Brady to the 49ers in 2020 can’t happen, can it?

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When trying to identify potential fits for Tom Brady in 2020 if, as some think, he’s destined to leave the Patriots, I left out one team that maybe should have been included.

The 49ers.

Yes, they have a quarterback. They also have everything else that would give a quarterback like Brady a chance to win a Super Bowl with another team, if he truly intends to play for another team.

Remember when the 49ers traded for Brady understudy Jimmy Garoppolo in 2017? The conversation began with 49ers G.M. John Lynch asking not about the availability of Garoppolo but about the availability of Brady.

The chatter about Garoppolo being in a make-or-break year has subsided as the 49ers have racked up win after win, but Garoppolo’s numbers aren’t phenomenal through six games. He has seven touchdown passes against six interceptions, and he has two lost fumbles. He’s not in the top 20 in passer rating among starting quarterbacks, and he’s 27th in average passing yards per game, with 219.

Garoppolo’s contract gives the 49ers plenty of flexibility to explore Brady before making a decision about Garoppolo, with $15.7 million of his 2020 salary not becoming fully guaranteed until April 1, and a cap hit of only $4.2 million if they trade or cut him.

Brady grew up a 49ers fan. He attended, as you’ve surely heard a time or two (or twenty) as a young boy the historic 1981 NFC Championship game against the Cowboys, capped by “The Catch.”

Then there’s the reported rivalry/dysfunction/whatever between Brady and Garoppolo that contributed to the Garoppolo trade during the 2017 season. If there’s a score to settle or whatever, the 49ers dumping Garoppolo for Brady could settle it. (Garoppolo could then go back to New England, possibly via trade.)

The 49ers apparently wouldn’t be getting Brady for one year but for three, if he truly means it when he says he wants toย play until he’s 45. During those three years, those notorious traffic problems in Santa Clara would both get worse, and also get better.

Again, Brady’s best move would be to not move at all, if he’s planning to play in 2020. But if we’re going to peg places he could play in 2020, the 49ers perhaps should be at the top of the list — even though they presumably have a quarterback at the top of their depth chart for 2020 and beyond.

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  1. 49ers will need to do something at QB soon because Jimmy G isn’t the answer w/ as many INT’s as he has TD passes despite being in the league for 6 seasons now. At almost 43yrs old I don’t think Brady is the answer either though and lets be honest here he isn’t going to play for any other team besides New England because he doesn’t have to, he is going to go down as the greatest in history regardless. The 49ers will need to draft a QB, John Lynch and KS have to be kicking themselves looking at all the QB’s they could of drafted the last few years but didn’t & who are now budding super-star QB’s, they have to regret opting to pay Jimmy G instead. Garoppolo is the weak link of that football team and will be what holds them back in the post season this year if they get there. Garoppolo is the worst QB in the NFC-W, they 49ers need to find an upgrade if they plan on truly contending especially in that division which just keeps getting better and better.

  2. Yeah, pretty sure no one is rrading Jimmy Garoppolo for a 1 year rental who without the “Patriot Way(cheating)” would quickly be exposed.

  3. This is not sane. Why would the 9ers throw away a potential years-long run with Garappolo for a one or two year stint with Tom? Makes no sense.

  4. New Orleans doesn’t have a QB under contract for next year. Not that I see either Brees.or Brady leaving their teams if they still want to play.

  5. Was the Jimmy G. trade to SF a rental with a wink wink nod nod you develop him for us and trade him back in 3-5 years? Sounds like something the Hoodie would do…

  6. Jimmy G is having a monster year. The superficial stats cited aren’t telling us the story. SF receivers are brutal, SF line is meh. They’ve gone from cellar dwellers to toast of NFC with basically only a QB switch and you’re writing articles announcing Jimmy G failure?! Dude, are you even watching the games or just looking at the box scores for fantasy purposes.

  7. IF Brady went to SF he’d do it to become the first $40+Mil/yr. player in the NFL. The 9’ers would have $45Mil cap space available after dumping Garappolo so very little left to add anything to the roster besides draft picks. Possible, but highly IMprobable ~ pretty ridiculous theory, IMHO.

