Still no NFL interview date for Antonio Brown

Getty Images

The NFL’s investigation regarding Antonio Brown continues to move slowly. Which wouldn’t be a problem if he were currently playing in the NFL.

With multiple teams interested in Brown but unwilling to sign him while the investigation is pending, the delay continues to operate like an unpaid suspension.

And there’s still no reason to believe the investigation will conclude any time soon. Per a souce with knowledge of the situation, the league has yet to interview Brown as part of the investigation arising from a civil lawsuit accusing him of sexual assault and rape. A date for the interview hasn’t even been set.

The problem continues to flow from the league’s refusal to say whether Brown would be placed on paid leave if signed, waiting until a team signs him to answer that question. So why would a team sign him without knowing that the team either will have to pay him not to play or cut him as quickly as it signs him?

“We’re still working with that and I will probably be getting an update when I get back to New York,” Commissioner Roger Goodell said last Wednesday. “Our folks have been working diligently on that and going through materials. There’s a lot of material to go through to reach a conclusion.”

Until that material is digested and a decision is reached, why not let it be known whether Brown promptly would be placed on paid leave? The league staying silent means Brown stays unemployed — and the league keeps him off the field for as long as it wants, with no deadlines or procedures that force the league to do anything other than run out the clock, confident that a player who is being de facto blackballed will provide no further distractions to the league’s 100th season.