Browns receiver Jarvis Landry quickly backtracks from apparent guarantee

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Another week, another non-guarantee guarantee.

Meeting with reporters on Thursday, receiver Jarvis Landry declared regarding Sunday’s game at New England: “We’re going to win.”

Via Mary Kay Cabot of, Landry quickly clarified his comments, saying that he meant to say that the Browns are “going there to win.”

Eagles coach Doug Pederson made a similar remark last week before taking the position that it wasn’t a guarantee that Philadelphia would beat Dallas. Landry isn’t trying to thread that needle; he’s simply saying that he didn’t mean to say that the Browns will win.

That’s a smart play by Landry. Few expect the Browns to beat the Patriots. Indeed, the oddsmakers have installed New England as 13-point favorites.

55 responses to “Browns receiver Jarvis Landry quickly backtracks from apparent guarantee

  1. If he were a defensive player, it would end badly for him Sunday. Brady has made a point of targeting and destroying defensive players who run their mouths against the Patriots.

  2. Meh. I love the Pats but Landry is a likable dude and even if he wasn’t misquoted, at this point they need to find that fire and you should expect this from a player.

    This isn’t Kitchens saying it, it’s a player that just wants to win and it’s not happening lately.

    I doubt anyone on the Pats will get fired up about this remark (except maybe some middle LB’s) and no one on the Pats needs any extra motivation. Browns have a lot of weapons. Hunt is back this week, right? So to game plan for OBJ + Landry + Hunt + Chubb isn’t going to be an easy task no matter how much the Browns are losing right now.

  3. The Pats will soon forget all Landry’s remarks right after Mayfield announces they’re going to win by 40 behind his 8 TD passes.

  4. Jarvis has a big mouth like his QB. Good Luck in New England Jarvis, welcome to the
    real world.

  5. “That’s a smart play by Landry”

    Uh, that’s a funny way to look at it. Pretty much can’t put that genie back in the bottle. Maybe try getting into the end zone once this year before chirping…

  6. After Baker “I’m seeing the ghosts, too” Mayfield encounters the defense BB cooks up for the youngun’, the quote should have simply been “We’re going to New England.” Try the chowdah!

  7. On a playing field without cheating or knowing what play calls the Browns will do, they would win this one.

    That happened in the super bowl when the Eagles did a fake walkthrough. The Patriots looked completely unprepared. If the Browns hid their signals and play calls, they should win this one.

  8. LOL!

    Another bulletin board item.

    Last week it was Darnold saying “our offense will be unstoppable” vs the Pats D and other opponents in the future, and now we have this with overrated and pricey Landry, claiming the Browns will win the game.

  9. Another Team is able to beat the Patriots !!!

    The Jets won Monday night and now the Browns.

  10. Don’t worry the pats will find a loop hole or flat out cheat you to win … I mean they sure look hard for loop holes , I wonder how hard they work to flat out cheat … I wouldn’t doubt if the found a way to tap into the coaches communication to QBs and Defensive players … don’t get me wrong I have no proof but it’s like a Billionare , I’m sure they came by all that money honestly , don’t have to lie , cheat or steal to get it … no not at all.

  11. if the patriots were unstoppable they would have won 18 straight super bowls since 2001 and be 19-0 every year.

    Of course they can be beat. Their season record will probably something like 13-3.

    Every team is usually susceptible to a ‘scratch your head’ loss in a season.

    Cleveland could win. A team has to think they can win to successfully compete.

  12. When you win six Super Bowls, you can say whatever you want. Oh, wait. Landry has played in one (losing) playoff game in six years. …

  13. I don’t think today’s media understands what a guarantee is. If he didn’t say he guaranteed it, then it’s not a guarantee. Pretty simple, actually.

  14. TOO LATE! “Landry guarantees Victory” T-shirts have been printed and handed out to the entire defense. Van Noy is in anguish from the effrontery taken by the Pats defense. Revenge has been planned. Doesn’t matter if he’s a good guy and was misquoted. That’s how the Pats deal with this. In THEIR minds they’ve been underdogs since 2003 when Rodney Harrison showed up.

    Hey it works for them. Just ask Sam Darnold

  15. It’s like if a certain car or tool claims it will last 5 years but there’s no warranty, your can’t take it back and act as if they guaranteed it will work.

  16. Don’t be stupid! Only way the Browns beat the Patriots is if their entire team is on IR!

  17. I get amused by so many on athletes commenting on an athletes comments. No coach wants his team or player conceding any game. Cleveland will have its hands full. It will take a great effort but great efforts are given by those motivated and believing they can win. Would you rather him say. We are going to play NE. We have no chance but wait until next year, then after we loose all our game and draft more talent then we might win. Power to you Browns, I hope you do win.

  18. I honestly believe this is a freudian slip. I have no doubt Jarvis believes this but knows well enough not to say it and it slipped.

  19. Honestly, when was the last time you heard a Patriots’ player talk trash before or after a game? (Well…maybe after one of their many Super Bowl wins)

  20. No news here, move along.
    At this point, I’m pretty sure that people should know that the Patriots don’t need motivation to win, Bill has taught them that a win comes from DOING YOUR JOB.

  21. Add that I like Landry and feel bad that he is a Brown. Season may have went so much better for them had they not been over inflated like a balloon.

  22. These things becoming headlines are stupid. People are really surprised that players go into games with ambitions of winning? Has anybody played in highschool, college, amateur league, etc.? This is what you do no matter how bad you are, go in with ambitions of winning unless purposely trying to losing.

  23. The old Ravens were the only team who used to go into Gillette and not get scared. The Browns sound like they are already showing deference to the Patriots, not a good sign.

  24. Coming off a bye, and a short week for the Patriots. The now healthy Browns win! Notorious for winning games “they’re not supposed to”!!!!! Any given Sunday.

  25. Jarvis will never learn a lesson,. He’s done it all his career, that’s why Gase got rid of him.
    Now nothing has changed in Cleveland and he’s doing it again. Welcome to New England , thanks for the bulletin material.

  26. Landry must have realized NO ONES going to save his QB from a pending Stretcher call / sore keyster day ?!

  27. It’s okay Mr. Landry. Respect will always be given to those who use their neurons later than expected as opposed to never using their neurons at all. Smart late moonwalk IMO!

  28. Landry almost let the dawgs out of the bag. But seriously who wants to play a violent game like football with a teammate who doesn’t think they are going to win every game.

  29. these days, any response will fire up the patriots and fuel this fake underdog narrative they push down everybody’s throats.

    opposing player:” the pats are a good team.”

    patriots response:”whaaaaa!?!?! just ‘good’ ??? put it on the board! oh you’re going to be sorry you DISRESPECTED US!”

  30. Cleveland Beat Writer- Creates a narrative by misquoting a player and runs with it.

    Also Cleveland Beat Writer- “Why don’t the players talk openly with us”

    We have the worst trio of Beat people in the country. The sooner Grossi, Mary Kay, and Daryl are out to pasture the better

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