense would’ve pitched a shutout.

    That all said, KC was tossing Lindsey around like a rag doll. He sure has a big mouth for getting 35 yards on 11 carries.

  29. For someone, (Elway), that had some much talent at playing QB you’d
    think he’d be able to evaluate the position better. Maybe he’s the
    “Jeff George” of GM’s though? I’m sure he’s had his ego stroked and
    pampered as a player but now he’s on the “business” side of it and
    has put his drive into cruise control or he’s in over his head. Not
    bashing the guy but just because he was a good “worker bee” doesn’t
    mean he’s going to be a good “king bee”. lol

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