Drew Brees: The plan is to play on Sunday

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Saints coach Sean Payton said he might not decide until Sunday whether quarterback Drew Brees plays on Sunday against the Cardinals. Brees is hoping to be there.

When reporters asked Brees today whether he’ll play on Sunday, Brees answered, “That’s the plan.”

Brees added, however, that they haven’t decided for sure whether he can go, and Brees indicated that he agrees with Payton that he should have a full week of practice before the No. 1 quarterback is named.

If Brees and the Saints decide his injured thumb isn’t quite ready, Teddy Bridgewater will start. Given that the Saints are 5-0 with Bridgewater starting, getting Brees back isn’t quite the imperative it seemed to be when he first got hurt.

But if Brees can grip and throw a football, then Brees will start. He expects it to happen.

47 responses to “Drew Brees: The plan is to play on Sunday

  1. Kinda sucks for Teddy, since he’s been playing well and gone 5-0. But it’s great for him long-term, Saints may keep him to take over or some team is gonna pay big to get him next season.

    Would be crazy if Brees comes in and they lose to Arizona though lol.

  2. No doubt Brees is a better QB than Bridgewater.

    But 5-0 is 5-0. Teddy’s stat line – if not Brees-like – is not too shabby and he seems to have a real chemistry with the team.

    This has the potential to get a little awkward.

  3. Makes me really question the intelligence of the human race reading these comments. Teddy has been great in what they have asked them to do but if you have actually watched the games he’s looked pretty bad at times. There is no debate. When Brees is ready Teddy will take off his gloves and sit on the bench. This team will be scary when Brees comes back the way their defense is playing.

  4. Teddy is doing a great job. Frankly, the Saints should ride the hot hand. Also, if they’re smart, they’ll find a way to keep Bridgewater. Brees can’t play forever, and they’ll need someone to play QB when Brees retires or is too injured to keep playing. (He’s old, folks. One good hit and it’s over for him.) However, if the Saints want to gamble on keeping Brees around for the next 2-3 years, they could trade Teddy for some draft picks. He’d look good playing for the Bears, hint, hint.

  5. No controversy at all. That’s silly. But, Teddy has already played himself into a starters role somewhere. We’ve seen guys do much less and get big bucks.

  6. The fact people are actually entertaining the thought that Teddy should start over a healthy Brees is beyond comical. Now if Drew’s not 100%, ok. But if he can go without hindrance it’s a no brainer.

  7. “If I were Brees I would offer to let the organization ride with the hot hand and the hot streak and stay healthy on the sidelines until needed.”

    If the team was winning because of their offense, then sure…but the defense has been carrying the team and Teddy has looked mediocre. Solid backup, but nothing more.

  8. The Saints are going to sit down Teddy now while he still has the hot hand. They will use him as trade-bait during the draft. You can expect to see Teddy with The Bears, Washington or The Colts next year.

  9. Translation: “I’m entitled! I want my job back!”

    Although players don’t like to see other players lose their job over an injury, but how do you bench a winning QB?

  10. Ya’ll need to pump the brakes. Teddy is playing on a great team with great coaching. The chance of him having the same success on another team is a big maybe but I’d bet Elway will pay him big bucks to find out…

  11. Ridiculous! So it’s Wednesday, the game is Sunday. And they supposedly don’t know if their star QB is going to be able to grip and throw a ball properly but “hope” he can and that is the “plan.” Well, I would suggest they already know whether he can comfortably sling it down the field as of right now – and if not then he can’t really take away Teddy’s precious game prep.

  12. Fake news. No way he comes back week before the bye.

    Gamesmanship, pure and simple, putting more in Arizona’s plate.

  13. I think Drew is jealous. Teddy has great charisma and is loved wherever he plays. It seems to me that the team is actually having more fun with Teddy in there. Oh, and did I mention that they are 5-0?
    I think I’d make darn sure Drew is ready to go. Why risk it? Besides, isn’t next week a bye?

