Jets silent amid Kelechi Osemele squabble

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This strange fight between the Jets and offensive lineman Kelechi Osemele continues. One side is talking, and the other isn’t.

Osemele insists he needs shoulder surgery. His agent has backed him up. The Jets, amid threats to discipline if he doesn’t return to practice despite the shoulder surgery, have said nothing.

It’s been killing me,” Osemele told reporters on Friday, via Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News. “I’m just trying to get this [surgery] done. I’ve done everything I can. I’ve been at work every day, waking up at five in the morning, doing all the rehab and the treatments. I’m like the last dude out of here at night. I’m doing everything I can. I’m working with my agent. We’re communicating with the team. There’s just not communication between the team and my doctor and my agent. It’s just been butting heads for whatever reason. Hopefully, it gets resolved soon.”

Agent Andrew Kessler echoed Osemele’s concern in a statement to the Associated Press:  “His symptoms dictate that he needs surgery. For the team to question the integrity of how he has told them he is physically feeling is disappointing to say the least. It is hardly putting a priority on player safety.”

The team, as noted by Mehta, has publicly said nothing.

Kessler separately told Connor Hughes of that Osemele received Toradol shots earlier this year, but that the dosage wasn’t effective to eliminate the pain.

Although Osemele, even if able to play, may have lost his starting job to Alex Lewis, the Jets wants him to be available to play through the balance of the season, and to get surgery in the offseason. Osemele, if he needs surgery either now or later, surely would prefer to get it now, so that he’s healthy once the season ends, the Jets release him, and he hits the open market.

Regardless of the motivations and agendas, it’s impossible for the Jets to get anyone to see it their way, if they are going to say nothing.

21 responses to “Jets silent amid Kelechi Osemele squabble

  1. The Jets have said something and that is that he’s been cleared to play by two doctors and he is still cleared to play it was literally in the article posted about this yesterday and was said by Connor Hughes who is quoted in this article lol. You can’t go through training camp, preseason, open as the starting LG, lose your job to your backup and then throw a hissy fit with a front office that never even traded for you. The Jets shouldn’t be on the hook for this guys salary and his surgery/rehab because he doesn’t “feel” like playing considering they also won’t get a 3rd round comp pick if they don’t pick up the option on his contract. Plus, if the injury was serious he would just retire this is an agent trying to prep him for 2020 FA on the Jets dime.

  2. The player shouldn’t have to shoot up a whole bunch of drugs just to play because the injury is too painful. The player is in the right in this case. They Jets have bigger issues then this situation

  3. @joshhatesthesteelers

    Yeah because the Jets held Osemele down before every game and gave him Toradol this is what makes this dumb. A player consenting to playing even to go as far as use a high level NSAID to play is on the player no one forced him to go out there and they traded for Alex Lewis for a reason.

  4. I’ve taken Toradol shots during raging gout attacks and its calmed them down.

    If Toradol isnt working he probably does need surgery.

  5. This is a very very scummy low rent move by the Jets trying to force him to get surgery at the end of the season instead of right now so they squeeze every ounce of sweat out of the guy on the field that they can. This is the kind of move that keeps free agents away going forward but what more do you expect out of a low rent terribly run franchise like the NYJ…

  6. whynotjustadmitit says:
    Players are starting to take their health more seriously and teams dont like it one bit. Sad.

    Or are an increasing number of players starting to use “injuries” as leverage to get themselves a raise — or traded, or paid without having to actually play — and the owners don’t like it one bit. Sad.
    Kelechi Osemele has been cleared by two doctors. As ryann252013 pointed out, Osemele made it all the way through camp, preseason and into the regular season. Suddenly he’s unable to go, coincidentally right after he loses his starting job.
    Is it possible Osemele is really in so much pain he can’t play? Sure It is, in which case the Jets are wrong.
    Is it also possible Osemele pouting over his benching, and is using the injury as an excuse not to play? If I were a betting man, I’d place my money on the latter. You’re free to place yours bet on whomever you like.

  7. Look, Osemele is trying to clown the system. He obviously doesn’t have a high football motor, and is just maxing out his career pay totals by taking money from the Jets, asking to get a surgery that will take months to recover from so that he then can steal some money from someone else next few seasons while probably sitting out most of those games as well before retiring. The guy knows his position is coveted so why play half assed and look bad with the Jets if he can hide behind another surgery while being paid and keeping the unknown out there to bait another team into paying him again. No heart, but still wants the checks.

