Colts feel Jacoby Brissett’s a game changer, not a game manager

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When Andrew Luck retired and Jacoby Brissett took over as the Colts’ quarterback, one of the big questions was how much they’d change their offense as a result of the change in signal callers.

The first five weeks of the season saw the Colts run a lot, but they relied on Brissett to win a game against the Falcons and they put a lot on his plate in their return from a bye week against the Texans on Sunday. Brissett again proved to be up to the task.

He was 26-of-39 for 326 yards and four touchdowns in a 30-23 win that gave the Colts a 4-2 record on the season. Head coach Frank Reich said after the game that the team knew they’d need to make big plays in the passing game to win and Brissett “did it as well as you could do it.”

Defensive end Justin Houston has faced a lot of quarterbacks over the years and offered his own glowing review of Brissett’s play.

“He’s definitely not a game manager,” Houston said, via the Indianapolis Star. “He’s a game changer. That’s big for us to have one of those guys on our team. And he’s still growing. Sky’s the limit.”

Brissett has passed every test that’s come his way so far this year. As long as that continues, the Colts are going to be in the playoff mix in the AFC.