Jaguars force four turnovers, keep Bengals winless


The Jaguars defense didn’t miss cornerback Jalen Ramsey in Cincinnati on Sunday afternoon.

They forced four turnovers and limited the Bengals to 291 yards during a 27-17 win. The victory ends a two-game losing streak with a game against the Jets on tap next weekend.

Three of those turnovers were Andy Dalton interceptions on successive drives in the fourth quarter after the Jaguars had taken a 17-10 lead on their first touchdown since Week Five. Yannick Ngakoue returned the second of those picks for a touchdown and safety Ronnie Harrison picked up the next interception on Dalton’s next pass.  Harrison also recovered a fumble forced by cornerback DJ Hayden early in the second half.

All of that work by the defense helped keep the Jaguars in the game while the offense was falling short of the end zone. Their first four trips to the red zone ended with three Josh Lambo field goals and Leonard Fournette getting stuffed on the goalline on a fourth down.

Gardner Minshew wasn’t particularly efficient while going 15-of-32, but didn’t turn the ball over put up 255 yards that included a big play to Chris Conley to set up their lone offensive score of the game. Leonard Fournette helped the cause with 131 yards on 29 carries and

The Bengals led at halftime after a late touchdown drive and got a field goal on a third quarter drive that saw linebacker Myles Jack help their cause with an unnecessary roughness penalty, but were otherwise shut out until a Dalton sneak during garbage time made the final score look a little better. The defense did a good job of bending without breaking for the first three quarters, but the formula was not a sustainable one.

They’ll take another shot at coming up with one that leads to head coach Zac Taylor’s first win when they face the Rams in London next Sunday.

16 responses to “Jaguars force four turnovers, keep Bengals winless

  1. All you brilliant people out there who think that Tua can turn this mess around, there is NO HOPE of that until they get an offensive line. Jonah WILL NOT be nearly enough. When Joe Mixon has to make his first and often his second cut just to get back to the line of scrimmage, he has no shot at gaining yardage on any consistent basis. Boy Wonder’s offense has NO CHANCE with this group. I miss Marvin!

  2. The Bengals are a lost cause that’s all that needs to be said. Miami is at least sucking on purpose and has a plan at least stockpiling picks. The Bengals have no plan they’re just bad.

  3. Gardner Minshew wasn’t particularly efficient while going 15-of-32,


    And yet… He yet again played circles around the anointed one Kyler Murray.

  4. venomraider says:
    October 20, 2019 at 4:56 pm
    Gardner Minshew wasn’t particularly efficient while going 15-of-32,


    And yet… He yet again played circles around the anointed one Kyler Murray.

    Minshew 63.9 9 TD 2 int 125 rushing yds 0 TD 6.0 avg 3-4 W/L
    Murray 64.3 7 TD 4 int 238 rushing yds 2 TD 6.1 avg 3-3-1 W/L

    That’s playing circles around Murray???? LMAO

  5. This was a three year rebuild from the onset. Marvin left this team barren of talent in the Offensive line and Linebacker corps.
    Seeing as those are the engines of you offense and defense this was never going to be a quick turn around.

    Now that Marvin is gone, we can at least expect something other than a CB drafted in the first AGAIN.

  6. Marvin didn’t draft, he just found undrafted free agents like Burfict, Hewitt, Erickson etc. Dalton is Dalton, he’s as good as he’s going to be. I’m a fan from day one and remember the 90’s. Time to blow it up. Clean out the totally inept coaching staff, trade Geno, let Dalton and AJ walk (a mercy to AJ), use what you save to start rebuilding. Fire Tobin, who hasn’t drafted a winner, maybe ever.

  7. The Bengals will be junk as long as a Brown owns the team. Ownership is not in it for the fans. They just want to line their pockets at the fans expense. I hate being a Bengals fan. Yet another wasted season and counting.

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