Matt Nagy: I’m not an idiot, I know we have to run more

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The Bears offense has been the subject of much criticism this season and much of that is directed at quarterback Mitchell Trubisky.

His play has not reached the level the Bears hoped to see, but their offensive woes aren’t limited to the quarterback spot. After finishing 11th in rushing yards per game while winning the NFC North last season, the Bears are currently ranked 28th in that metric.

Sunday’s loss to the Saints saw the Bears almost totally abandon the run. They wound up with seven rushing attempts to 54 Trubisky passing attempts and two sacks allowed, which head coach Matt Nagy acknowledged is not the kind of balance that the team should have on the offensive side of the ball.

“I know we need to run the ball more. I’m not an idiot,” Nagy said at a Monday press conference.

Game situations impact how often a team runs the ball and the Bears fell down by as many as 26 points in the second half. It was a two-point game at halftime, however, and the Bears only ran five times while calling for 24 passes in a formula that didn’t result in success.

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  1. Two weeks to get ready after London and no commitment to the run. First play, run Cohen up the middle? What?! Try some double TE or I formations once in a while and run Montgomery up the middle. Not seen any counters/traps with this offense. Commitment to the run means you might not be successful the first try but keep at it. 50/50, 60/40 is balance. 90/10 isn’t.

  2. Trust me, this isn’t the running game. This team has a horrible offensive line, Trubisky is playing as if he’s trying to lose, and the Bears’ secondary cannot stop a nose bleed. Both the Raiders and Saints exposed them. He doesn’t have much time to throw that football, but he is also a statue inside the pocket. If you want to play like Brady or Peyton, get rid of the ball faster.

  3. This guy is clearly in way over his head; they looked equally as bad the last month of last year once the league had figured his gimmicky plays out. Why anyone assumed they’d get better this year is beyond me. They’re going to end up wasting a great defense yet again. Bear fans better hope this continues so the Mitch doesn’t get a new contract, because neither he, Nagy, or Pace are the guys they need. Unfortunately for bear fans, this version of the defense will be long gone by the time those three are out.

  4. with all due respect, I disagree with both of the points Nagy made in that sentence.

  5. It’s never a good look when you have to inform others that you are “not an idiot”.

  6. Both tackles are hot garbage. Kyle Long should have hung them up two years ago. Whitehair and Daniels are both better off switching back to guard (Daniels) and center (Whitehair).

    Now lets talk about how none of the tight ends can or will block…

  7. Translation: Teams stack the box against us and dare us to throw, knowing that Mitchell Turfthrowski can’t hit the broad side of a barn. So we can’t really run. Oh, and Ryan “Einstein” Pace traded away our best running back.

  8. So you’re saying you’re not an idiot? Maybe the person that is in charge of the offense should make those decisions. Oh that’s right it’s the HC. Only 1 person to blame its the head coach.

    This is why these coach of the year awards are preposterous. Bill should win every year these horrible coaches aren’t even close.

  9. He has a QB who can’t pass running a pass-first offense. Trubisky is the second coming of Rex Grossman. Maybe time to move on. The Bears can’t or won’t really on their shut-down defense.

  10. Best part of the game was that camera angle. I know he was going to the house. It was epic. Rest of the game was hard to watch. Mack disappeared and so did our run game. I’m not happy with #10 and I’m sure he is upset as well. At least I hope so.

  11. What I don’t know is if the Saints were loading the box to make Mitch beat them in the air. If they were, then Nagy is trying to avoid throwing Mitch under the bus. If they weren’t, then he needs to run more.

  12. Straight from the Andy Reid coaching tree. Nagy is likely to win the same number of Super Bowls as Reid, too.

  13. Mitch being drafted before Watson and Mahomes is going to end the Pace Era. Yikes. He’s got 10 games left to save his career in Chicago.

  14. Nagy is a tough guy to like. So full of himself even when they’re failing he’s got an attitude about it.

  15. you know when you tell somebody you are not a idiot because you know you need to do something. then you still dont do it?

  16. I thought his play sheet says “Be You”? Why is he never adhering to his montra?

    He can’t figure out how to use Cohen or Montgomery. And he traded Howard because he didn’t know how to use him. You design the offense around the talent you have. There’s a reason Jordan Howard had 2 straight 1,000 yard seasons, and then didn’t when Nagy came along.

    nagy and biscuit are jokes.

  17. I wonder what QB would be available in a trade for Mack??? Mack is a luxury that they can’t afford without a QB.

  18. Trubisky has some issues, but the whole team has issues. The offensive line cannot pass block or run block. And how does a “great defense” allow over 400 yards with a team using a backup quarterback and running back?

  19. Da Bears have decent runners in Montgomery and Cohen although different styles. Shame they released Howard who is now doing very well. Montgomery is being wasted – he shows signs of being a very good back if only Nagy could get over himself and give the boy more work. But all of this is no good if there is no O line to open up the holes for the boy and protect Trubisky more. All the off-season focus on a kicker was just wasting time and plain weird. Come on Bears! Fix up and look sharp – BEAR DOWN!!

  20. I saw the game yesterday and it was obvious very quickly there was just no way the Bears were going to run the ball successfully. I don’t know what running the ball another 10 times for 14 yards would have accomplished. At least they were sometimes successful throwing the ball.

  21. None of this matters as the big issue lies with the fellows who wears ties to work at the Bears HQ in Halas Hall. Getting rid of Howard, Spending all the time on kicking replacements, giving up draft choices to move from 3d to 2nd in 2017, paying Mack so much money. None of those are coaching or player performance issues. And the biggest issue is that the stands at Soldier Field will continue to be full even if the Bears get worse (highly likely) for the rest of the season.

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