  14. You can’t seriously compare Brees and Bridgewater, one holds the NFL record for passing yardage and is still playing at a high level while the other is a highly competent game manager. Their names do not belong in the same conversation.

    Having said that, sitting Brees against the Cardinals so he can get more rest is probably not a bad idea.

  15. Some of you folks are comical. The team is 5-0. Not by Teddy’s doing. He has managed the position in Brees absence well but the team has rallied around him backed by a defense. Stop the madness. They are definitely not 5-0 riding Teddy’s arm. It’s Brees position. Teddy has shown he can grow on the right team that has tons of depth and talent. Hopefully they retain him when Brees calls it quits. Brees has only played 2 series with this year’s team. Brees and Teddy aren’t of the same caliber. Teddy will have his time to shine.

  16. endtimesparty says:
    October 23, 2019 at 4:02 pm
    If I were Brees I would offer to let the organization ride with the hot hand and the hot streak and stay healthy on the sidelines until needed.


    Ha! No you wouldn’t. If you were him you’d be as vain as he is.

  17. Easy Brees-y. Since that SD Charger shoulder injury, you have proven to be the rehab King. Relax, Let Steady Teddy man the wheel for now. It’s only mid-way. You will start game #10 & beyond. Sean & I have discussed your future………..

  18. californianewton says:
    October 23, 2019 at 4:52 pm
    Brees is scared of losing his job to Bridgewater. LOL
    That’s like Brady afraid of losing his job to someone like Sam Darnold.

  19. Arizona is going to win this game. Start Teddy…Brees will be rusty. Chandler Jones will sack Brees 3 times if Brees plays. Easy team to overlook but Kyler is going to have 2 rushing TDs

  20. dfwhawkguy says:
    October 23, 2019 at 8:07 pm



  21. 80% of the fans here in N’awlins think Brees should rest sunday giving the thumb 2 additional weeks to heal, then back after the bye for 4 important division games in a row. Brees never said he planned to “start” he said he plans to “play.” Me thinks this is just “smoke” to affect the Cardinals preparation plans. Now if the saints are up by 20 points in the 4th or down by 20, maybe they bring in Brees to do a few handoffs, throw a few screens like some pre-season type reps to give him some live action.

  22. Nobody expected the saints to be 6-1 after 5 weeks without Brees. Reality is even with a loss to the Cards to go 6-2 Saints are still in great shape. The thumb is not 100%, why risk it?

  23. Stop embarrassing yourselves. Brees is already back in the saddle and Bridgewater has been put back on scout team. Teddy had at least two rookie procedure penalties for leg-lifting to call for the snap too early, before the receiver was set, which could’ve been catastrophic, if our defense wasn’t dominating…which is rare these days. He’s now on the bench…get used to it. Open your eyes and pay attention to the game before expecting anyone to take your silly commentary seriously.

  24. PR and hype I’d bet my Saints tickets Drew doesn’t play in this game. Smoke and mirrors. ATL game has been the plan from jump. Just adding more stress for AZs D coordinator

  25. Brees is done. The league will give him one last chance to ride off into the sunset, however, as it makes for great drama/entertainment.

  26. Sit Brees thru the bye… get him 100% & then he starts…. it’s really not all that difficult to figure out.

  27. There is a difference between can play and should play. That injury is to the thumb on his throwing hand which is kinda important for a QB. If he is not 100% but “can play” use him as the #2 and if Teddy has issues he can step in. Unless the goal is to pad personal career stats why play with less than 100% grip on the ball? Brees is the obvious #1 if he is 100% and even Teddy knows that.

  28. I read Brees’ book about 10 years ago. I can tell you with supreme confidence that there is a 100% chance he does everything in his power to get back on the field as soon as humanely possible.

  29. Why do folks keep debating this? Truth is Teddy is 5-0 only because of the team rallying around him to mask a lot of his short comings , great coaching and scheme as well and let’s not forget the awesome defense they have this year. Teddy has thrown 29 tds and 23 int his total career before this year. Drew 35tds and 5int just last season. Why is this even up for discussion?

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