Damon Harrison: Run defense struggles start with me

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The Lions saw their run defense make a sharp improvement after trading for defensive tackle Damon Harrison during the 2018 season, but having Harrison on hand all year hasn’t had the same kind of impact.

They are giving up just over 139 yards per game on the ground this season, which ranks 28th in the league, and they’re giving up 153 yards per game during their current three-game losing streak. Harrison got a lot of credit for last year’s uptick and he volunteered to take the blame for this year’s lack of success.

“It really starts with me up front,” Harrison said, via the Detroit Free Press. “I have to do a better job in the middle and getting some of those plays that I’m used to making that I’m not making this year. It’s a lot of things that I can blame it on, but only thing I can do at the end of the day is just throw effort at it during the practice week and try to perform on Sundays.”

Harrison’s former team is next on the schedule and finding a formula to stop Saquon Barkley would be a good path to avoiding a fourth straight loss.

11 responses to “Damon Harrison: Run defense struggles start with me

  1. I spent a whole week at the water cooler caping for the Lions because they got robbed by the refs against the Pack and Chiefs and assured my coworkers they were much better than their record. Thanks for laying a giant ostrich egg guys.

  2. Long time Lions fan here. The d-line has been a major disappointment. Only 10 sacks through Week 7? One of the worst run defenses in the league? Fans are agitated with the no-shows from $90 million Trey Flowers and recently extended Snacks Harrison. Daniels and Hand have been out with injuries, but still.

    Oh, and Jarred Davis is a liability at lb every time he is on the field. Him and Tabor going 1-2 in that years draft is a huge black eye for Bob Quin.

  3. How’s Mike Daniels and that contract you gave him working out? Just like Sitton & Lang the Pack got out from under them at just the correct time.

  4. Next week we’ll be reading how the Lions turned their defense around. But it’s just fool’s gold. Every team looks great against the Giants.

  5. Hand should be back this week and the schedule should do them some favors finally. They could potentially be 5-3-1 three weeks from today (Giants, Raiders, Bears) if they get back to business.

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