Jacoby Brissett on pace to lead NFL in TD passes

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Colts quarterback Jacoby Brissett has proven himself a game changer as the starter this season, and he’s putting his team in the end zone more than any other quarterback in the league.

Brissett has 14 touchdown passes through six games, which puts him on pace to lead the league in touchdown passes this season. At his current pace Brissett would finish the season with 37 touchdowns. No one else is on pace for more than 35.

Although Brissett is fourth in the NFL in touchdown passes, the three co-leaders — Patrick Mahomes, Matt Ryan and Russell Wilson — have 15 touchdowns, and all three of them have played seven games, while Brissett’s Colts have played just six.

Brissett has the Colts in first place in the AFC South, a place few thought they’d be when Andrew Luck retired before the season. Brissett’s passer rating this year of 101.0 is better than the career high of 98.7 Luck recorded last year. If Luck were putting up these numbers while the Colts were in place, he’d be in the MVP discussion. Perhaps Brissett should be there as well.

15 responses to “Jacoby Brissett on pace to lead NFL in TD passes

  1. TD passes totals aint what they used to. Sir Thomas Brady led the league in TDs with 28 in 2002. Now look at Kirk Cousins, the ‘legend’, throwing TDs like he’s Peyton Manning.

  2. Very happy for Brissett. He played pretty well a couple years ago on a bad Colts team with no offensive line, so it’s great to see what he can do with a solid supporting cast around him. He has that extra moxie that separates the good QBs from the average ones. About time people realize there’s more to being a successful quarterback than raw talent. It takes leadership ability to get your teammates to believe in you, and this guy appears to have it in spades.

  3. Jacoby Brissett an MVP candidate?

    They didn’t even predict that in all the parallel universes.

  4. I live in Indiana. I can’t understand who the Colts fans that are my friends/co workers are so not impressed? Maybe it’s isolated to east central part of the state? I’m beside myself.

    You thought you were a contender. Then Luck retired which started an outrage. It turns out your still a contender and somehow fans are not hyped? Color me befuddled.

  5. He’s playing well and getting better as the season goes along. I don’t know about him being in the MVP convo – he’s definitely benefiting from a QB friendly scheme and a really good offensive line – but if he keeps this up Ballard might have to think long and hard about whether or not to draft a QB next spring.

  6. Been a Brissett fan since Charlie Weiss brought him to Florida. Played in a mess there then redeemed himself at NC State. Glad to see him doing well in Indy.

  7. Nice story and glad to see Brissett is playing well. Leading the league in TD passes? Anything could happen I suppose but with Rodgers getting himself accustomed to Lafleur’s offense and the receivers and backs around him I’m seeing a banner year for #12 in green & gold.

  8. With Frank Reich as head coach, he has done a masterful job of turning Jalopy Briskett into someone who looks like a pro caliber player. BTW – Reich should get consideration for coach of the year turning Jalopy into somebody.

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