Lamar Jackson, Ravens defense shock the Seahawks

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There were other Ravens besides Lamar Jackson playing well.

But none of them were playing so dramatically.

The Ravens second-year quarterback led his team to a 30-16 win at Seattle, doing it running and passing while his defense put a pair of touchdowns on the board.

Jackson finished with 116 rushing yards, and another 143 yards on 9-of-20 passing. And the passing numbers would have been much better if not for some egregious drops.

Even when he wasn’t making highlight-reel runs, he was doing all the right things. He put the Ravens up two possessions in the fourth quarter by leading a nine-minute drive. The fact they had to settle for a field goal was almost inconsequential, as it kept the ball out of Russell Wilson‘s hands for so long.

Coupled with a defense that made big plays throughout the day, the Ravens were impressive in moving to 5-2.

New cornerback Marcus Peters had an interception return for a touchdown, and cornerback Marlon Humphrey returned a fumble for a touchdown late, as they kept the Seahawks off balance throughout the day. (They also did it with outside linebacker Pernell McPhee missing much of the game with an arm injury).

The loss stopped a three-game winning streak for the Seahawks (5-2).

Wilson’s interception to Peters was his first of the season, and D.K. Metcalf‘s fumble that Humphrey scooped up was all the margin the Ravens needed with Jackson playing this way. Wilson was 20-of-41 for 241 yards with the pick-six and a touchdown, a rare off day for a guy who had been playing at an MVP level himself.

49 responses to “Lamar Jackson, Ravens defense shock the Seahawks

  1. Everyone a hater last week when I said Ocean Chickens in big trouble against big-line smashmouth teams. Was thinking someone like Colts then, but Cravens proved my point. Bruno Mars can’t scamper fast enough behind Ocean-C’s “line,”” they actually need someone fast as Lamar Jackson (lol).

    Ocean Chickens have another couple creampuff wins teed up next two weeks, then it looks like 11/11 against 9’ers going to be a dark day in Chicken-lore.

    Not even a Cravens fan but man on days Chickens get served extra crispy its a good day. Thanks Cravens.

  2. Ravens figured out a formula that Hawks couldn’t stop – run the ball on first down, run the ball on 2nd down, and then let Lamar run or scramble on 3rd and whatever was left. He’s an incredibly talented and slippery runner.

    frustrating game for hawks offense. the pick-6 (and to a lesser extent the missed FG) changed everything.

  3. My gosh Seattle is in trouble. So many free agents on the Dline, Wright gonna be gone after this season, Wagner not exactly playing like an All Pro this year, Metcalf being asked to do too much with his bad catch rate. Pete Carroll challenging an obvious losing proposition in the 1st half. Our coach is too outdated and the style isn’t matching his team.

  4. I don’t think anyone’s really shocked. Seattle needs a quarterback who can run an offense, not a quarterback who can only shine when the play breaks down. It’s not sustainable.

  5. Watched this game today, been watching Ravens alot this year. It’s only a matter of time before Jackson has a knee taken out. Designed runs are not smart with your future franchise player. Dude is an amazing athlete but he’s got chicken legs. Not wishing ill to him,but it’s really only matter of time. He’s your QB,not your rb. History proves it will happen, just a matter of time.

  6. That’s twice now the Seahawks have gotten spanked at home and now the Niners have a firm grip on the division. I was just telling a few co workers the other day about how RWIII is carrying the hawks and it looks like I was right. His first bad game and they totally lay an egg. I hope them and the Rams have fun fighting for a wildcard spot cause the division belongs to the Niners now. Hahaha!

  7. Sean Payton and John Harbaugh came in here and punked Petey. He better become flexible and willing to change his Joe Paterno style or just step down in 2020. The Seahawks need so scheming and unconventional coaching instead of grandpa listening to the crowd and looking for his challenge flag.

  8. I Saw a Ravens team that looks to be on the way to a good AFC Championship game VS the Pats….

    I Saw a Seahawks team on its way to squeaking into a Wildcard berth. and getting knocked out in the first game, per the usual.

    2 home losses already. Dynasty 2.0? Nah.

  9. Only people shocked are those not paying attention. Seattle is a 9-7 or 10-6 team, and it’s no surprise the Ravens defeated them today. Seattle’s defense is average and their offensive line is a joke. Get them into passing situations and they are mediocre against any above-average defense. So, why would anyone be surprised by today’s outcome? Only those not paying attention.

  10. Lol. So many people hating on lamar Jackson. I use to hate on him, saying he was a gimmick wildcat rb pretending to be a qb, that was last year. This year, lamar Jackson has stepped up his game bigtime. He’s the real deal. He’s a great passer and he’s blazing fast, outrunning everyone on the field. If his recievers stop dropping passes, he’ll be unstoppable and the defense is really good. They just been giving up big plays in other games, but the talent is there and they can be really good, they just shutdown the “mvp”. This is the team that can go to new England and beat the Patriots in the playoffs. Great run game, great defense and unstoppable qb that can run and pass. In a snow game where you can’t pass the ball over ten yards, lamar Jackson and the ravens run game and their defense will be the team to beat a an old and slow 43 year old brady and the Patriots.

