Devonta Freeman regrets swinging at Aaron Donald

Getty Images

Falcons running back Devonta Freeman regrets throwing a punch at Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald.

And not simply because throwing a punch at Aaron Donald is a terrible idea in any context.

Via D. Orlando Ledbetter of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Freeman apologized for getting ejected and not being there for his teammates, after his emotions got out of control and he took a swing at Donald.

It just can’t happen,” Freeman said. “Both of us are pros. It wasn’t intentional or [anything] like that. I’m a competitor and he’s a competitor. It just happened.

“We had a screen play or something like that on. He got in the backfield so fast, I kind of chipped him and stuff. Both of us said a few things to each other and it kind of escalated from there. Both of us are competitors. We are football players. We ain’t boxers. I know I can’t let my emotions get out hand like that again. I was definitely just out there trying to compete.”

At one point in the skirmish, Freeman’s feet were still moving while Donald held him up in the air, illustrating how ill-advised getting into a fight with Donald would have been.