Jaguars will “kind of gradually work” Nick Foles back into practice

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As last week wound down, Jaguars coach Doug Marrone said that the team expected quarterback Nick Foles to take part in practice this week.

It’s the first week that Foles is eligible to practice after being placed on injured reserve with the broken collarbone he suffered in Week One. He’ll be eligible to play after Week Nine, but Marrone was focused on building Foles up in practice rather than any plans for the starting lineup

“We’ve got time, so we’ll just kind of gradually work him back in there,” Marrone said, via the team’s website. “I know he has been throwing on the side. I just want to make sure we’re good with the reps and building it up, not trying to do too much too fast. We’ll be smart this week and then we’ll see how it progresses.”

Foles is set to work with the scout team in seven-on-seven drills and throw on the side at practice this week. If that goes well, he’ll progress to more work and the Jaguars will ultimately face a question about whether he’ll return to the starting lineup.

Marrone said Gardner Minshew is “getting better and better” after going 15-of-32 for 255 yards and a touchdown in a win over the Bengals. That came after a poor outing in a loss to the Saints and three lost fumbles in a loss to the Panthers, so the way the next couple of games play out should provide some idea of which way Jacksonville will go once Foles is an option.

6 responses to “Jaguars will “kind of gradually work” Nick Foles back into practice

  1. Jaguars weren’t winning anything this year. Hate to see anyone get hurt but the silver lining is the Jags have a long term back-up at worst and a budding franchise QB at best. Not bad, considering the QB hit rate from the 2nd round down, let alone the 6th round down.

  2. He won’t start right away? But everyone keeps telling us Eagle fans he is the next Joe Montana?

  3. Foles will get the starting job back. You need 2 good qb’s in this league. Jax not going anywhere? AFC South is up for grabs. I like their chances just as much as anyone else.

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