If Tom Brady leaves the Patriots, where would he go?

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Ever since the Patriots and quarterback Tom Brady agreed to a contract extension that isn’t really a contract extension and Brady put his house in Boston up for sale, some have been speculating that Brady won’t be back in New England next year. On Monday night, ESPN’s Adam Schefter did more than speculate that 2019 could be Brady’s last year in New England.

Schefter may simply be throwing a bone to Brady and/or to agent Don Yee in order to generate interest elsewhere and/or to create leverage to get Brady a better deal in New England for 2021. Or maybe Brady really is thinking about leaving.

But it’s one thing to leave. The question becomes where would he go?

As we’ve previously mentioned, his star power would make pursuing him a brilliant business decision, for any team. For Brady, what kind of football decision would it be?

Brady has acknowledged that the Patriots currently have the best defense of his 20 seasons with the franchise. And Bill Belichick is the greatest coach of all time, in any sport. Where would Brady find anything even remotely close to that?

Look around the league. Which team, in 2020, would both need a starting quarterback and would give Brady anything remotely close to what he currently has? The closest match comes in New Orleans, where Drew Brees would (in theory) retire and Brady would arrive for a season, with Teddy Bridgewater then possibly leaving as well, perhaps for New England.

Beyond that, there’s no clear match. Other possibilities, in theory, include the Chargers for a year in the new L.A. stadium, the Titans, where Brady would work with close friend Mike Vrabel, the Raiders for their first year in Las Vegas, and the Broncos as John Elway’s ultimate personnel Hail Mary pass.

Still, none of these spots would be better for Brady’s chance to add to his legacy than remaining right where he is. And given that he always says his favorite Super Bowl championship is the next one, he likely won’t be looking to make a last-year money grab that doesn’t include a stacked deck that would help him get what could be his eighth championship.

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  1. I heard Will Cain talk about this today and he mentioned the Niners since Brady is from Cali and grew up a Niners fan. But you know he’s not leaving New England. There’s no reason to. He’s probably going to get at least one more ring and then retire in 2-3 years. Love him or hate him, Tom Brady makes football that much better.

  2. I have more of a chance of being a starting QB in the nfl next season than Brady does leaving NE. I’m a fat, out of shape, balding, moderately talented fathlete whose never thrown a pass in his entire life.

  3. The better question is: Who is an otherwise good team, that would be willing to sign Brady as a 1-3 year guy, and has an immediate opening at QB after this season?

    I think that your options are:


  4. The Chicago Bears may be a good landing spot for Brady. They have the defense to contend for a championship and they need a quarterback. The Titans, the Giants, and perhaps the Panthers or the Indianapolis Colts may be good places to go. Denver definitely can use a quarterback and so does Tampa Bay.

  5. Phil Jackson might have something to say about the greatest coach in any sport quip. At least Tom Brady isn’t punching out his teammates.

  6. Not sure what all the speculation is about. What team would he want to go to to rebuild, and or get killed behind a lousy line?? What team would invest in a 43 year old QB?? Love TB-12 but he’s not getting any younger or better. As someone close to the situation, I think he’s gonna stay put and retire a Patriot within 2 years

  7. Can’t see it happening.
    He plays the position too smart to really decline to where they wouldn’t want him.
    Hell he already has no mobility and just throws in 2.5 sec or throws it away.
    He would have to completely lose his accuracy.

  8. While everything said here is completely true there is the feeling that the Patriots have had a sit down with TB12 and explained that he is not driving the bus this year; the defence does. There. Is no need to sling it all over the yard, ball control and punting will win most games with just a little offence needed.
    The question becomes, is this what TB12 wants to enjoy in his final seasons or does he just want to let it loose.
    We will see if the in season trade for Mo Samu changes the formula any.

  9. He’s moving to a suburb of NY in Connecticut, so it makes no sense for NY teams to move on from their young QBs. They’ll try to work out a one-year deal.

