Drew Brees planning to practice this week

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The Saints moved to 6-1 with Sunday’s 36-25 win in Chicago and they have gotten the last five of those wins without quarterback Drew Brees in the lineup.

That record is a testament to how well Bridgewater has done in Brees’s absence. That absence appears to be nearing its end, however.

Brees’s recovery from a right thumb injury progressed to working with a regulation-sized football this week and he told Mike Triplett of ESPN.com that he plans to practice this week. He added that he hopes to be able to play against the Cardinals next weekend, but “we’ll see” if that’s in the cards.

Given how smoothly things have been running with Bridgewater piloting the offense, the Saints won’t feel a need to rush Brees back if there’s any doubt he’s ready. Having a bye in Week Nine could also factor into the decision about who will be at quarterback against Arizona, but No. 9’s return to action isn’t far off under any circumstances.

32 responses to “Drew Brees planning to practice this week

  1. Brees is starting to feel a little pressure with bridgewater doing so well. How do you take him out the lineup if he’s won 10 straight games by the time Brees is fully healed?

  2. Bridgewater has made himself a lot of money for next year, but you cant leave a HOF QB like Brees on the bench.

  3. It’s about time.
    Been sitting around milking this thumb thing long enough.
    Enough with the drama already.
    Hard to say who’s worse with the drama, Drew or Big Ben.

  4. Teddy has made his way money wise and maybe next year if Drew decides to call it an end but until then no question you put Brees back in- remember the Houston game? I love Teddy but he can’t do that!

  5. Bridgewater was average in two games, looked really bad in one game, and looked good in two others. Even today he missed several wide open WRs, while overall having a good game. He is no threat to Drew Brees, and it’s laughable that’s even being pondered.

  6. Bridgewater 9TDS 2 ints 5 wins 0 losses. Drew Brees in his last 8 games 9 TDS 7 ints. No rush to bring Brees back

  7. Congratulations to teddy. Played well enough to secure a starting spot behind Brees for the foreseeable future. Could possible find himself as a starter for a team in need. Love to see a comeback like that. Wish him nothing but the best.

  8. Teddy has done an admirable job the last few weeks. The Defense has played mostly lights out football. Drew Brees is LIGHT YEARS better than Teddy Bridgewater, it’s not even close.

  9. I don’t see the point in rushing Drew back with a bye week coming. AZ is a winnable game. Why rush? Give Drew an extra 2 weeks of healing time, so he is 100% for the playoffs. he rushes back now, he’s 90% and never gets a chance to fully heal. Wait until the bye and let Drew Brees unleash hell after that!

  10. Also anyone who is in to the X’s and O’s what Payton is doing right now with plays is other worldly. He lost his QB and the way he is making due and the plays he is drawing up are unbelievable. Coaches don’t get credit usually ever but he needs some here.

  11. That record is a testament to how well Bridgewater has done in Brees’s absence.


    No, no it really isn’t. It is a testament to how complete the Saints roster is that they have carried a career backup caliber QB to 5-0.

  12. The reflection of their wins has little to do with Bridgewater. He put up average rates in completions, yards, etc. The recognition should go to the Defense. They shutdown Seattle in Seattle except giving up garbage time production. They shut down the Cowboys flat out. . Football isn’t like baseball where the pitcher has a win-loss record. Football is a little more complicated and all players have a role. Teddy had one good game but often he looked like a dear in headlights focusing on one player. He did not go through the receiver cycle to find an open receiver. His accuracy was not particularly good as he overthrew or under threw open receivers. Michael Thomas made him look good. Murray did well at filling Kamara’s shoes in the last 2 games. In summary, he played like a sub-par QB. I can’t pick out one thing he did exceptional.

  13. People are awfully quick to shower praise on Bridgewater but he’s not a Pro Bowl quarterback, he is a backup quarterback and game manager who has done a good job limiting mistakes and letting the defense and special teams win games for them.

    If the support cast maintain their high level of play and Brees play like a Pro Bowler, they’re the team to beat in the NFC.

  14. Having two good QBs is any coaches dream scenario. When one of them is coming off an injury (and likely headed of into the HOF sunset), it becomes a much tougher issue.

    It’s Drew Brees people he will be the #1 when he is ready of course. The man is a legend in New Orleans.

    This is the first stretch that we have seen coach Payton without Drew. At least if/when he retires after this season, The Saints seem to be in good hands with Sean Payton.

  15. whybotherifeverythinggetscensored says:
    October 21, 2019 at 5:34 am
    If he does not have a non-trade clause, they should deal him for two or three number one picks considering he only has limited time left in his career.
    Deal WHO? Teddy or Drew? If you meant Teddy, yeah, he may try to turn his success this year into a starting job somewhere else, and I would be grateful and happy for him if he did. He’s earned that right. If you meant Drew Brees however, you are certifiably INSANE. Drew Brees is a LEGEND and the only QB still in the league comparable to Tom Brady, and who is still playing at 41 like he is only 28. You don’t trade away the face of your franchise and the best player who ever played for your team while he can still play at a high level….even if he’s into his 40’s. That’s CRAZY talk.

  16. Wally Pipp said “a player should not lose their starting job because of injury!”

  17. Brees4President says:
    October 21, 2019 at 9:34 am

    Drew Brees is a LEGEND and the only QB still in the league comparable to Tom Brady
    Please- Brees isn’t even remotely in the same conversation as Tom Brady.
    Rodgers, Mahomes and Russel Wilson are twice the QB Brees is.

  18. This is a good problem for us to have. On 1 hand you a HOF QB mentoring his replacement. And on the other hand you have QB who was basically written off just like his mentor. No one expected us to be where we are when Brees got hurt. Personally i say shut Drew down until needed. Teams dont lnow who to prepare for.

  19. Please- Brees isn’t even remotely in the same conversation as Tom Brady.
    Rodgers, Mahomes and Russel Wilson are twice the QB Brees is.
    Translation: I wish my team had future first ballot HOFer Drew Brees

  20. You do look at statistics dont you? How can you even compare him to anyone other than Brady. As for Bridgewater please dont put him back in if Brees is ready to go. He has got lucky so far and cannnot carry the team if the rest of them have a bad game

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