Anthony Lynn: You don’t deserve to win if you can’t get one yard

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The Chargers nearly pulled off a big comeback in Tennessee on Sunday, but they fell one yard short.

Replays showed Austin Ekeler and Melvin Gordon were stopped short of touchdowns on plays late in the fourth quarter and a second Gordon attempt to get in the end zone ended when he fumbled the ball. Jurrell Casey recovered the ball in the end zone to sew up a 23-20 Titans win.

“You don’t get one yard, you don’t deserve to win the damn game,” Chargers head coach Anthony Lynn said at his postgame press conference, via Fernando Ramirez of NBC San Diego. “I told the players that one yard could bring us together or tear us apart.”

The Chargers didn’t score any points in the first halves of their two previous games and saw comeback efforts fall seven points short in both cases. They scored in the first half this time, but still found themselves down 10 points in the fourth quarter.

Avoiding those kinds of deficits would be a good start for an effort to turn things around after a 2-5 start.

16 responses to “Anthony Lynn: You don’t deserve to win if you can’t get one yard

  1. WHY did they hand it to butter fingers Gordon twice in a row with the game on the line? The end of this game was a complete head scratcher. I just don’t get the logic in those play calls.

  2. I like Lynn’s comments. He doesn’t sugar-coat ugliness.
    And the LAC coaches didn’t lose this game, today,
    the Titan players won it.
    (p.s. Ekeler was goal line fumbling when Gordon was holding out, so he’s not a safe play, either)

  3. Chargers getting what they deserve. Ekeler has performed well all year. Gordon comes back and the Offensive rhythm has been screwed up. Lynn insists in starting and feeding Gordon. Gordon is not motivated. He stated he doubts he is back next year. So Gordon is out there playing for a paycheck and trying not to get hurt for next season. Trade Gordon right now before trade deadline.

  4. Titans overcame bought and paid for Refs… Chargers should never had been at the goal line in the first place…

  5. Rivers is a free agent next year. Might be a great fit for Tennessee and an opportunity for Rivers to play in front of his fans with a good team. He doesn’t even live in Los Angeles during the season so why stay there? I’d love to see him win a SuperBowl before he retires.

  6. Tom Brady would’ve “snuck” it in without fumbling. Is Rivers too fragile to run a QB sneak?

  7. I know Eckler’s dive for the endzone was a great effort, but had he just tried to bull his way in, he may have scored. Yes Gordon didn’t protect the football, but the Titans D, also knocked it out of his hands both times he ran. They deserve credit.

  8. I like Lynn, but he needs to relieve Whisenhut of his duties and bench Gordon for the rest of the year. Whisenhut’s playcalling has been atrocious and mind boggling. Gordon is a separate story. He held out for more money, believing he was worth $11-13M/yr. Chargers offered $10M but he declined it and chose to sit out. When that didn’t go as planned, he publicly said this would be his last year in with the Chargers and came back after skipping a few weeks. Since he’s arrived, collectively, he’s failed to gain 50 yards total in 4 games now. He had the audacity to say he needs more carries to “get going”, and then he fumbled the ball TWICE on the goal line yesterday on back to back plays, ultimately costing his team the game and a chance at victory. Ekeler has outperformed Gordon in every way possible and continues to do so. Sit him and let him watch.

  9. The Coach has to go. Gordon is a Prima Donna Wannabe. The Training staff is inept due to all the injuries during training. The Chargers need a real Field Goal Kicker and they need to be sold to somebody who loves Football.
    There is my two cents worth.

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