  10. Okay. Let’s start with QB needy teams:
    Cardinals? Maybe. 1st round pick and all. Not likely. Plus aging offensive talent.
    Panthers? I’m not sure that Newton Is finished yet. Factor in Minshew and? It’s just a giant dilemma!
    Falcons? Definitely a possibility. Brady to Jones? Imagine how that might work out!
    Bears? Mitch isn’t the answer. Great defense. Brady might be able to improve the offense enough to make the bears a contender sooner rather than later.
    Bengals? Hmmmmmm? Not exactly a bad fit BUT Doubtful that Brady would work for Such a bad owner.
    Broncos? The talent level on offense since Peyton Manning had been abysmal. BUT Elway wouldn’t hesitate to pay big money.
    Colts? Brissett has been downright good. Would you rather have Brady or Brissett going forward? Knowing that Brady is only going to be in the league for, at most, two more years. It’s not like that the Colts are a ‘QB away’ like the Broncos were until Manning. BUT not exactly a bad place to land. And the Colts aren’t exactly devoid of talent.
    Jaguars? Foles and upstart Minshew? Probably too many salary cap resources invested. BUT not a bad fit.
    Chargers? Maybe BUT I think that they should stay the course. Nothing for them to gain here. Rivers is old. Time to rebuild.
    Dolphins? Hahahahaha. No F’ing way that’ll ever happen.
    Vikings ? Cousins isn’t the answer annnnd definitely some talent on offense. Not a bad stop gap fit. BACK UP the Brinks Truck!
    New Orleans? Brees is awesome and also old. His time is coming to an end. Bridgwater is young and unproven. Talent is there. Question being is ‘would you rather have an old Tom Brady or a young Teddy Bridgwater going forward’? Honestly I’m 50/50 and this one is a coin toss.
    Giants? Jets? Steelers? No way! Right? Although the Steelers could be a good fit if Ben retirees.
    Buccaneers? Maybe Only because of Bruce Arians.
    Titans? Completely devoid of anything talent wise. Big rebuild going forward.
    Redskins? Who would ever work for Snyder? Definitely not Tom Brady!
    So if Tom Brady becomes a free agent. The most obvious choices are, IMO, and in no particular order are, the Vikings, N.O., Steelers, Buccaneers, Jaguars, Bears and Falcons,.
    My money is on retirement.
    What say you?

  11. As a Bills fan, and knowing the Pats quite well, Brady isn’t going anywhere.
    He’s smart, rich, married to a super model with an incredible career herself, has accomplished all possible goals and is in great health.

    Would he actually risk health by playing for an unknown for more money?
    He will walk away on the day he chooses as the GOAT, and everything that comes with it. He’s not going to leave with a scared legacy, squeezing another year playing for team X and taking sacks for one extra paycheck.

  12. Why would Brady leave? I will say moving away from being Kraft’s neighbor seems odd but it may simply be that he and his wife prefer to be closer to New York for personal and business reasons. As for football, Brady has another chance this year to do something historic and further cement his legacy as the greatest player in NFL history.

    Brady enjoys the unique position of being an individual star surrounded by selfless teammates that put team first. This week we saw examples of two veterans that put themselves above team.

    Demaryius Thomas whined that he was disrespected by the Patriots. No, he didn’t earn a roster spot.

    Michael Bennett whined about playing time, was suspended for the week, and his selfless teammates put up a goose egg in New York without him.

    Most teams and head coaches would accommodate the feelings of aging stars like Thomas and Bennett but not Belichick. Brady benefits from that tough love.

  13. I see speculation about him going to the Bears. And don’t be shocked if he ends up a 9er. It’s not like Garoppolo has been burning up the league with his 18 TDs and 14 picks in 14 starts for them. And how about the Bills with that D? The Vikings, the Panthers; there are plenty of teams that woud upgrade a lot with Brady as QB. There may be an interest on his part to do something great without BB, and visa-versa.

  14. If NE wins the SB this year I think Brady retires with 7 titles, one more than Jordan.

    If they lose I expect he’ll want to be back, but if so Belichick will want it to be on his terms, at a salary he thinks make sense for a 43 year old QB.

