Adrian Peterson says he should be “ready to go” Thursday night

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Washington running back Adrian Peterson said his ankle is much improved from Monday, and he expects to play Thursday night.

“Night and day from yesterday,” Peterson told Tom Pelissero of the NFL on Tuesday. “I should [be] ready to go.”

Peterson no doubt wants to play against his former team. The Vikings made him the seventh overall choice in 2007, and he gained 13,692 total yards and scored 102 total touchdowns in his 10 seasons in Minnesota.

Peterson injured his right ankle during the third quarter of Washington’s loss to the 49ers on Sunday. He underwent an MRI on Monday.

8 responses to “Adrian Peterson says he should be “ready to go” Thursday night

  1. Imagine if this dude played in the 80s , he’d definitely be up there with Smith and Sanders. Dude still put up great numbers in a passing league. Get well AD love watching you run ,it’s about the only reason I can sit through a Redskins game. #FireBruceAllen #SellTheTeam

  2. I know exactly how this is going to go. Peterson will be foaming at the mouth because he’s so excited to play his former team. He’ll be hitting the line at 100 miles an hour, churning his legs like crazy, running all over the place behind the line of scrimmage looking for an opening, getting ahead of his blockers, and gaining nothing. You don’t want an over-excited Adrian Peterson.

  3. He was a HOF player for the Vikings, but I hope this week that he still has the same fumbling propensity he had in MN

  4. I think he will have a big game. He thrives on proving people wrong, like his 2000 yard season after an ACL year the previous year (MCL?). I expect he will be Uber motivated and pushing hard for that extra yard. If I were theVikings I would try to strip the ball. Going for that extra couple inches is when he fumbles. Fumbling and losing it will take the wind Out of his sales.

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