Jets fine Kelechi Osemele for failing to practice Saturday

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The standoff between Kelechi Osemele and the Jets has taken another turn.

The Jets fined the offensive guard for conduct detrimental to the team for refusing to practice Saturday, Brian Costello of the New York Post reports. The Jets had warned Osemele Friday that they would fine or suspend him if he didn’t practice Saturday.

Osemele believes he needs surgery to repair a torn labrum in his shoulder. The Jets want him to play through the injury, delaying surgery until the offseason.

Osemele said Friday he can’t play because of the pain in his shoulder, which first landed him on the injury report Oct. 2. He has not played or practiced since.

Osemele, who lost his job to Alex Lewis, said he initially injured his shoulder Aug. 5 and re-injured it against the Patriots on Sept. 22.

Osemele’s next move could come in the form of a grievance against the Jets in hopes of getting the fine rescinded and resolving the issue of whether he needs surgery now.

The Jets traded a fifth-round choice to the Raiders in March for Osemele and a sixth-round choice, and he still is owed some $5.4 million of his $9.85 million base salary this season.

The conduct detrimental designation the team used Saturday could set up a financial fight between the sides.

15 responses to “Jets fine Kelechi Osemele for failing to practice Saturday

  1. if I am osmele or his agent, I bring a lawsuit against the Jets for not only telling him to play through an injury but also fining him for being injured, layers get injured all the time, asking someone to play who is physically unable to perform, and may cause further injury is just wrong plain and simple. He is an OT fercryinoutloud, his shoulders are extremely important!

  2. re bernard sanders “this guy was never like this in Oakland what happened?”
    It’s not him, its the Jets.
    Hope you recover nicely from your heart condition Bernard

  3. Nope, wrong, incorrect. It comes down to documentation on what the doctors say. First off, they didn’t tell him to do anything it’s just a matter of opinion on how healthy he is. If Osemele doesn’t want to play and feels he can’t then the doctors have to concur so he can get ir’d with his full salary. He cannot simply self diagnose himself physically unfit to play get paid and go home And stuff his face til next year . Of course he can tell the jets to kick rocks bit he isn’t getting paid. The jets want him to honor his contract and feel they have the right to do that with the medical information they have. What will probably happen is that he will get ir’d and then released with an injury agreement like he will get a prorated a salary for the Amon t if games he’s played.

  4. Finally, The Raiders Come Out On Top Of A Deal. Where They Actually GAIN Draft Choices For A Player Who Can’t Play..Maybe They Should Just Do Business With The Jets, From Now On, And Forget About Shipping 3rds, And 5ths, To Pittsburgh, For WRs Who Can’t Or Don’t Want To play……

  5. We are talking about professional athletes that get paid millions to play a game right? I bet every single player has or is playing with something injured it’s just part of the game of football.

  6. Kudos to KO for standing firm. Everyone assumes because a guy is huge, he is impermeable to pain. This is three lineman now, Trent Williams, Cordy Glenn and KO who are not headcases and have their own docs disagreeing with team docs. Osemele is a smart dude with a lot of interests outside football, why should he risk permanent shoulder damage. He tried two heavy duty shots and still had pain. Clearly his play has slipped and the strength is not there to do his job. Joints don’t regain strength or ROM through osmosis.

  7. So they agree he needs surgery but they want him to wait until the offseason. In the meantime they’ll just shoot him full of Toradol and make him play or he gets fined? That sounds really bad.

  8. He all of sudden needs surgery cuz Alex Lewis Wally Pipped him. Hmmmm. He wants to have his surgery now so he can be ready for free agency but also wants to be paid for rest of season. He’s using a pre existing torn labrum as the excuse to do all this. I understand KO is just looking out for his future but he can’t have it both ways and get paid to have surgery and sit out the rest of the season.

  9. What’s keeping him from retiring, getting the surgery, and when feels fit to play, un retiring? Wouldn’t his contract with the Jets still be valid when he un retires? I guess he wants to get paid for the rest of the year and or avoid repaying any bonuses

  10. This is an easy fix. Set up exam with three independent doctors and see what they say. Either the guy is too injured to play or he is not. Get opinions from somebody that does not have a financial incentive of the outcome (not related to team or player).

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