Andy Reid won’t put a timeline on Patrick Mahomes

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Every report on quarterback Patrick Mahomes‘ knee injury has suggested he’ll miss at least three weeks.

But Chiefs coach Andy Reid remains a football coach, so he’s sticking to one week at a time.

‘It would be a stretch for him to get there,” Reid said of this week’s game against the Packers, via Adam Teicher of

“I don’t think you put a timeline on this,” Reid said. “You go off how he feels and what the doctors say.”

The Chiefs are one of the rare teams to put their head athletic trainer in front of microphones, and Rick Burkholder said Monday the signs were largely positive.

Burkholder said Mahomes’ MRI turned out “as good as we could imagine.”

“He’s progressing nicely,” Burkholder said.

Regardless the long-term prognosis, Matt Moore‘s still in line to start Sunday against Green Bay.

16 responses to “Andy Reid won’t put a timeline on Patrick Mahomes

  1. Why not just force him to sit the three weeks get 100% fully healed in his knee and his ankle injury. Protect him against himself and don’t let him rush himself back w a nice division lead.

  2. Will be interesting to see how KC does without Mahomes against GB who is a true contender and a hot Vikes team the next week. 1-1 or 2-0 and there’s no need to rush Mahomes back. 0-2 and the bye starts to slip away.

  3. Really no rush with the rest of the AFC West stinking up the place. If Moore/Chiefs can get 1 win in the next 3 games Mahomes should sit thru the bye week. By that time Fisher, Jones, Wylie, Fuller, and Watkins might all be 100%.

  4. This three week scenario makes no sense to me. My son suffered the exact same injury when he played–he was a QB and it happened on a QB sneak, with the same gruesome results. He also had the same diagnosis, and had to wear a full leg brace for a month to get all the ligaments around the knee to settle down. he didn’t get back onto the field for probably 6 weeks, and never played again after that season. His knee just never regained normal stability, and he still complains about it today (7 years later). I hope for the best for Mahomes, but I fear that this might continue to be an issue. If I was the Chiefs I would shut him down for the remainder of the season to make sure it is healed as much as possible before putting him out there again.

  5. Trap game for Green Bay – an unknown QB leading a really good team. Recipe for disappointment for Packers fans (and I count myself among them).

  6. C’mon Andy, we know there is a timeline.
    Just tell us what it is so we can kick you in the nuts either way.
    Don’t you see how it works with the fans?
    It doesn’t matter what the timeline is, we’re going to bash you either way; it’s too long, it’s too short, you don’t know better than we the armchair QB’s who know everything.

  7. While everyone has stated stuff about the giving him ample time to rest, because of the division, another OBVIOUS reseaon the Chiefs need to sit him down and make sure he gets right is Carson Wentz, Mahomes is about to cash in, and Wentz was great early on in his career, earning praises of the greats from other sports, but then got injured needed surgery and rushed back or not, he CLEARLY hasn’t been the same and now has a huge $ numebr, so they need to take it day by day, and make sure they have a plan and FOLLOW it, while its a win NOW league, there is also time where if you can get a lock down on your division and a top 3 team in the conference for the next potential decade , you need to take every step to make sure you maxmize that, Even if its a little catuious short term.

  8. I curious to see if Chiefs defense shows up against the Packers anything like they did in Denver. They recorded 11 sacks against a porous O-line but they showed a lot more intensity than they have in a long time. Could be interesting if this defense is good enough to carry the team and let Mahomes take his sweet time healing up.

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