Mitchell Trubisky: We’re just searching offensively

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The Bears had quarterback Mitchell Trubisky back in the lineup on Sunday, but his return from a left shoulder injury didn’t result in an offensive spark against the Saints.

New Orleans won 36-25 and that’s a bit deceiving as the Bears had just 10 points and 120 offensive yards when there were just over four minutes left to play in the game. Trubisky was 34-of-54 for 251 yards and head coach Matt Nagy said after the game that he might have been a little rusty after his injury.

Nagy also said that he never considered benching Trubisky in favor of Chase Daniel “because there’s just so many parts” of what went wrong. That includes a running game that generated 17 yards on just seven carries on a day that left the Bears with little idea of what they are offensively.

“I mean, right now we have no identity,” Trubisky said, via the Chicago Sun-Times. “We’re just searching. We don’t have any rhythm. We’re not the offense we were last year, and every year is different, every game is different. We’ve just got to find ways, look within ourselves, and we’ve got to have guys step up. All I know how to do is look at myself first; how can I get better this week, how can I step up and make my teammates better, and how can I help fix this offense.”

The Bears have yet to put up 300 yards of offense in a single game this season and it’s hard to imagine they can put together a run of wins unless they find a more successful approach on that side of the ball. The more weeks like this one, the harder it will be to believe that approach is within their grasp.

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  1. The Bears, any many other people, thought the Bears were much better than they really were and so adding Mack would put them over the top.

    A funny thing happened on the way to the Super Bowl though. The “MVP” was way over drafted and the Bears will not be sniffing a Super Bowl afterall.

    Now they’re down 2 1st rounders and a ton of cap space and the future looks bleak, very bleak.

  2. It’s safe to say that teams with some sort of identity have more than three running plays in their game plan and one of them ISN’T a QB option to a RB that wouldn’t start on any other NFL team (Cohen is a special teamer, not a RB). Also, a QB can establish an identity by not playing scared and being able to hit a wide open player to his left. MT is not the guy.

  3. Trubisky is going to take a lot of heat this week and it’s not undeserved, but when is GM Ryan Pace going to go underscope? There seems to be no player leadership on the team and his first and second draft picks to a man are all underperforming (Trubs, Floyd, Shaheen, Miller, Whitehair, Daniels, Roquan). Add Mack to that list who has been MIA the last two games. He’s responsible for choosing the players and the coach and it’s time for him to own at least part of the train wreck this team has turned into.

  4. They’ve been doing the same thing for nearly half a season now. Maybe coach should try implementing something different. Just a thought.

  5. Who in their right mind thought that Trubustky’s return would “result in an offensive spark against the Saints”

  6. comet52 says:
    October 21, 2019 at 11:13 am

    If Mitch could hit the broad side of a barn with a football the Bears might have an identity.


    They do have an identity. They Suck.

  7. I think that was a real mistake not playing in the pre season. Teams need to relize those 4 games matter and are curial to getting team chemistry it blows my mind that teams only play there starters a quarter of the games and not at all. Thats why September games are so awful to watch.

  8. Wonder where that Bears fan who was going to make everyone eat their words once they got guys like Trey Burton back and hit their stride offensively…

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