Vikings rule Adam Thielen out for Thursday

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Wide receiver Adam Thielen was pushing to play against Washington on Thursday night despite the hamstring injury he suffered against the Lions last Sunday, but his efforts didn’t persuade the Vikings.

While Thielen said Wednesday that he still had “another day” to show the team he was well enough to get on the field, the Vikings aren’t going to play the waiting game. They released their final injury report for Thursday’s game on Wednesday afternoon and it shows that Thielen has been ruled out.

Assuming Thielen continues to recover without any setbacks, the extended time off before the Vikings head to Kansas City in Week Nine should help the chances that it is a one-game absence for the wideout.

The Vikings promoted wideout Davion Davis from the practice squad to go with Stefon Diggs, Olabisi Johnson and Laquon Treadwell.

Defensive lineman Jalyn Holmes is the only other player with an injury designation. He’s listed as questionable after missing Wednesday’s practice with an illness.

19 responses to “Vikings rule Adam Thielen out for Thursday

  1. Good to play it safe! Now it is up for Treadwell to step up and prove people wrong!

  2. I mean, they are playing Washington, so they figure they can win without risking him. With Viking D and Washington O, that should be a fairly safe bet!

  3. Best thing for Thielen & the team going forward
    They shouldn’t need him to beat Washington
    Give home the extra 10 days rest

    I see a lot of Dalvin Cook & TEs being used in Thursday’s game

  4. I would love to see Treadwell have a big game. Supposedly he worked hard and put in extra work. Some say his injury in college damaged him forever. Nonetheless I think a lot of us Vikings fans would like to see him play well. I am not even sure why. But if he was ever going to do it, nows his chance.

  5. Rest up Adam, the Vikings will easily win without you. The Redskins are doing bad enough that if they cant it wont matter anyways.

  6. “Wide receiver Adam Thielen was pushing to play against Washington on Thursday night despite the hamstring injury he suffered against the Lions last Sunday”. Pushing is what get him into this mess in the first place.

  7. It’s just like this diva who’s only concerned about patting his stats to want to play against a weak D!

  8. I love how some of these commenters know exactly what’s going on in Adam Thielen’s mind… “He only wants to pad his stats.” Hmm, I guess it’s not possible he just loves his work and wants to play because there are only 16 chances to play a year (not counting potential playoff games). Aside from that, a diva he ain’t, and never was. He is the model of working hard, beating the odds, and achieving success the hard way… AND… not letting it go to his head. Let me ask you haters this: How many hours and/or dollars do you donate to charity each month, like Thielen does? (And don’t say “Well, he’s got a lot of money.” ALL of us have a lot of money compared to some others.)

  9. It has to be said: This is just one more example of these weekly Thursday night games diluting the quality of play.

    If this game was going to be played on Sunday, Thielen would likely be playing. Instead, because the NFL wants to increase the ratings of its cable network, we’ll see a team taking the field tonight without it’s best WR. I’d like to hear someone from the league office explain why this is a good idea.

  10. @fwippel: I agree what you’re saying in regards to Thursday games, the quality has been pretty poor as of late. However, I’m not so sure a Sunday game this week would change Thielen’s playing status.

    The hamstring is so important to speed and route running, which are 2 of his biggest strengths. I pulled mine running a ball down in the outfield to the point my leg turned purple. The way he winced in pain while walking shows it was at least worse than a tweak. There is no way a week is enough to allow him to do the things he’s used to, while not risking aggravation or further injury.

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