Raiders trade Gareon Conley to Texans for third-round pick

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Jalen Ramsey and Marcus Peters were traded to new teams last week and another cornerback who began his career as a first-round pick has been traded this week.

Vic Tafur of was the first to report that the Raiders have traded Gareon Conley to the Texans. A 2020 third-round pick will come back to the Raiders.

That pick will likely be the one the Seahawks traded to Houston in the Jadeveon Clowney as the Texans’ own pick will go to the Browns as long as running back Duke Johnson plays 10 games this season. The pick would give the Raiders three-third round picks next year and six picks in the first three rounds.

Conley was limited to two games as a rookie because of injuries, but has been a starter for the last two years. He has 23 tackles and an interception this season and, like the entire Raiders defense, is coming off a rough day against the Packers.

Conley was set to be in Houston this Sunday anyway because the Raiders will be visiting the Texans.

Houston has been dealing with a series of injuries in their secondary and they’ll hope Conley can help settle things down. Assuming the pick dealt for Johnson is the third-rounder, they’ll have one pick in the first three rounds next April.

48 responses to “Raiders trade Gareon Conley to Texans for third-round pick

  1. Has to be more to this story. The secondary struggled yesterday, but I’d still put Conley as our best cover corner on the active roster.

  2. Wow. I had high hopes that Conley would be our shutdown corner, like his fellow Buckeye, Marshon Lattimore, but unfortunately, it didn’t turn out that way. I suppose we’ll be targeting yet another corner with one of our first round picks next year.

  3. Just not the right fit. Has top end speed and cover skills. Just instead physical enough and cant tackle to save his life. Not a fit for our system where we ask our CBS to win matchups and help in the run game. Let’s see what Trayvon Mullen has to offer! #RN4L

  4. It may seem as a gut reaction to his poor play yesterday, but I don’t disagree with the move. Conley can backpedal and cut laterally quicker than any corner I’ve seen on the team in a while. I think the problem is between the ears with Gareon. Missed tackles, injury prone, just seems like a guy punching in his timecard. We are better off figuring out what Mullen (2nd rd this year) and Johnson (4th rd this year) can do. How many Reggie McKenzie draft picks remain on this team? We could have had Tre’Davious White later in the first rd that year. No off field drama and had a pick and fumble forced for the Bulls yesterday. Hopefully Gruden and Mayock continue building this team back up.

  5. Best thing for both parties honestly.

    Conley was missing tackles and getting bullied all game yesterday and im over seeing it on a weekly basis. Im usually hesitant to call people soft but hes one of the few im comfortable saying it about.

    Joyner is also a liability, hes so wildly inconsistent its annoying. When he plays bad we lose. Yesterday he missed easy tackles and let guys get by him on 3-4 occasions.

    Saddest part is we dont really have anyone to replace Conley with atm, almost wouldnt mind sending a 4th round pick for Peterson. Hopefully the young guys we have can step up.

  6. Lol so we know what side Carr gonna be throwing on Sunday use that 3rd round pick and see if Elway will deal us Harris he would be a major upgrade for our DB’s….

  7. That head neck injury that he suffered in week 1 could be a lingering thing possibly with Conley as well. Texans medical staff better put him through extensive review.

  8. chicagoraiderfan says:
    October 21, 2019 at 3:21 pm
    Why would you trade a player to the team you’ll be facing on Sunday? At least wait until Sunday night!!

    Because we’re looking forward to throwing and running to his side on Sunday afternoon!

    We got a draft pick and a corner to pick on all in one transaction.

  9. Remember how bad Cooper played before he was traded? I doubt the same will happen, but I can always dream LOL. I don’t know the guy becuase besides highlights I haven’t really watched the Raiders.

    Right now at CB the Texans can use any help they can get!

  10. Excellent trade by Mayock and Gruden here. Raiders have three rookie corners (Mullen, Johnson, Nixon) who need the playing time. The 2020 draft is loaded – a 3rd round wide receiver in 2020 is equal to a 1st round wide receiver in this years draft. This was well planned out by Mayock-Gruden.

