Lamar Jackson earns his fourth “double triple”

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The triple-double is one of the most talked-about stats in basketball, but football has its own version, the double-triple. And Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson appears well on his way to having more double-triples than any player in NFL history.

A double-triple comes when a player has at least 100 yards in two different statistical categories in the same game. Jackson did that today, with 143 passing yards and 116 rushing yards in a win over the Seahawks. And he’s now done it four times in his career.

That’s an incredible accomplishment for a player in his second NFL season. The double-triple is far less common than the triple-double, and Jackson is already tied for second most double-triples in NFL history. Only Michael Vick, who did it eight times, has more.

Jackson is one of five players tied for second place in NFL history with four career double-triples. Here’s the list of the players with the most double-triples in their careers:

8-Michael Vick
4-Lamar Jackson
4-Russell Wilson
4-Walter Payton
4-Dante Hall
4-Gary Ballman

Vick’s presence at the top of the list should surprise no one. Vick was the prototypical run-pass threat a generation ago, and Jackson is the first quarterback to come along since Vick who could equal his pure speed with the ball in his hands.

Wilson, who squared off with Jackson today, also has four career double-triples, but he may never have another one. Wilson hasn’t had a 100-yard rushing game since 2014, and although he’s still good at making plays with his legs, he has become more a passer and less a runner as he’s gotten older.

Payton’s presence on the list is no surprise. He’s one of just three running backs to have two different games with 100 yards both running and receiving, and he also twice had 100 yards both running and returning kickoffs.

Hall had two games with 100 yards both receiving and returning kickoffs, and another two games with 100 yards both returning punts and returning kickoffs.

Ballman is now largely forgotten, but he was a good playmaker for the 1960s Steelers and on four occasions he had 100 receiving yards and 100 kickoff return yards in the same game.

A double-triple is a special accomplishment, one that rarely happens in the NFL. Jackson may make it not so rare.

19 responses to “Lamar Jackson earns his fourth “double triple”

  1. It is meaningless when you are supposedly a QB. Of course, if you regularly put up 100+ rushing yards regularly? You are a RB, NOT a QB.

  2. So just to be clear, Walter Payton is among the double triples dudes because he caught passes for over a 100 yards? Or another way of putting it is the passing thing can either be chucking or catching? Sounds kinda gimmicky. But whatever.

  3. Good thing he’s got those legs because 9-20 passing isn’t gonna cut it in this league.

  4. Lamar may be the most electrifying NFL player since Barry Sanders. Regardless of who you root for, Lamar is entertaining to watch. My wife even asked if the broadcast was speeded up to make him look faster. He’s special and I like his passion. 🔥

  5. At halftime the haters were out in full force. Completely silent in this article. As I’ve said all year, if Lamar continues to improve his passing, he’s going to be a nightmare to defend if he stays healthy. So far so good as far as staying healthy goes. He’s only been squared up on a handful of times all year. He has yet to take a big hit as he gets down and out of bounds before he’s hit. He doesn’t take big hits in the pocket because defenders have to rush him cautiously. It’s near impossible to gameplan for him. He has the awareness, quickness, and vision of a RB, the speed of a fast WR, and he’s decent enough as a passer where you have to respect that as well. Hard to simulate that in practice. You can take a WR and put him at QB in practice, the problem with that is they can’t throw a 50 yard strike down the field on the run like Lamar can.

  6. How many times have we seen this? Vick, RG3, Young, Tebow, etc… This never ends well for these “QBs.” Injuries and film quickly negate these guys.

  7. Wow listen to all the medical experts and psychics who can tell the future. You guys keep staring into your crystal balls, I’ll keep on enjoying the show and watching those Raven wins pile up! Go Ravens!

  8. funny watching the Bills games all I heard was Allen can’t keep running, you flip to the Ravens game and it coverage and Jackson is the 2nd coming. So which is it, or is there a double standard? Some QB;s can and should run while others need to stop running.

  9. Baltimore needs a real QB. LameMar is a running back and defenses need to stop the run and force the clown to beat him through the air. Unfortunately for Baltimore, the playoffs have teams with winning records and LameMar has an issue playing against those teams.

  10. It’s amazing how simple minded some people are about Jackson. So if he drops back to pass and his receivers are covered, and the pocket begins to collapse, is he supposed to just fall down and take a sack or run for 10 to 30 yards? He’s proven this season that he can do whatever is necessary to win the game. He’s only played 14 games in the NFL but already proven he can throw and run if needed. If he continues to improve at the rate he has he’ll be one of the best for years. Here’s another fun fact, immobile pocket passers get hurt a lot. I’d prefer a QB with the ability to avoid hits and get out of trouble when needed.

  11. Anyone here cracking on Lamar remember Roger Staubach – or his nickname, Roger the Dodger? What about Fran Tarkenton? They were pretty decent long-time QBs who scrambled a LOT.

  12. Sadly, this author is WAY off base.
    There are lies, damned lies, and statistics.

    Danny White has 53 double triples in passing and punting. 6th in the stat is Norm Van Brocklyn, with 10.

    Perhaps the most dubious triple is sacked yards. Archie Manning is the only player, once.

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