Dolphins coach says Ryan Fitzpatrick earned another start

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Dolphins coach Brian Flores told reporters after the game that quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick earned another start.

Which, if we allow history to be our guide, means Josh Rosen may well start next week against the Steelers.

Via Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald, Flores said after Sunday’s loss to the Bills that Fitzpatrick had earned a chance to start next week.

It’s worth noting that it was a week ago Flores said Rosen was his starter for the rest of the season, only to reverse course and start Fitzpatrick against the Bills.

The veteran quarterback was OK against his old team, throwing for 282 yards, with an interception and a touchdown. It’s a strange strategy for a team with no immediate future, but Rosen hasn’t given them much reason to stick with him either.

In a normal scenario, it’s hard to argue that Fitzpatrick isn’t the one who gives them a better chance to win a particular game. But that might not be the point for the Dolphins, either.

Stay tuned, in case Flores changes his mind again.

26 responses to “Dolphins coach says Ryan Fitzpatrick earned another start

  1. What a complete joke the phins are. They should just be kicked out the league terrible team with garbage owners and fans

  2. @jets2469
    A Jets fan calling Dolphins fans garbage. Look in the mirror as you say that.
    However, as a Dolphins fan I can’t argue that our team isn’t garbage.

  3. It was a 3 point game until the end? Didn’t you only beat buffalo by 6? Whatever ty law. Did your team lose to the dolphins last year.
    Throughout history, the pats are just an average team without accidentally grabbing the best qb ever. But whatever. You’re a loser that posts on every other teams post because you’re so wrapped Up in football that you need constant approval for how good they are. Clearly you’re a fragile soul

  4. Fitzy looked good today, kept the Fins in the game until late. If their goal is to win then he earned the starting spot next week easily

  5. Fitzy will start until he gets hurt or we play the Bungles, whichever comes first. Not hard to see the plan. Coach will start Rosen for the winnable games vs Skins and Bungles. The rest he can start Fitz and rely on our defense to bail us out of any chance at a win.

  6. jets2469 says:
    October 20, 2019 at 4:49 pm
    What a complete joke the phins are. They should just be kicked out the league terrible team with garbage owners and fans

    That’s rich coming from a Jets fan.

  7. Jets have accomplished a lot more than the dolphins and everything’s looking good for the jets with Sam darnold. Not really comparable the dolphins are a joke and the fake fans in Miami are a joke as well

  8. But wait, how is Josh going to make all those teams “pay” now for passing on him in the draft?

  9. You phins fans are so butt hurt about Gase it’s crazy. Look who he had at quarterback during his time their and look who he has had when darnold got hurt. Darnold is a superstar and will make Gase and ur terrible team regret letting him walk. The jets haven’t done much in the first to admit that but with that being said we have been the better team than you. And tylaw is still a loser

  10. Flores should be fired. This is the team he assembled and they are terrible. What a disgrace. It will take years to turn them back into an average team.

  11. As a long-time Pats fan, this year is the worst. Every AFC East game has felt like a glorified practice. The Bills aren’t really that good. They could be, and I hope Josh can start to scare teams with his throwing – but he’s not there yet. The Jets are a joke – they do the same thing every year. They get talent at the skill positions, and no blocking to help them at all. Bell is a waste without blocking. Donald is going to continue to “show flashes” because he’s going to be getting killed the rest of the time. He will get hurt again, before the Jets have a decent line to block. If the Dolphins are tanking, then why are the messing around with 2 QB’s? The Dolphins have pretty much made Josh Rosen a journeyman at this point. Another promising QB ruined by terrible teams. Thanks for screwing yourselves again AFC EAST – The Pats!

  12. As a long time pat fan just stop talking. You barely beat the bills and probably would have lost if Allen didn’t get knocked out by ur corner. And the game against the jets you played luke Faulk so congrats for that win. Can’t wait to shut up all you pats fans tomm when the jets knock you off ur golden stool. Let’s see how New England does against teams other than the redskins dolphins giants Steelers jets with Faulk bills with no Allen in 4th. Ur offense is garbage and ur def has done well against crap. It’s a long season pal

  13. Dolphins get their first win next week against the worst team in the NFL.

  14. jets2469 says:
    October 20, 2019 at 4:49 pm
    What a complete joke the phins are. They should just be kicked out the league terrible team with garbage owners and fans
    Nah. In 2 weeks we play a team that is even worse. I do not even want to mention their game but they are coming to Miami for their annual choke.
    And nothing makes me happier than seeing their crying fans leave the stadium in the middle of the 4th quarter

  15. Man, it’s as if jets2469 knows absolutely nothing about football. Almost everything he said from Darnold being a superstar to exposing the Pats has blown up in one half of football. I guess we will see if the Dolphins can find a QB to beat the Pats.

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