  8. Garappolo has more years ahead of him than Tom Brady. Sounds nice bringing home the local boy, but it isn’t a smart decision to bring him in so close to the end of his career.

  9. Brady will finish his career in New England, retiring as a Patriot. He’s exhibited loyalty to the Kraft family and to the organization since being drafted. It wouldn’t seem right for Brady to play elsewhere, no matter the circumstances.

  10. I wondered about the 49ers when reading Florio’s original article. But I thought Garoppolo was playing better & it wouldn’t be a good fit. Now, it sounds almost like a no-brainer.

    Plus, it would give Brady another notch on his rivalry with Peyton Manning (not that he needs it): they’d both have won Super Bowls with two teams.

    Assuming Brady wins with the Niners, and he probably would.

  11. I have my doubts if he will go to a NFC team He has dominated AFC for so long why leave and go against the Saints Seahawks Packers the Division is probably 10 times harder than AFC Why didn’t Peyton Manning go to a NFC team Stick to what you know

  12. LOL!!! Really? SF is going to pay two QB’s and Jimmy G will be Tom’s backup once again? Or even release/trade Garoppolo to sign a 43 year old QB? This is delusional.

  13. Might want to pump the brakes on the Superbowl bound 49ers, they are the result of the 32nd toughest schedule in the NFL. Just like the Patsies are enjoying their 31st toughest schedule.

  14. Agreed Jimmy G is a complete flop and they are still searching for a real QB1. Put the 9โ€™ers against even mediocre teams and they are probably 2-4 on the year.

  15. The pharoh has his kingdom in new England he aint going anywhere ๐Ÿ†๐Ÿ†๐Ÿ†๐Ÿ†๐Ÿ†๐Ÿ†

  16. The 49ers have the best front four in the NFC. People who make the usual claim that they haven’t played anybody are clueless. This 49er defense is as good or better than any in the league. On offense they have 3 dynamic and explosive RBs, plus the best TE in football and a coach who gets the most out of his players. The ignorance of modern day fans is classic. This team will battle New Orleans for the NFC title.

  17. He’ll be 43 next season. Does he want to learn a new system and play behind a “new” offensive line in a different system?
    It’s Patriots or retirement.

  18. I could see Brady becoming the QB’s coach for the 49ers. If he wants to become a coach in this league, that would be a good step to take and to learn the ropes from Kyle Shanahan. But coaching is more work (hours) than being a player. Not sure why you would do that when you have a beautiful wife and could go hang out on the beach in Costa Rica and live like a king for the rest of your days.

  19. Garoppolo has pretty much been a fail. 18 TD and 14 INTs in 14 starts is not what the 9ers paid top dollar for. Remember, Shannahan did ask BB if he would trade Brady.In any case, even if they decide to keep Graoppolo they will certainly redo that contract calling for a $26.6 million cap hit in 2020. His production is that of a backup, not a franchise guy.

    I suspect Shanny would jump on signing Brady if the opportunity arose. It’s a no-brainer for him. And who knows, Brady might even bring Gronk with him.

  20. dfwhawkguy says:
    October 23, 2019 at 8:21 am
    Agreed Jimmy G is a complete flop and they are still searching for a real QB1. Put the 9โ€™ers against even mediocre teams and they are probably 2-4 on the year.

    We’ll see how the Niners look against mediocrity in a couple of weeks, when the Seahawks come to town. You know, the team that had to eke out a win at home against the BENGALS, and BARELY beat the BROWNS and the STEELERS.

  21. So Brady wants to go play for his childhood favorite team? Really? What is he, 12 years old? No.

    Unless he has homes and business interests there heโ€™s not going to SF

  22. Jimmy G has actually looked pretty good this year, to anyone who watches the games. The stats don’t tell the entire story. Dropped passes and tipped interceptions aside, he’s still 6-0 and your QB isn’t.

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