Eagles aren’t questioning Nelson Agholor’s effort


Nelson Agholor explained what some interpreted as a lack of effort late in Sunday’s loss to Dallas. The Eagles receiver also appeared unbothered by the outside criticism.

“Man, I’m a professional,” Agholor said Tuesday, via Martin Frank of the Delaware News Journal. “I know I work hard. At the end of the day, no one feels sorry for me, and they don’t need to. I’m in this position because I’m a tough player and a tough person. I’m just going to keep on fighting.”

The Eagles trailed 30-10 in the fourth quarter when Carson Wentz threw a deep ball for Agholor, who was several steps in front of Cowboys safety Jeff Heath. When Wentz let it go, he said he “thought it was a touchdown.”

Agholor didn’t reach out to catch it as the pass landed just beyond him.

“If I could do it again, I probably could have sold the corner a little less so that I could get out of [the fake] and be able to track the ball a little earlier,” Agholor said. “I think I was running away, creating separation running, and I looked up a little late to be able to follow it the way I would like to.

“When I locate the ball, all I can do from that point on is just dig. Just try to run as hard as I can. I was running, running, and I do not feel like I was in position, with the way my stride was, to leave my feet. For those that think they would have done that, I think that’s respect to them.”

Offensive coordinator Mike Groh agreed that Agholor located the ball late and defended the receiver’s effort, echoing head coach Doug Pederson.

“I thought he gave tremendous effort, played with great speed down the field,” Groh said. “I do want to say this: In terms of Nelson’s effort in our games, and the things he does for the team, I don’t think his effort should ever be questioned.”