  8. why doesn’t the agent say what the problem is and post his MRI’s for all to see, then you could have every MD out there chiming in. Many injuries to the shoulder, SLAP tears, are potentially painful with some motions but generally not putting the players “health in jeopardy” or even his shoulder in many cases. Its really a judgement call. My guess is his MRI is not bad but he is having a lot of symptoms, or he’s magnifying his symptoms a little because he doesn’t want to have a career ender which is what an uninformed second opinion may be telling him. He should just go to see Dr. Andrews and get an honest unbiased opinion from the best. I have no idea who his second opinion is coming from or their motivations. Chad Pennington played with a torn rotator cuff, which shows his dedication, but he also knew that if the problem became more severe he could just have the surgery which he already needed anyway. How is this a low rent move if they put him on active roster and he can’t block , how does that help the team? Jon Gruden, dont trust him.

  9. Just from reading Osemele quote the key words I read was My Doctor. Obviously w/o the Jets talking about this it’s impossible to know but just sounds like there r two different Dr’s prognosis w the Jets Dr’s saying he can not injury his shoulder any worse and this is an injury where he can have offseason surgery and he won’t will be back before camp so he is losing out in nothing by waiting for urgent but of course hed have to get shot up before games and play thru the pain.

    He has his own Dr saying he needs surgery. Jets probably don’t wanna argue if he need surgery or not and it’s more about him being cleared be Hets medical staff and not reporting. They key for me even though everyone is different would be is someone would catalog injuries and how MfL players dealt w them and had %’s and stats on it. How many players had this injury in season. Which % of those in past 10 years played thru injury and finished season and how many had season ending surgery. Someone get on that w tables for all injuries and all comebacks. Thanks

  10. Isn’t it possible that the Jets are legally bound NOT to say anything publicly about an injury unless the player gives permission to release it? HIPPA laws surely apply to the NFL too don’t they? I’ve often wondered about this when teams release their injury reports.

    I’ve been injured on the job and had to fill out all kinds of paperwork about how I was legally protected from my employer receiving and/or releasing my medical information.

  11. As a Fins fan it’s deja vu all over again!

    Adam Gase trying to assert his will over some convoluted principle stirring around in his head alienating key players ending up in them happily fleeing to elsewhere. Leopards don’t change their spots just because they change their scenery!

  12. players who come in as street fa, if they get injured & need surgery, the jets & all other teams have gone ahead with it. so, something is amiss here. he was cleared by two doctors, who said it’s a “pain tolerance issue”. why would they put osemele in danger but not anybody else?

  13. It is a labral tear likely a SLAP lesion. It was on his MRI when he signed. It probably has not changed the MRI. Osemele wants to have surgery ASAP so he can be ready for next season and blame his benching and subpar play on his shoulder. If he waits till end of season, he may not be ready for 2020 , affecting his ability to sign and get a good deal with another team. You can’t bench press with a SLAP. Makes the former GM deal even more bad. Mighty Mike always took injured players who came at a value because of their injury down to their last pick in 2019 draft. CB from Rutgers(Blessaud) who had 2 ACL’s in one knee. Anyone in sports medicine knows that no position is more affected by ACL than a corner. Why? They have to react quickly. Their moves are not predetermined. Bad if not horrible idea for a pick.

  14. In some respects I can understand the Jets’ stance on this. Is the injury as bad as he’s portraying it or is he pulling a Jalen Ramsey? When did he suffer this injury? Was it before he lost his starting job? Was he taking these shots before he lost his starting job?
    The player obviously would like to have the surgery now so he has time to recover before next year’s free agent signing period and if he waits to have the surgery after the season it would likely affect any offers he would get. The Jets would like to have him available for the rest of the year. Also, how long has he been taking these shots and how many other people normally take these shots? If it’s as bad as he’s saying why doesn’t he file a grievance through the NFLPA? Without these answers it’s impossible to render judgment as far as what is really going on here.

    So far we’ve only heard one side of the story and the agent and player will understandably frame the narrative to fit their position. The Jets may be prevented by law from commenting on the player’s medical condition.

    I do think the player’s health should be paramount in this decision. Why not have an independent doctor render an opinion on the severity of his injury? Unfortunately for him, the Jalen Ramsey situation may be why the Jets are doing what they are doing–they do not believe it’s as bad as he’s portraying it.

    (Not defending either party here)

  15. Sure I can play I’m fine… fast forward 2 wks… sorry u just lost your starting job… oh you know what my arm hurts so bad I can’t lift it up over my head I’m checking out now

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