Jets bothered by Sam Darnold’s “seeing ghosts” comment making it on air

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Jets quarterback Sam Darnold was miked by NFL Films for Monday night’s game against the Patriots, which meant tape was rolling when he said he was “seeing ghosts” late in the first half of a 33-0 loss.

Those comments were splashier than the generic and bland comments that usually wind up making it into broadcasts of NFL games, but that may have been why the powers that be signed off on them in game that was of waning interest given the lopsided score.

Jets head coach Adam Gase was asked on Tuesday about the network’s decision to air them and said he’s never heard anything like that on a broadcast before.

Gase said that airing the “seeing ghosts” comment bothers him and bothers the organization. He added the team will be thinking “really hard” about cooperating with any future requests to have players miked up by networks as a result of what went out on the air Monday night.

The Jets obviously have big issues to deal with offensively, but in-game updates on how those are going will likely be limited in the future.

76 responses to “Jets bothered by Sam Darnold’s “seeing ghosts” comment making it on air

  1. I’m ready to tell you my secret. I see dead people. They don’t know that they are dead. They think they are QB’s in the AFC East. They only see Patriots defensive backs.

    The Pick 6th Sense.

  2. So it wasn’t the play of Darnold or the team that bothered the Jets org? No, they were embarrassed by an entirely too-honest quote being aired on National TV. Got it.

  3. You should be more worried about the embarrassing product you put on the field than having an embarrassing sideline moment on broadcast.

  4. Gase probably shouldn’t be in a position to make such a decision in the future.

    What, exactly, have you seen this year that makes you say he’s THE MAN to get your team to a title? Heck, a winning record?

  5. The Jets have scored fewer offensive TDs (5) than the Dolphins (7) and QB whisperer Gase is worried about his bust QB being Mic’d.

  6. “Butt Fumble” “Seeing Ghost” The J.E.T.S. are the gift that keeps on giving. In primetime nonetheless. If you’re a friend or family member of a Jet’s fan you may want to do a wellness check on them.

  7. “He added the team will be thinking “really hard” about cooperating with any future requests to have players miked up by networks as a result of what went out on the air Monday night.”

    Probably more productive to spend time thinking “really hard” about how bad your offense is?

  8. The Jets need to be “bothered” by a lot more than Darnold seeing ghosts. Perhaps Gace and the coaching staff could figure out how to put in a few screen passes and slants rather than having their young QB throwing ducks downfield all night. Why no adjustments, Gace? Why continue to throw Darnold to the wolves, or ghosts in this case? Even the announcers were asking why the coaching staff did NOTHING to help out their QB. Horrible coaching by the Jets, but as a Pats fan I was happy to see it. Go Brady, Go BB and Go Pats! Love it…. 7 and 0 haters…. Deal with it….

  9. Somebody Queue the Ghostbusters theme song. I’m not sure who looked worse last night Darnold or Gase. Gase looked like he wanted to crawl under the bench and he’s supposed to be Darnold’s Mentor.. LMAO This Franchise is never going to win

  10. Wouldn’t have made a difference in this instance, but that’s probably fair commentary on behalf of the Jets. The other team is obviously watching the broadcast, so anything along these lines shouldn’t be shared. Seems like common sense to me.

  11. A long long ways from being any kind of an Adam Gase fan. But Gase is right to speak out here. ESPN is out of line for releasing this and putting the young Jets QB on blast for the rest of the NFL to hear.

    One can just about guarantee that Darnold will be hearing “seeing ghosts” trash talk from opposing defenses for the rest of the year. Next time Gase is asked for a player to mike he should say okay and mike his punter or kicker.

  12. As a football fan and viewer, I loved it. As a Patriots fan, I loved it even more.

    But it absolutely shouldn’t have aired. Completely unfair to Darnold, and exactly the kind of thing that will prevent teams from agreeing to be mic’ed for live games or even NFL films, whose screwup this apparently is. The Jets are right to be upset…

  13. kd75 says:
    October 22, 2019 at 1:12 pm
    The Jets have scored fewer offensive TDs (5) than the Dolphins (7) and QB whisperer Gase is worried about his bust QB being Mic’d.