  11. The result was not shocking at all because
    1. Wilson does not play well when it is raining. Some of his worset games in Putrid Sound Stadium were played in the rain.
    2. His “MVP” stats were compiled against several weak teams such as Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, and Arizona.
    3. Seattle was lucky to have won against the La La Lambs. Today their luck ran out.

  12. I hope the Niners and Pats play in the SB. I’m sure Belichick wont be able to figure out Grap since the Pats haven’t played against him before.

  13. Going forward the Lamar Jackson is a QB or not should cease with immediate effect. He is a generational talent like Brady. Not saying he will win like him or end up with rings. Just on the generational talent perspective he is one in a million.

  14. Lamar needs special defense designed to stop him. If you don’t put a faster guy (borrow from your WR position group?) as robber on him every obvious passing down you are screwed. He’s shiftier and quicker than every DB that I can think of currently playing. So you better create special defense or its over. Either that or possess the ball 2:1 over their offense and score every possession. Playoff ball will be interesting in the New England winter. Does his style work in below freezing temps

  15. Wow great Ravens win!

    Credit to Pete Carroll for being able to chew gum with his mouth open in the rain for 4 straight hours!

  16. QB passing numbers are not footnoted by drops. Every PRO NFL QB has games where people drop the ball. The problem with LameMar is that he has no history of beating good teams on a consistent basis as a QB by throwing. Sure, he can run, and as a running back that is what he does consistently. But as a passer he is woefully inadequate even when his receivers catch the few passes he manages to throw.

    Limit these frauds to six runs per game for positive yardage and then punt them from the rest of the game. The useful life of these frauds will be meaningless when their gimmick is no longer available. And we’ll finally have truth in positions and that a QB is not a part time passer, but a full time one with a run or two when needed.

  17. curmudgeon13 said:

    So, Lamar Jackson is the MVP of the league this week, right?


    I’m a Ravens fan, and as much as I love what Lamar is doing his performance didn’t hold a candle to what Aaron Rodgers did today.

  18. I fully acknowledge that he’s an unbelievable runner – but i’m still curmudgeonly enough to think that no QB can run that much forever. you will eventually get banged up – it’s just the way it goes, time and time again. so, he’ll adjust his game, or won’t have 10-year career.

    right now though – stopping him on 3rd down is about as tough as any task in the league.

  19. Don’t know why people are dumping on Seattle, they are a good team and will win a lot more than they lose, just not perfect and not quite as good as Ravens today. Must be one game recency bias. They play in a very tough division so whether or not they win it, they will be a challenge to their playoff opponent.

    Ravens are gradually addressing their weaknesses and getting stronger, which is what good teams and organizations do, whether or not they beat NE in two weeks. First third of the season does not usually dictate playoff strength.

  20. Seahawks missed multiple opportunities in the 1st half to have atleast a 10 point halftime lead with the ball to start the 3rd quarter. That’s where the game was lost. What is up with their kicking game anyways….Dickson has been brutal compared to last season and Meyers keeps leaking kicks right.
    Baltimore and their Barry Sanders QB that they run with abandon just overwhelmed the Seahawks from the opening 3rd quarter punt on. Seattle is lucky to be 5-2 and frankly I have no idea what to expect from here out. They need to make atleast 2 trades for a TE and a decent receiver because expecting an unpolished rookie DK Metcalf to be their do all on the edge isn’t working out so well. Wilson is going to get walloped in the wildcard round without pass catching help.

  21. Credit to Pete Carroll for being able to chew gum with his mouth open in the rain for 4 straight hours!
    I can’t imagine standing near Carroll during the game and hearing that mouth flopping.

  22. A game like that builds legitimacy. The Ravens defense looks great. Jackson is making plays. Teams won’t want to play the Ravena from here on out.

  23. “Don’t know why people are dumping on Seattle, they are a good team and will win a lot more than they lose, just not perfect and not quite as good as Ravens today. Must be one game recency bias.”

    Lot of Niners fans kind of make a second home in the comments section of the Hawks articles.

    It’s OK, they do get to crow a little bit at 6-0, even though they didn’t exactly light it up today either. We’ll see them in November . .

  24. Congratulations to Ravens.

    Significant Credit really should go to both the Ravens’ offensive/defensive lines. They really controlled the game and dictated the action.

    Poor decision by Russ on the pick 6, & losing the turnover battle also served up the recipe for huge loss at home.

    Lamar played very well as a run threat and I hope he can last a few years doing what he does.

  25. Being petite has its disadvantageous when it is raining. The football becomes slippery, and if a quarterback does not have big hands, he will have more trouble gripping the ball and throwing it accurately. That may be why Petite Russell Wilson plays poorly in the rain. He barely completed half of his passes, compared to around 70% in the previous 6 games.

  26. I loved it when Matt Hasselbeck said “we want the ball and we’re gonna score” into the referee’s mike at the beginning of OT vs. the Packers then threw the losing pick 6. Did you all see his pathetic attempt to tackle the DB? That was funny.

  27. miabuttreeks says:
    October 21, 2019 at 2:07 am
    Same team that almost lost to Baker Mayfield. Things are unravelling fast in Putrid Sound (lol). Official nickname from here on in.
    The Same Baker that blew out the Ravens a couple weeks ago.
    This league is week to week for every team not named NE.
    Cowboys and Rams just blew out Eagles and Falcons after 3 game losing streaks.

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