  11. The fact that we got more than the Rams did for Peters is amazing. Conley has not been good, he’s flashed on occasion but then gets burned the rest of the time.

  12. I do agree with sigbouncer, Mayock and Gruden have been looking good so far. A 3rd round pick for a CB who gets toasted often is not bad.

  13. If Conley could be had for a 3rd round pick, Howie Roseman sure was asleep at the wheel. Eagles secondary is horrendous.

  14. With a quarterback like Derek Carr, who keeps making mistakes that change the momentum and even outcome of games with silly mistakes (pitching the ball to a running back who wasn’t expecting it and diving for the pylon with only one hand holding the ball twice in 2 years), they have to keep on thinking about rebuilding because they are not going to the super Bowl or even the playoffs.

  15. Conley isn’t the problem, Derek carr is the problem. The Raiders need a new qb if the ever plan on being superbowl contenders.

  16. kcflake says:
    October 21, 2019 at 3:34 pm
    What kind of 3rd rate organization trades players to another team within their conference?
    Better question is what kind of 3rd rate organization trades a 3rd round draft choice for a bad CB within their conference?

  17. Not sure what Gruden is doing. Conley is/was their best DB on the roster. Raiders secondary is playing terrible under Gunther. It does makes sense that Gruden is getting rid of all of Reggie picks. The only two that are left now is Carr, and Gabe Jackson…it’s just a matter of time.

    Go Raiders!!!

  18. This also means that since Houston traded their first AND second round picks in 2020 to Miami for Tunsil and what will most likely be their 3rd round pick to Cleveland, they won’t draft until the 4th round next year. Haven’t seen that since then-GM Phil Savage of the Browns did it back in 2008. We all know how THAT turned out for Cleveland. O’Brien must be absolutely desperate to win this year.

  19. A third rounder is probably too high, but Houston is in extreme panic mode at the CB position. Roby and Joseph are both out with hamstring injuries, and they just put Philip Gaines on IR. That leaves just a 2nd round rookie, a 6th round rookie and a special teams guy. That hurts their leverage a bit, as other teams know they have to make a move. Conley has sucked this year but has looked decent at times in the past when healthy and has top-shelf physical traits.

  20. The Raiders actually have 5 picks in the first 3 rounds (they swapped their 2nd rounder for the Bears 3rd, in the Mack trade).

  21. radrntn says:
    October 21, 2019 at 7:07 pm
    Not sure what Gruden is doing. Conley is/was their best DB on the roster. Raiders secondary is playing terrible under Gunther. It does makes sense that Gruden is getting rid of all of Reggie picks. The only two that are left now is Carr, and Gabe Jackson…it’s just a matter of time.

    Go Raiders!!!


    They won’t get rid of Gabe for anything. Carr is starting to lose my confidence though.

  22. Just to correct a guy above, the second round pick that the Texans dealt in the Tunsil trade was in 2021, so they do still get a second round pick next year in 2020. Also, they didn’t deal their own 2020 third round pick, but rather the Seahawks’ 2020 third round pick that they obtained in the Clowney trade.

  23. This was long overdue! The dude never played up to his potential and clearly was just cashing pay checks. Glad to see they got something for him. Let’s see what the young talent has to offer now.

  24. Conley definitely wasn’t helping the Raiders. He struggled in coverage and he was not a good tackler. I haven’t heard anything positive about his leadership skills, so maybe a change of scenery will help both teams. The Raiders recent draft picks, since McKenzie departed, have all played really well, so a 3rd rounder is a huge gift for the Raiders.

  25. obsession55 says:
    October 21, 2019 at 4:00 pm

    Houston hates draft picks

    Yeah yeah whatever. We clearly won the Miami trade. Tunsil is one of the best young LT’s in the game and with Fuller hurt AGAIN, it shows why we got Stills as well.

    Yeah we mishandled the Clowney situation but how many games has he made an impact on this year? 2? LOL.. Seattle can keep that 100 million dollar tab!

    We’re depleted at CB right now and I don’t mind trading a late 3rd rounder to take a flyer on former 1st round pick.

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