Washington not ready to turn to Dwayne Haskins

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Neither rain, nor defeat, nor gloom of 2019 will stay Dwayne Haskins from the not-swift-enough completion of his appointed rounds on the bench.

Even after Case Keenum threw for 77 whole yards against the 49ers Sunday, Washington interim coach Bill Callahan made it clear he wasn’t ready to go to his first round pick as his team sunk in the mud to 1-6.

We still have a lot of faith in Case and his ability,” Callahan said, via Ryan Homler of NBCSportsWashington.com.

At this point, the only real argument for not starting the rookie quarterback immediately is the short week, heading into Thursday’s game against the Vikings.

But the team insists that he still needs time to develop, whether that’s valid or not, so it’s likely that Haskins’ chances to prove himself to coaches will have to continue to come in practice.

30 responses to “Washington not ready to turn to Dwayne Haskins

  1. Haskins started one season – ONE – of college football. Is it any surprise that he’s not ready yet?

    Why hurry? It’s not like he’s going to march this pitiful team into the playoffs.

  2. He’s not ready and you will just ruin him if he has to play behind that Skins OL. Treat this year like a redshirt and make the necessary changes in the offseason so he can be put in a position to succeed. But then again, this is the Redskins with Bruce Allen and Dan Snyder at the helm. Sorry Dwayne.

  3. I think he realizes he has no shot at being the permanent coach, so there is no way Snyders draft pick will see the field.

  4. I mean when Haskins did get a chance to play he looked really bad so whether hes an improvement on Keenum(which he likely is cause imo McCoy is just as good as Keenum) it’s probably smart to leave him on the bench and hope he improves rather than kill his confidence right now.

  5. Dwayne Haskins should be starting since they drafted him in the first round. The Redskins need to see what they got in him and see if he’s the answer or not. He needs the reps to get better and improve. He’s not getting any better sitting on the bench.

  6. It’s not like Dwayne Haskins is sitting behind Joe Montana or Brett Favre. If he can’t beat out Case Keenum or Colt McCoy for the starting job, that’s a major red flag. If he’s that bad then they’ll need to find a new QB in the upcoming draft like Arizona did with Josh Rosen. But at least let him start a few games since you spent a first round pick on him and see if he shows improvement on a game to game basis to evaluate whether he’s worth investing the teams future on. Give the guy a chance and let him play and develop. He needs the live game reps. Even if he’s not as good as Case Keenum or Colt McCoy right now, you got to see what you got in him with his draft pedigree

  7. I just don’t see what benefit it would be for Haskins to be thrown behind that horrible offensive line. All it would do is get him hurt and/or ruin whatever confidence he may have left.

  8. Dwayne Haskins will eventually be starting.

    Why put him in with this cast of characters.
    The team need players

    11th most sacks in the nfl

    3rd round wr Terry McLaurin (O-H!!!) is best receiver
    5th round rb Chris Thompson is 2nd best receiver
    7th round wr Trey Quinn is 3rd best receiver
    2nd round Paul Richardson hasn’t done anything in his career
    Ancient TE vernon davis is garbage

    So… why would you start a rookie with a bad O-Line and garbage receiving corps?!?

    You need players.

  9. He’s local kid, whose been told he will be the next Tom Brady his whole life. He’s bad.

    fjbuon says:
    October 21, 2019 at 9:42 am
    Geez, how bad is this kid?

  10. Dwayne seems like a good guy, and I wish him well. But if Snyder and Allen were responsible for drafting him it is almost inevitable he will fail.

  11. Being that they’re playing the Vikes this week it’s a no brainier to start Keenum. They’re only chance might be a QB who’s motivated by facing his old team.

  12. “Haskins started one season – ONE – of college football. Is it any surprise that he’s not ready yet?”

    Same was true of Trubisky but the Bears threw him out there his rookie year. Teams just don’t wait with these young QBs much these days. As bad as Washington looks there are two schools of thought: A) Nobody could look any worse than the guys they’ve already thrown out there and B) They’re so bad literally nobody could look good so putting a rookie out there would potentially destroy his development. My money would be on B but I’m betting the Redskins are going to go with A before the season is out.

  13. Haskin “mentally not good enough”?!?

    You either don’t know Haskins or you are on very strong medication.

    I could see Haskin as a Congressman/Senator.
    (Although… that’s NOT saying much anymore)

  14. Another college-style running quarterback. Little experience in the college game, let alone running a pro style offense. Never had to get people into and out of a huddle. Can’t read a defense. In short, at best a multi year project that more likely than not will never succeed. Why they picked him, with all the other challenges this team has, I will never know. But Redskins gonna Redskin, I guess.

  15. They could have put Tom Brady back there yesterday against the Red Tsunami and it would still be a shutout.

  16. Haskins has the arm talent and the smarts to play NFL football but Ohio State didn’t exactly run an NFL system so he is behind on that and I don’t see the coach changing the offense like they did for RG3 so Haskins is having to learn learn learn , look at the Cardinals they brought in a new coach with a system tailored made for the number one overall pick … Daniel Jones has been groomed for a long time by a QB coach and the Mannings ? No wonder he is more ready and still doesn’t look that great. Haskins will play later this year and probably will not look all that great so you haters be patient you will have your chance then will have to eat crow next year lol

  17. Anybody watching Buckeyes’ games last year saw him struggle in 1st quarters and 1st halves. He did nothing against Purdue. Yes he threw 50 TDs, but they came in bunches against lesser talent too. He is talented, but the NFL is different than the hand clapping offense at OSU. Crazy part is he beat out Joe Burrows…

  18. I think the redskins are actually doing Haskins a solid by not throwing him into this mess. Let him start fresh next year with whomever they hire as head coach, and they would be wise to find a coach that can get the most out of Haskins.

  19. At this point, the only real argument for not starting the rookie quarterback immediately is the short week, heading into Thursday’s game against the Vikings.
    That is an absurdly myopic take. Haskins played one year on a stacked team. He is NOT ready. No amount of suckage from the actual starter is going to change that and suddenly make Haskins ready for NFL competition when he hardly understands the generalities of the NFL game, much less the specifics of his own offense and the capabilities of defenders at the pro level. If he starts now he will be abused and they run the risk of having a physically talented QB with a ruined mental ability to play. Give it a rest.

  20. #15 pick on the bench. Wonder what hes learning doing that. Hard knocks! We all go through that in our profession

  21. I’m looking forward to seeing Case Keenum and Adrian Peterson come back to play their old team and Kirk Cousins facing his old team. Good storylines to help make what should be a blowout a little more interesting.

  22. First it was RG III in 2012 and now it’s Haskins in 2019. Seems familiar. Yes it’s DC and Bruce Allen and his coaches.

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