Falcons continue to struggle to fill new stadium

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Those $2 hot dogs aren’t the drawing card that they were supposed to be.

The Falcons are struggling to fill their new home stadium. The venue went ridiculously over budget, and for NFL games it’s now grossly underperforming. That’s happening in large part because the team that plays there is also grossly underperforming.

Consider this photo from Dan Wolken of USA Today, taken in the middle of the first quarter when the butts-in-seats ratio should be fairly high. The crowd, at best, seems sparse.

According to the official game book, paid attendance for the Rams-Falcons game was 71,856. However, the true number of fans in attendance likely falls far short of that.

Earlier this year, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution demonstrated based on public records the significant gap between announced attendance and actual attendance. For example, the announced attendance for the Falcons’ seventh home game in 2018 was 72,262. The actual attendance was 60,626. For the final home game, 72,084 actually was 56,470.

It will be interesting to see what the actual numbers were for the Rams game on Sunday. Whatever they were, thousands were missing out on those $2 hot dogs.

28 responses to “Falcons continue to struggle to fill new stadium

  1. Who wants to see that boring team, with a boring QB, and a boring head coach?

  2. It’s a slap in the face of the fans to ask them, on top of buying season tickets, to also spend thousands on a PSL in order to have the right to buy those season tickets.

  3. $2 hot dogs are a better deal than watching the Falcons. Are the hot dogs Hebrew National? They answer to a higher authority.

  4. When 15 teams are under 500, parity shouldn’t be used as definition for the league. Who wants to pay hundreds of dollars and waste an entire day to watch bad football live?

  5. Probably a lot of buyers remorse when many bought PSLs during the Super Bowl run a few years ago. SMH

  6. Its a known fact that atl ppl dnt support the Falcons like others support their home team. They start pouring into the stadium towards the end of the 1st half. One of theeee worst fanbase in the sport

  7. I consider myself a die hard viking fan. I’ve followed them through thick and thin and probably watched pretty much every game that was possible. That said there were times that I would not justify spending hundreds of dollars to be disappointed. Falcon fans are no different. If some opposing team fan beats themselves on the chest calling themselves a true fan, saying they would still be willing to plop down a weeks wages to watch bad football, then I think they are the ones with misplaced priorities.
    If the Falcons want more people to attend, then lower the price or put out a better product.

  8. At least in Washington, 70% of the fans are the opposing teams fans. Atlanta ownership doesn’t have that luxury.

  9. I can understand not wanting to bother going to see a losing team. But if I have already purchased what is likely a very expensive ticket, I’m not letting it go to waste.

  10. People actually did show up more to support bad teams. I’ve been to games for twenty years straight. Three years ago, attendance all over the NFL took a huge hit and never fully recovered.

    And, now….keep trying to put the American pastime in London and Mexico City. Hand Aaron Rodgers every game thru the referees. Cram some political agenda down our throats….

    And this is what happens.

  11. My family had been season ticket holders since 1966. We let them go when the new stadium opened. I grew up going to the games and win or lose those were some of the best memories of my life. Then Blank got greedy. We had 4 tickets, 50-yard line, row 7. The PSL cost was $180,000 for our 4 seats. $180,000 for a mediocre, at best, football team. A team that’s only made it to the Super Bowl twice since coming into the league and failing to bring home a trophy either time.

    The Falcons lost fans because of greed. What you have left are empty seats, owned by corporate sponsors, that don’t care about the players or the team. #GreedyBlank

  12. I still don’t understand why the Georgia Dome was demolished, was it even 20 years old?

  13. $1.50 hot dogs works for Costco, because you don’t pay $100 to park, and you actually find useful stuff there. Not so much when watching the Falcons…

  14. Why pay money to watch Mr. “28-3” lose another game. Good thing they have over $100M tied up in him for the next four years. That’ll help.

  15. I have zero problem with watching teams struggle to fill stadiums. NFL owner and the idiot commish act like it’s their right to command silly money for PSLs and season tickets. Reality check for them — would love to see everyone stay home and watch on TV.

  16. It seems like the only stadiums in Georgia that are ever completely filled are college football stadiums.

  17. Maybe they could ask julio to return some of that money, oh wait, then he will hold out again next year after feeling disrespected…

  18. 2 dollar hot dogs? We pay 13.50 for a 24 oz can of beer at the superdome…. what’s up with that???

  19. It sure isn’t deterring Atlanta United FC. They’re packing that joint.

    Saints fan here. It might be fun to crow about the Falcons’ misfortunes — and I do, a lot, with my dear friends in the ATL. But I’m empathetic here. No matter who your team is, when you’re 17 minutes away from winning the Super Bowl in commanding fashion only to collapse in spectacular fashion, it’s almost impossible to overcome the psychology of that experience as a player or a fan. The Falcons have been trending down ever since. They lost in the divisional round the next year, then finished 7-9, and now the bottom’s falling out. Forget about the economics associated with PSLs that price die-hard fans out of consideration, why would you make the drive from Gwinnett or Cobb County for a team that’ll be just good enough to break your heart?

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