Adam Thielen injured while catching touchdown pass

Getty Images

It’s very good that the Vikings didn’t trade Stefon Diggs.

Fellow starting receiver Adam Thielen was injured on Sunday while making a beautiful, back-of-end-zone, toe-tap touchdown catch. It’s unclear how Thielen was injured, but he slammed into the blue wall that borders the playing field after making the catch.

And, of course, the blue wall is closer to the field than the actual wall, so that the Lions can charge big money for those high-value seats that can be jammed into the venue like cheese into the crust of the pizza.

The Lions are hardly the only ones to do this. In plenty of stadiums, there simply isn’t enough space between the back of the end zone and the wall. And at some point it becomes an unacceptable safety risk.

Officialy, Thielen is questionable to return with a hamstring injury.