    And yet they beat the Cowboys

  14. After each series, Darnold just sat on the bench. No pictures being looked at, no coaching, nothing. BB was up 30 and had a defensive huddle going.

  15. I don’t get why people are making such a HUGE deal out of the “seeing ghosts” comment. This is common football terminology that just means the QB is having a hard time reading the defense. The Patriots defense is designed to disguise the pressure on the QB, so it’s not surprising that Darnold didn’t know what was coming and it shouldn’t be embarrassing that he admitted it to his coaching staff and teammates.

    What’s embarrassing is how ill-prepared the Jets looked last night and how little they adjusted. That’s what Gase should be worried about.

  16. They should be bothered.

    You give an organization (NFL Films) an exclusive look into the behind-the-scenes conversations of an organization, and they choose to air the most embarassing ones. Without context. Without permission. Without thinking it would make them angry?

    Bad decision by NFL Films, might make many other teams look at the opportunity to be “mic’d up” very differently now.

  17. People had fun with it, but I remember Brady “seeing Ghosts” under heavy rushes in the past. (Although he never said it on Camera. 🙂

    What surprised me more was that we didn’t see Gase pull him aside and specifically talk about not throwing off of his back foot. Sure some of the decisions were off, but between sailed passes and outright heaves, he was a mess last night.

  18. Gase should be more concerned with his “pep talk” to Darnold on their final possession of the first half. I wasn’t sure if he was making a statement or asking him a question. He is not head coach material, not in the NFL and not in college. He looks like his mind out of sync with what’s going on live. Kind of like when your tv’s video and audio are out of sync.

  19. Jets prob relished the mike idea well enough as part of a dream highlight reel with Darnold back, as they prob thought they were merely a QB short of an upset win, especially at home.

  20. Like I said, don’t think for a second his “Jets offense will be unstoppable” leading into this game did not make it onto the bulletin board in Foxborough.

    I guarantee you it did.

  21. Darnold may need to pay a visit to Jim “Chris” Everett and discuss “seeing ghosts” while playing QB!

  22. So Jets stadium is haunted? That’s pretty cool… least there’s something interesting going on there.

  23. When he said it Darnold looked more shell shocked than Tom Hanks trying to make it up the beach in Saving Private Ryan. It’s only natural that Gase will try to deflect the blame onto NFL Films for somehow daring to record it, but the real question is whether the Jets fall for that rather than realize Gase was the one who caused that situation and refused to fix it.

  24. when i see a guy like Gase getting NFL head coaching jobs that makes me think i can come off the couch and be a NFL coach to.

    i feel sorry for Jets fans you know this guy isnt going to last and it will be ” start over ” again with the next.

  25. I guess they are not concerned about Darnold’s coaching staff not preparing him on what NE will throw at him? Gase has history of being unprepared for big games when in Miami. The Jets fan will now be a witness to the bad coach.

  26. Darnold was miced up, what do you expect to happen? They are going to have all his remarks on record, so get over it Gase. He said it and it’s will be around for a long time now. Do a better job coaching, that was
    Shocking. BOO👻👻👻👻

  27. speicher145 says:
    October 22, 2019 at 1:18 pm

    If you had won the game would you really be that upset over the airing of the comment, Adam Gase?…
    Even when posted as a hypothetical it seems utterly ridiculous to verbalize that the Jets ever could have won this game.

  28. Hate to tell you ….TIAA bank Field is haunted!
    The ghost of Calius Campbell will scare hell out of you Sam.

  29. Not a big deal and not embarrassing to Darnold. The Patriots D has been doing a lot of that to opposing QBs. He simply got picked up iterating something quite a few guys have felt now.

  30. I agree but not even Darnold seemed bothered by it at the end of the game and gave a good answer Van Noy laughed but the Pats players seemed sympathetic about this situation too and they love to talk about the young guys recently lol. How about instead of this Gase tries to find out why he’s running empty sets against seven man fronts with long developing deep routes or how about why he didn’t think to help his 22 year old QB in his 16th start with setting protections against BELICHICK.

