Hip injury healed, Odell Beckham now has a groin injury

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For the first six weeks of the season, Browns receiver Odell Beckham Jr. appeared on the injury report with a hip injury. For the first Wednesday practice after the bye week, Beckham has no hip injury. However, he has a groin injury.

Beckham fully participated in practice on Wednesday with a groin injury disclosed by the team.

Groin injury or not, the Patriots surely will be determined to take Beckham away on Sunday. And Beckham knows that from past games against coach Bill Belichick.

Beckham told reporters that he expects Belichick to say before the game, “I hope you enjoy today, because there’s not going to be much for you.”

The first-year Brown still wants more than he has had. He said Wednesday that “it’s definitely time for me to be more for this team, do more for this team, whatever it is I need to do.”

That won’t be easy for Beckham or the rest of the Browns on Sunday, and Beckham knows it. He gushed repeatedly about Belichick and Patriots quarterback Tom Brady on Wednesday, making it perhaps the most over-the-top public lovefest from an opponent since twice-former Vikings receiver Randy Moss in 2010, whose post-game praise of Belichick was followed by a next-day release by Minnesota.

Although Beckham isn’t in danger of being released or traded by the Browns, Beckham made no bones about wanting to play for the Patriots in the past. While he said all the right things about being with the Browns, the nonchalance with which Beckham spoke so glowingly about New England sent a clear message: He would have loved to have been traded there at some point, and he likely would have no objections if it happened at some point in the future.

16 responses to “Hip injury healed, Odell Beckham now has a groin injury

  1. Hmmmmm, Me thinks that this is a setup for trade or getting out of town (ala Jalen Ramsey). The Browns aren’t quite as good as they were in the off-season and he’s been in the negative news recently.

  2. Wentz hasn’t played a single playoff game, the other players have. They won alongside Foles. What did Howie do? He traded the true leader, Nick Foles, and gave Cheeto Wentz an obscene contract. How did you expect others to react? That was the beginning of the end for the Eagles.

  3. He knows this from past games? Beckham has played the Pats exactly once and caught an 87 yard TD pass. I guess he is trying to lower expectations in case he does nothing again this week. But as we know, he will say anything to see his name in the paper.

  4. Why does this guy still get signed to play? Furthermore, who’s running the league, Jalen Ramsey, OBJ and all others who quit after getting paid or Roger Goodell? The NFL is turning into the NBA.

  5. You have got to love having a guy on your team who openly admits he would love to play for someone else. Great sense of team loyalty and pride! Talented or not , his type of player is everything that is wrong with the NFL. What do his Browns teammates think about him? Definitely not a player that you can root for!

  6. This seems to be the new thing in the NFL: run your mouth to the point where your present team wants you and the headache you’ve become gone. Get yourself either traded or cut by being a complete tool. This all translates to: “I’m unhappy in Cleveland.”

  7. This so called Diva will never be satisfied. Trade him to a playoff team with another top receiver, for example the Saints and Michael Thomas, and he’ll cry that he’s not getting the ball enough. He’s never been a team player, and never will be…

  8. It was clear to everyone he has not been at 100% this season. Gilmore will lock him down easily.

  9. He always claims to have an injury so he can keep it in his hip pocket as an excuse in case he has a bad game, Watch, he’ll come limping off the field a few times to really ham it up.

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