Eagles listed Fletcher Cox out with “illness” after incident at his home

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Last week the Eagles put on their official injury report that defensive lineman Fletcher Cox had missed Wednesday practice with an “illness.” There was no explanation of the illness, but Cox was back and healthy at practice on Thursday and started as usual on Sunday.

So what kind of “illness” did Cox have? It’s unclear, but it’s now been revealed that the day before, an incident took place at Cox’s home that involved Cox fending off an intruder with a shotgun.

According to ABC 6 in Philadelphia, a man named Corbyn Nyemah showed up at Cox’s house looking for his ex-girlfriend. Nyemah allegedly damaged her vehicle and attempted to break in to Cox’s house before Cox grabbed a shotgun, called police and scared Nyemah off. Nyemah was charged with burglary, two counts of criminal mischief and resisting arrest.

It’s possible Cox also happened to catch a cold at the same time this was going on, but if the Eagles used “illness” to explain Cox’s absence from practice, and he was actually dealing with the fallout from that incident but he wanted to keep his reasons private, then the Eagles could be facing sanction from the league for lying on their injury report.

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  1. The dude was feeling mentally ill after such a traumatic experience. He was so shaken by everything, he couldn’t get his mind right to play. This is totally feasible to me and wouldn’t be a stretch by any imagination to have been done. Mental illness isn’t just a chemical imbalance, it can be created by outside factors to people with normal patterns and processes.

    This had the same affect as if someone came down with a physical illness suddenly.

    The Eagles didn’t lie and they shouldn’t be disciplined…

  2. Should have just said he was dealing with a personal issue.

    The Eagles (or Cox if he lied to the Eagles) should be fined for deliberately falsifying an injury report.

  3. I certainly don’t know any of the facts here, but it sounds like the Eagles listing him with an illness was a classy way to afford Mr. Cox a bit of privacy during what was probably a traumatic day.
    If the Eagles are punished for that. . . damn, I just won’t know what to say.

  4. That would a pretty lame thing for the NFL to do. There are somethings that ain’t anyone’s business. NFL players included

  5. Goes to show, when seconds count, the police are minutes away.
    Goes to show that no matter how old you are some people are still afraid of the dark.

    Police: Sir, those are not real ghosts. Those are tricker treaters.

  6. And I’m sure Jalen Ramsey truly had a bad back when he was with the Jags and miraculously recovered when he was traded to the Rams.

  7. I don’t see a problem with it. I’m sure he was shaken up after the incident. We likely all would have. I do wonder why they just didn’t say personal issue though. As far as the police being minutes away comment above, I don’t think he meant it as an insult to police. Let’s face it, when someone is threatening another person’s life, that issue will escalate before the police generally have a chance to get there.

    The guy who did this is lucky Fletcher’s shotgun is still loaded. When you go after someone’s family who knows what will happen.

  8. Does anyone really have a problem with the team stating illness instead of personal? Who is harmed by this? This seems to in no way circumvent the point of the injury report. He missed practice, he is not injured and he is not in legal trouble. No harm, no foul.

  9. It’s entirely possible that the two instances are completely and totally unrelated. It’s also entirely possible that he could have already been under the weather when the ex boy friend showed up.

  10. Doctor: Pete, he tore his MCL, and partially tore his ACL.

    Pete the Cheat: So you’re saying he’s probable for the rest of the season? I’ll pencil him in as a starter.

  11. For all the times I read her that teams could face sanctions from the league about injury report, I don’t recall that ever actually happening.

  12. The nature of the illness is nobody’s business but his, but knowing what we now know it was obviously a mental health day. I’m sure it was pretty traumatic. Good of the Eagles to allow what basically amounts to sick leave for an issue such as this. More employers should take note.

  13. I’m still waiting to see Cox come up big and doing something in some games.
    He, like the rest of the D have been MIA for weeks!

  14. gtodriver says:
    October 23, 2019 at 9:15 am
    Should have just said he was dealing with a personal issue.

    The Eagles (or Cox if he lied to the Eagles) should be fined for deliberately falsifying an injury report.

    Kind of like Zimmer and Co. should have been fined for lying about Everson Griffin’s infamous, and very made up, toe injury last season.
    Unfortunately they were never held accountable for their lies.
    But, as usual, that’s different, right?

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