  31. Yeah, they probably shouldn’t have aired it. Did it add value to the broadcast beyond embarrassing a team that was already being thoroughly embarrassed on the field? The “Mic’d up” thing can be fun, and sometimes even insightful, but they should use a good bit of discretion.
    That being said, this is not something a head coach should spend any time at all addressing. Let the PR staff grumble about it if the team is really offended, but the coach has to act like he’s above nonsense like this.

  32. Gase and the Jets organization are such thin skinned weasels. Worry about your record, your fraud of a franchise qb and the fact that your home fans (what was left of them anyway) booed you off the field.

  33. Just say ‘no’ to being mic’ed up and this all goes away. Stupid to put a mic on a very young QB going against this defense knowing the glee Belichick puts in destroying this team. A complete lack of thought on the Jets part and they get what they signed up for. Gase has bigger problems to be solving than this.

  34. Wow! I predicted the Jets would be looking for a new QB by the time Darnold’s contract was up. I got laughed at. The problem is poor team management. The Jets and most other bad teams will never realize that it doesn’t matter who’s playing QB if you don’t have a line to protect him. So the Jets will draft another QB in a few years just to ruin their careers. There should really be a rule about how many QB’s a team can draft in the first round in a 10 year period. It’s really not fair for teams like the Jets to keep doing this. Darnold was the most NFL ready QB’s just a few years ago. Now he sees ghosts. The Jets have done it again!

  35. Why be bothered by it? Isn’t that the point of being mic’d up? To get the viewers to see and hear things that they normally wouldn’t?…What he and the offense should do is just OWN it. Next game, have them coming into the stadium wearing Ghostbusters outfits. Tell everybody they are there to get rid of those ghosts. Course they’ll likely still lose, but at least it shows they can still make light of the situation and have a lil fun.

  36. Darnold is typical of all the USC qb’s as of late, Leinert, Butt Fumble Sanchez, Barkley, all hype and gold once they hit the NFL. And if they play for the Jets well ir may as well be the kiss of death for their career.

  37. Seems like Gase drawing attention to the comments can only lead to more people ultimately hearing about them and more embarrassment to the QB that he has been tasked with building up.


  38. What’s the big deal? A young quarterback had a bad day against an exceptional defense. It happens.

  39. Everyone in America that saw that game last night knew that Darnold was seeing ghosts. No one needed to hear him say it.

  40. As a pats fan I thought nothing of it – the kid made an honest self-assessment about feeling pressure that wasn’t always there

  41. Had a couple of concussions and I can tell you that there is a lot of “ghosting” with your vision so while he possibly was confused about what he was seeing, he may have also had a concussion and that’s why Gase was upset.

  42. All the comments that the Jets should be be more upset at this or that are correct. However, they don’t invalidate the fact that any team would be upset by what ESPN aired, and that it should not have occurred.

  43. I don’t think it’s a big deal at all, neither the comment nor the airing of it. It was an honest self-assessment at the moment, and he shouldn’t be embarrassed by it. I’m sure he knew he was mic’d, so he obviously didn’t think it was wrong to make the statement at the time. As soon as I heard him say it though, I thought to myself, “The media is going to make a big deal out of that, innocent and off-the-cuff as it was.”

  44. ESPN shouldn’t have aired it? Come on, Pats fans will enjoy this for years to come just like the butt fumble. When I feel a little bit down I know that replaying the butt fumble will bring me out of it. Now I have a choice or even a double dip when times are really tough. Thank you, Jets. That is J-E-T-S, Jets,Jets,Jets.

  45. That quote will make the Jets irrelevant for years and years. Same as Joe Willies guarantee 50 years ago.

  46. What people miss is not the fact that the AFC East is a bad division outside the Patriots. The AFC East has bad owners outside the Patriots. Until the owners drop out nothing is gonna change.

  47. Darnold’s illness means he won’t be right until 2020.

    The rest of the team put on a Kotite era performance. We know teams have more talent, but they didn’t look prepared to do simple things like catching punts or center snaps.

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