Marcus Mariota playing the Jameis Winston role on scout team

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The Buccaneers play the Titans on Sunday, but the matchup isn’t quite what was expected when those teams chose quarterbacks Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota first and second overall in the 2015 NFL draft.

Winston has not played particularly well this season in Tampa Bay, and Mariota has played so poorly that he’s been benched for Ryan Tannehill. That puts Mariota in an awkward position, on the scout team.

Titans coach Mike Vrabel said Mariota is running the scout team in Titans practice this week, according to Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times. That means Mariota’s job is to play like Winston to help the Titans’ defense prepare.

Both players are a far cry from where they were expected to be when they were drafted. The Buccaneers look increasingly likely to let Winston walk in free agency next offseason, and the Titans are even more likely to let Mariota go, given that he’s not even their starter anymore.

When Mariota is playing the Winston part, he’s playing the part of a disappointing quarterback. That’s a role he knows well.

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  1. howie roseman worst gm in sports gets rid of a superbowl mvp who put up 41 points vs belichick and has never had a losing season as an eagle and has won tons of playoff games for a cancer who has 3 out of 4 losing seasons has never won a playoff game is 6-20 vs teams over 500

  2. Some helpful hints:
    1) Throw into triple coverage, often
    2) Scramble and fumble
    3) Hold the ball (at least) 5-8 seconds before making a decision to throw
    4) Run like the Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz

  3. I don’t get it. He’s being told to throw an interception or fumble on every snap? You could get a guy off the street to do that. How does this help anyone?

  4. Just throw some picks so the offense gets some tackling reps…

    You beat me to it.

  5. Thanks to MM’s years of live game preparation for impersonating JW on the scout team, the Titan’s defense will hand Arian’s yet another loss after realizing that all they have to do is wait for the ball to fall out of the sky every 3rd down.

  6. The Titans spent money to strengthen their offensive line which didn’t help Marcus as he still got sacked so many times. He is through with the Titans, perhaps another team can utilize him, but move now if you can.

  7. I still think Marcus Mariota could be a good QB in the right offense if he goes to a team with a really good offensive HC who’s known for their work with QB’s. I’d like to see Arizona bring Marcus Mariota in as the Back-up QB to Kyler Murray. I think Mariota would thrive in that offense under Kingsbury and could focus totally on just developing as a QB without having to worry about being the starter from week to week. He’d be perfect as the back-up to Murray given his skill-set and maybe down the line after he’s improved Arizona could trade him.

  8. danielsong39 says:
    October 23, 2019 at 7:22 pm

    Well to be fair he’s been playing like Winston all year
    Winston has 10 INTs. Mariota has 2 INTs. Winston had more turnovers in one game than Mariota has all season. Do you even watch football?

  9. Winston has not been playing poorly all season long. In fact, he has played great at times and horribly at times. Consistency is his issue. Mariota hasn’t played well at all this year, and deserved his benching, especially since a better quarterback was his backup. Winston can play very good football; the problem is getting him to do it every week (or at least most weeks).

    In style, though, they’re nothing alike. Mariota is too careful and refuses to make plays. Winston is too careless and tries to make plays even when they aren’t there to make.

  10. Coach: Hey Marcus, we need you to play an opposing QB on the scout team.
    Marcus: Cool! Who do you want me to play? Tom Brady? Aaron Rodgers? Drew Brees?
    Coach: Actually, we were thinking something more along the lines of Jameis Winson
    Marcus: Oh.

  11. ryan tannehill is getting paid 2 million a year. mariota is getting paid 20 million a year. when mariota plays the offensive line stinks. when tannehill plays the offensive line plays better. rich quarterbacks mean less money for the offensive line. just wait until tannehill asks for 20 million and see what happens. its like they have an offensive linemans union.

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