Two Eagles fumbles, two Cowboys touchdowns and it’s 14-0 early


Eagles coach Doug Pederson wanted to address the slow starts by the Eagles by taking ball if he won toss.

For only the second time in 33 wins of the coin toss under Pederson, the Eagles elected to receive the kickoff to start the game, according to Rob Maaddi of the Associated Press.

It appeared to be working.

The Eagles were moving the ball against the Cowboys until, on the fifth play from scrimmage, Dallas Goedert fumbled. Jaylon Smith forced it and Maliek Collins recovered it at the Philadelphia 45.

Six plays later, the Cowboys were in the end zone.

Receiver Tavon Austin ran the last 20 yards to the end zone, turning former Cowboys cornerback Orlando Scandrick inside out at the 12-yard line.

It gave Dallas a 7-0 lead with 10:08 remaining in the first quarter.

The Eagles lost another fumble on their second series, with DeMarcus Lawrence getting the strip-sack of Carson Wentz. Antwaun Woods recovered.

Two Ezekiel Elliott runs later, the Cowboys were in the end zone. He went 13 yards on the first run and 1 yard on the touchdown run.

Dallas leads 14-0 with 8:56 remaining in the first quarter.

10 responses to “Two Eagles fumbles, two Cowboys touchdowns and it’s 14-0 early

  1. Just when you want to believe that the Philthydelphia Football Team could show up and play a competent game with Carson Yutz as QB, they show why they’ll be sitting home during the playoffs contemplating why DeeShawn Jackson Five was acquired in the first place. Even I could see that he lost a step in his last two years in Washington and he was as durable as a house made of toilet paper.

    And with Jerome Boogers as the Ref, they Philthy team has no hope.

  2. Doug Pederson usually defers when he wins the coin toss but said he hoped to get an extra possession in the first half. I don’t think he intended for it to be another possession in which his players could fumble the ball away. Eagles are done. Their defense can’t stop Betty White and when your offense turns the ball over on every possession it’s going to be hard to win.

  3. Still early so they have time to recover. But they dug themselves a hole, ain’t no denying that.

  4. I thought Jerome Boogers was being financed by the Dallas Head Clown, Jerruh Jones. Will Jerome risk that paycheck by calling penalties against the glitter queens? Maybe that Philthy owner upped Jerome’s payday. After all, this is a desperate time for the NFC – the loser of this game is going to be dismantled and given to the Washington franchise to end all their hope.

  5. JJ already vastly overpaid Elliot, who makes more news for his off-field behavior than his performance on it. He’ll overpay Dak too. He’s a middle of the pack QB. He doesn’t make those around him better, rather those around him make HIM better. JJ will panic and pay Cooper like a #1. Switzer won with Jimmy Johnson’s team. Dallas is toast!

  6. The eagles are absolute trash. I hope Dallas runs up the score into the hundreds just to rub it in their pathetic faces. I want people fired over this. Pathetic miserable franchise.

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