Baker Mayfield fined $12,500 for criticizing officials

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After Sunday’s loss to the Seahawks, Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield said of the officials, “I’ll probably get fined for this, but they were pretty bad today.”

Mayfield was right: He did get fined.

The NFL fined Mayfield $12,500 for his criticism of the officiating.

Mayfield called out the officials for two plays in particular, both involving Jarvis Landry. One was an illegal blindside block penalty called on Landry, while the other was a ruling that Landry had fumbled, on a play when the Browns thought he had reached the ball over the goal line before losing possession.

The Browns are off this week, so Mayfield will have some time to get over his hurt hip, and his hurt feelings that the officials didn’t call last week’s game the way he wanted.

55 responses to “Baker Mayfield fined $12,500 for criticizing officials

  1. At least Baker has those commercials so he can afford the fine. And he will be fine, just needs an O Line.

  2. It is tough to beat a team that has the 13th man on the field, or officials who help the Sea Dorks win.

  3. Officiating’s been awful all year — issues in almost every game. No sense in commenting on it if you’re a player because a comment isn’t going to fix it and you’re just going to get fined.

  4. Seahawks didn’t get one sack or even one QB knockdown… so blaming the Browns’ OLine for this games issues may need to be to be revised… or the Seahawks pass rush just sucks. So much for the big trade for Clowney and FA Ziggy.

    And Baker was correct, and that’s coming from a NFC West fan. But, there were calls both ways, so the refs just did ‘suck’ —

  5. Ridiculous to be fined for saying that, in addition to being the truth it’s not like he said anything excessive.

    If this is the new standard,as bad as the officiating is everybody should be getting fined

  6. It’s getting harder and harder to think that betting being introduced legally doesn’t have something to do with these refs being so terrible. Baker was right to criticize them, there was some terrible officiating.

  7. Baker is a sympathetic fellow though, what with everybody picking on him.
    Poor guy can’t catch a break.

  8. I’m not a Browns fan, but I’m a fan of the game, and I’ve long been a proponent of full-time officials. Right now we’ve got coddled old men who assume they can’ be wrong and the league’s arm of responsibility for them refuses to hold them accountable. Al Riveron is terrible at his job; where is the accountability?

  9. I didn’t see the play but regardless, the NFL doesn’t seem to have an interest correcting the quality of the games.

    You want proof. A coach has to challenge a blown call. The officials should have the wherewith-all and empowerment to get the calls right. And if they keep screwing up sit em down and bring up the next guy but they won’t that because there is no accountability. The same guys make the same mistakes week in, week out.

  10. In order to pay that fine Baker says he’s lining up several more commercial shoots, and he’ll probably get the filming done on Sunday morning before the game. Gotta be good at something in life right Baker? Feeling dangerous this week? Probably not

  11. It’s extremely annoying to have gotten to the point that after every play I look at the box on the score board to see if the yellow flag sign comes on. The excessive number of penalty flags thrown is making it impossible to watch the games. Forget the review process, even when it is clear the call is wrong the call seldom changes. Some game I watched last week had penalties called on about six plays in a row. I turned it off; couldn’t watch anymore.So many of the flags are ticky-tack crap that had no effect on the outcome of the play. Just Stop!

  12. Mayfield likes to clap back every time someone comes down on him. I can’t wait to see him harp back about the officiating. He’s never going to win that one.
    I’m getting popcorn anyway, though.

  13. In order to pay that fine Baker says he’s lining up several more commercial shoots, and he’ll probably get the filming done on Sunday morning before the game.


    Before which game? The Browns are on a bye week, so this just sounds like another typical ignorant comment about Baker and the Browns. Anyone who watched last week’s game knows that Baker had every right to complain about the officiating but Baker haters are going to criticize him no matter what….

  14. Get better officials and make all calls reviewable. Too much bs officiating deciding the outcome of games makes it all look fixed. Good for Mayfield.

  15. That’s not fair, the officiating is garbage. Fine the refs instead of the players who call them out!

  16. Money talks. Refs are ruining the game. At least they have for me. I watch the Packers and that is all, and soon I won’t even watch them. Sports is being ruined by the corporation that is the NFL. They don’t care about anything else, and when fans quit watching the commish will already be gone with his money.

  17. Baker has a big mouth and he has done nothing yet. When he actually does something then speak, until then ‘shut up’. I thought the Browns were winning the Super Bowl😴😴

  18. Thank you, Baker.

    This absurd passivity towards the Rule Changes and Refereeing quagmires is unacceptable.

    Hey Miami, since you’re tanking anyways, how about forfeiting a game in defiance of an exceptionally horrible call/noncall. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  19. Don’t worry Baker, the NFL can’t fine us fans. We will bash them for all the players. They suck, and they need to find a new line of work because they have no clue on how to officiate a NFL game. Maybe try pee wee football first and work your way up from there.

  20. We the true fans KNOW the game is getting worse and worse with stupid new rules, non calls of those new rules and the constant rain of penalties…..yet we still follow the games….its like were in bad toxic relationship.

  21. Imagine that . . . not only does he have some of his passes intercepted, he occasionally gets his comments intercepted also!?! WHO KNEW!

  22. Does it seem strange that as soon as Gambling/Sport betting became legal…some Refs are making game changing calls/Non calls. Then subject to review for P.I. they still wont change their decision. Hmmm.
    Corruption maybe?

  23. Watch something crazy happen in the Patriots Browns game like Patriots down by 17 points with less than 2 minutes left and the Refs just walk them down the field with P.I.s to come back and win the game.. oh wait.

  24. He should get fined not for criticizing officials but for the way he’s playing. One TD, three picks doesn’t cut it, Baker.

  25. Per Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press, Lions safety Tracy Walker was also fined for criticizing officials. That makes at least 3 fined for calling a duck a duck.

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