Pat Shurmur makes another curious fourth-down decision


Last week, Giants coach Pat Shurmur made a head-scracthing fourth-down decision in the fourth quarter from his own 33. This week, he made another one from the same spot on the field.

Down only three points with 2:35 to play and two timeouts remaining, Shurmur opted to go for it on fourth and 15 in lieu of punting the ball. It didn’t go well; quarterback Daniel Jones was sacked, he lost the ball, and the Cardinals recovered.

Three plays later, the Cardinals kicked a field goal that made the score 27-21. The Giants fielded the ensuing kickoff in the end zone, returned it to their own 12, gained 11 on the first play from scrimmage, and then ended up going 19 yards the other way before losing the ball on downs.

Against the Patriots, Shurmur received intense criticism in some circles for choosing to punt from his own 33 on fourth and two with 7:08 to play and down 14 points.

Shurmur also wasted a first-half timeout by challenging a ruling on the field of defensive pass interference, even though a call like that is only going to be overturned if the visual evidence shows that there was no contact whatsoever between defender and receiver. It was the second straight week he wasted a timeout on pass interference replay review; those calls and non-calls simply won’t be overturned.

With the Giants now 2-5 and entering a tough stretch of games, the scrutiny that previously enveloped guys like Eli Manning, Dave Gettleman, and John Mara could soon be hovering directly over Shurmur.

9 responses to “Pat Shurmur makes another curious fourth-down decision

  1. Shurmur must be a genius. How else can you explain it? He thinks on a level so far elevated above the rest of us it looks like he’s an idiot. But he’s not or else he’d be fired, right?

  2. Not a personal attack. But the guy is just an awful head coach. Cronyism got him hired. Good players got him rehired. No shame in it. Just move on to a coordinator gig somewhere again and let the giants ATTEMPT to rebuild

  3. The play before the 4th & 15 was the more egregious call by Shurmer. It was 3rd & 18, Shurmer called a draw… Third forever with zero timeouts, under three minutes left, he calls A DRAW!

  4. Doesn’t matter if he wins or loses. Giants aren’t going anywhere anyways. That’s not a knock on the Giants, just reality. Go for the gusto!

  5. Shurmur is one of those guys who just cannot be a head coach. This is his second time and he’s making the same questionable decisions. Fire him and his staff, especially the DC, who runs a horrible defense. And what kind of a team doesn’t have any defensive ends? And who is the damn qb coach? Please teach Jones how to protect the damn ball. As for the offensive line… It sucks. 8 sacks? The season was over at week 1. I’m a fan, I admit it. But come on… Another ridiculous, embarrassing game. Get a real left tackle next year because as for the last 5 years, Solder the overrated, overpaid isn’t the answer. And why doesn’t Shula ever put a damn TE on the left side? I’m looking forward to the house getting cleaned – perhaps even Gettlemen.

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