Stephen Jones says Cowboys won’t fire Jason Garrett during the season

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It’s entirely possible if not likely that the Cowboys won’t fire coach Jason Garrett during the season. But claims from ownership that Garrett won’t be fired during the season are hardly the best evidence of it.

Stephen Jones recently told NFL Network that Garrett won’t be fired during the season.

We’re not into those,” Stephen Jones said. “We’ve done one, but not a fan of them.”

The one they did came nine years ago, when Wade Phillips was fired and Jason Garrett got the job. And it happened only a couple of weeks after Jerry Jones vowed not to do it.

“I would never consider doing that during the season,” Jerry Jones said on October 17, 2010.

“We think Jason’s doing a great job with our team,” Stephen Jones said, as to their current coaching situation. “We’ve hit a few bumps here, but we’re very confident Jason can do a great job with the team this year.”

Whether Garrett is or isn’t in danger during the season, he remains in the last year of his contract. And if the Cowboys don’t turn things around, it very well could be his last year in Dallas.