Adam Thielen “lobbying” to play on Thursday night

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With Minnesota’s Week Eight game only a day away, receiver Adam Thielen remains optimistic that he’ll be able to play despite an injured hamstring.

I’m hoping so,” Thielen told Dave Lee of WCCO on Wednesday. “It’s a short week, so I’m doing everything I can and the training staff is doing everything they can to help me get there. The good thing is still have another day, a full day, to recover so we’ll see.”

This suggests that Thielen won’t be ruled out when the team’s final injury report is released later today. He added that he’ll be doing “[a] lot of lobbying” in order to play.

“I think they’re sick of me by now,” Thielen said. “I’m trying to relax today on that because I am probably pushing them too hard.”

He knows that he ultimately will have no choice but to accept the final decision.

“I am not sure exactly who makes the call, but I trust them to make the right one for this team and for me,” Thielen said.

Thielen injured his hamstring while catching a 25-yard touchdown pass at Detroit. The Vikings scored another 35 points without him, prompting some to argue that Thielen should get the week off against an inferior opponent, allowing him to better heal before upcoming tests at Kansas City and Dallas.

10 responses to “Adam Thielen “lobbying” to play on Thursday night

  1. No way a hammy injury like that heals in 96 hours — even if he were to consume Russell Wilson’s magic sports drink.

  2. No reason to play on a short week. Mediocre opponent, and Johnson looked good in replacement. Let him get the reps in a game we “should” win.

  3. I recall last year Dalvin had a hamstring injury that lingered almost the whole season, and they kept playing him every week. They put him on a “pitch count,” as if that’s supposed to help him heal. This season is about a lot more than this one game. If they can’t beat Washington without Thielen, they may as well pack it up and forfeit the rest of their games.

  4. Rest him as the Vikings will need him down the stretch. As to previous comments; the hamstring other than the groin takes time to heal!

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