  15. Rickypoo1969

    Titans? Completely devoid of anything talent wise. Big rebuild going forward

    Hilarious, you’re obviously another Deion Sanders who hasn’t got a clue.

  16. This is the biggest non-story I have ever read. Brady isn’t going anywhere. Athletes buy and sell homes all the time. He can buy a house elsewhere for the off season and rent one closer in season. Also, this is from the original Schefter story from the New York Post which pretty much explains how ridiculous this non-story is.

    “Schefter didn’t outright predict or report this would be Brady’s final year in New England. The NFL insider later mentioned the veteran quarterback’s plans could just be leading to retirement or potentially re-signing with the Patriots.”

  17. If were going to play the imaginary Game.I say the 49ers because if Jimmy G doesn’t work out there is only a 4 million cap hit to release him next year and that’s were Brady family is from.

  18. Brady isn’t going anywhere. He will (eventually) retire. Selling the houses is about getting his personal situation in order.

    Brady is one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. He has nothing to prove to anyone. He continues to play because of his own personal desire to excel. As tempting as it would be to find out if BB could survivor without him the threat of him not surviving without BB is too great of a risk.

    As for him going to the the likes of Tennessee or Denver, etc. That is laughable. The man is the GOAT. He’s married to a super model. If Brady goes anywhere it will only be to LA (ok SF too), Vegas or NY. All of those cities have solid, young QB’s. The only detonation there that makes any sense is Vegas from a personnel perspective. I just don’t see it happening.

  19. Belichick was 33-46 as Head Coach with the Browns and got fired. He was 5-11 with the Patriots and All Pro Drew Bledsoe until Bledsoe went down. After inserting Brady, Brady carried them to 9 Super Bowl appearances and 6 SB titles. Bottom line, he made Belichick and he knows it. Any coach that leaves Brady fails. Crennel, Weis, Mangini, McDaniels, etc. All got fired. Brady is a system unto himself. He CREATED the Pats Dynasty. He took them to 16-0 in 2007, when he tore his ACL in 2008, the Pats took that SAME team and lost 5 games and missed the Playoffs!!!

    He wants to leave, go a team and prove, he IS THE SYSTEM

  20. I guess there are not enough real news stories in the NFL this year so the media has to make one up.

  21. All this talk of him and his trainer selling their houses could just mean Tom is actually going to surprise people after the season and retire. It’s time. He’s arguably the greatest QB ever (although I just think he’s the most successful one ever) but his skills are slipping and why bother playing somewhere else.

  22. He would want to go to a football team where it would be all about him and not the coach or defense. Probably Tennessee more likely than San Fran

  23. Jason says:
    October 23, 2019 at 12:00 am
    I have more of a chance of being a starting QB in the nfl next season than Brady does leaving NE. I’m a fat, out of shape, balding, moderately talented fathlete whose never thrown a pass in his entire life.

    Jason, if you amend your post to include being graduate of USC, the Jets would be calling!

    I may be your mirror image, would gladly be your agent.

  24. The ONLY place I could see Brady going is the Saints, and that’s IF Brees retires and IF Teddy B. goes elsewhere and IF there is some internal issue with the Pats that basically forces Brady’s hand. And even then, it’s a pretty big leap of logic.

    I don’t believe there’s a chance that all 3 of those situations occur at the same time, and I don’t believe Brady is going anywhere, but if he had to pick a team to play for that gave him the best chance at winning going forward, the Saints are the easy 2nd choice after the Pats.

  25. If he actually leaves then the Titans actually make a lot of sense, especially with his buddy Vrabel being the coach. They are essentially a QB away from being a contender. They have a strong defense and good skill talent. More importantly there is no long term QB solution on the roster and it would absolutely make sense on both sides. Titans also need to do something to reengage and excite the local fans as well.

  26. I would like to see it if only to see if we get an answer to the question of whether the success is due to Belichick or Brady.

  27. Purely hypothetical as I think he will retire a Patriot… but why no mention for the Bears? They have everything but a good QB in place for them to make a SuperBowl run…

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